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3 Biggest Mistakes Small Business Owners Make on Their Websites

In today’s world, your website is often the first thing potential customers will see. To help you grow your business, here are three of the biggest website mistakes that you might be making:


1An Unresponsive Website

“Responsive” doesn’t mean that your website has lots of flashy moving parts or animated logos. A responsive website design is one that is mobile-ready. Every month more and more people use mobile devices (a smartphone or a tablet) to go online, rather than using a traditional computer. A responsive website is one that is designed to automatically re-size for a user-friendly experience, whether it’s on an iPhone, Android phone, or a Kindle tablet.


2An Out-of-Date Website

You don’t need to have the trendiest website out there – but if your site was designed in 1999 and you haven’t changed it much since, then you’re making a big mistake. Keeping the design of your website relatively up-to-date not only makes it easier on your customers, but lets them know that you’re aware of the current world, your customers’ needs, and your competition. Also, from a technical side of things, website technology changes fairly quickly. That “shop now” button you installed in 2003 may not work anymore.


3An over-priced Developer who now “Owns” Your Site

We understand that you may not be the tech geek of your family – that’s why you’re looking for reliable, affordable help with website design. Unfortunately, there are a lot of website developers out there (individuals as well as big companies) who take advantage of your needs. Are you using a developer who requires you to go through them to make any changes to your site, no matter how minor? Has your developer, even if they make the changes, given you access to your own site, or do they refuse to share the login passwords with you? A monopoly like this gives you no control over your own website, and also allows the developer to charge any amount they want.


We want to help you grow your business online, and we offer honest full-service website development, as well as resources to empower you to do it yourself. Learn more here

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