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America Continues to Turn Away From God With New U.S. Capitol Visitor Center

The newly constructed US Capitol Visitor’s Center opened last week and democrats like Senator Harry Reid were quick to praise their new “temple”. Reid even suggested that they wouldn’t have to “smell the tourists” any more.

So why do I call it a temple? Actually, that’s not my word of choice. The following is proudly engraved on the walls of the visitor’s center for all to see.

We have built no temple but the Capitol. We consult no common oracle but the Constitution.


Let’s examine that phrase. “We have built no temple but the Capitol.” What is a temple? It’s a place of worship. If the capitol is a temple then that implies that the object of worship is the government.

“We consult no common oracle but the Constitution” An oracle is one who delivers a message from a supreme being (God).

In essence, this phrase proclaims that we worship government above all else and that we consult no higher power other than the Unites States Constitution. This phrase is actually engraved on the wall in the United States Capitol visitor’s center.

Can there be any doubt that the days of this country are numbered? We have turned our backs on God as a nation and God will not permit this to continue for long. In fact, our demise may have already begun.


  1. Wow, that's strange. and kind of creepy but, I mean 1000 years is like a day to the Lord right? "soon" may very well mean tomorrow, but it could also mean 10, 50, 100, 1000 years, OR MORE!!! I know there are signs of the 2nd coming but, "soon" to us is not the same as soon to the Lord.

  2. But the Lord says that this generation shall not die out until all these things come true. He speaks of the May 14, 1948, generation when Israel became a nation.

    So the longest it can be is until the last person born in 1948 is dead. That does not mean 50 years or more.

  3. If you go to my Patriots Site and click on the SPOTLIGHT on Washington banner you will read what the White House did at Georgetown University. I am not Catholic but I agree with you that God is not going to wait for long to rectify the situation with what is going on. I live in Iowa and they say they are making history with the same sex marriage, etc..
    I served in two conflicts during both the Korean and Vietnam conflicts and God spared my life during my service years and later when my car was hit by a drunk driver. God Bless you for your stand and I thank God for your web site. GK

  4. What do you know about freemasonry? It is also called the Craft and is highly related to goat images and upside down pentagrams and one or more degree system perhaps. What does it not have in common with witchcraft and how many so called presidents and supreme court justices and astronauts have there been who have not been masons? Seen upside down star like image in streets north of the whitehouse pointing at the whitehouse or a giant obelisk south of the whitehouse? Know what the so called statue of liberty represents? Seen NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM on the back of dollar bills? Maybe I am not a fan of the so called RCC or Notre Dame, but check this out possibly……. New Secular World Order or at least something like that? Are we living in one? You can even get image that points to M A S O N by turning pyramid into six pointed star or by putting masonic square and compass over it perhaps. -Jacob

  5. Well, I look upon today's situation in our country (God's country), and wonder where I was part of the problem. As a Christian it was so easy to say, "God you take care of it.", then sit back and watch. Well, by sitting on the sidelines and being a spectator, I have missed the mark. I allowed many opportunities to slip by, where just maybe by being a part of solving the problem, I may have been obeying God and serving Him. By pointing fingers at others, that does not help the problem. I hope God is merciful to me and others that have sat on the sidelines.

  6. Unfortunately, God will NOT be merciful to those of us who sit on the sidelines and do nothing but forward fervent emails of complaint about the government and the demise of our nation's foundation in Christ. Look what Jesus did to the fig tree that produced no fruit? Faith without WORKS is dead. Read Nehemiah or Jeremiah or any-miah, I mean, minor prophet book and the underlying theme is TAKE ACTION. Remember, we ARE THE BODY of Christ; therefore, let us assemble ourselves to TAKE ACTION. Calling all BODY PARTS! Let us create an action group called A.C.T.I.O.N. and move forward with the agenda of "A.dvancing C.hristian T.raditions I.n O.ur N.ation." What good is grumbling and complaining about our deteriorating nation, or displaying our extensive knowledge of prophetic timelines and religious apologetics or expounding our historical archives if we DO NOTHING WITH IT OR ABOUT IT? Do you realize that only 15% of America is homosexual and yet look how far they have advanced their agenda and imposed their recruitment campaigns on public schools? If we Christians would mobilize in similar fashion, we wouldn't have the problems we are having now. But everyone is waiting for SOMEONE ELSE to take the lead. There are already alot of Christian Activist groups in existence—get involved with them and participate in the events. Don't re-invent the wheel, just jump aboard and start peddling alongside your fellow body-parts to further His Kingdom. Remember, 1Peter 2:9! "We are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a dedicated and holy nation, a special people, purchased for God's own possession, so that you may proclaim the wonderful deeds and display the virtues and perfections of Him Who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light!" Make a daily appointment with God at 5:30am and ask Him to show you what He wants you to do to Proclaim His Deeds and Display His Virtues so that just like Matt. 25:23 you may hear Him say, "Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter in to the Joy of the LORD." Or, would you prefer to hear Him say as in Matt 25:26-30, "You wicked and lazy slave; you have done nothing with the talents I gave you? Throw this useless servant out into outer darkness where there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth!" Yes, we are His slaves; slaves to His Righteousness and no longer slaves to sin. We have been PURCHASED for his POSSESSION, bought with His Blood so that we may proclaim Him! (1Pet. 2:9) That's why you are still here on earth instead of buried 6 feet under! We have been crucified with Christ, yet we live—not us but Christ who lives in us. We are DEAD. Dead people don't have rights to do whatever they want. We are here on earth to do what Jesus did…..Jesus was a Christian Activist! He shattered the darkness everywhere He walked and He took action, got involved, fought against wrongdoing and stood up for holy behaviors. Are we being good and faithful servants or lazy and wicked slaves? I'm not saying He'll send you to hell, because "outer darkness" doesn't sound like hell which is supposedly burning fire. Outer darkness sounds more like existence outside the gates of Heaven; not exactly the place you want to spend eternity even though it's a tad better than hell. If you're reading this, God has obviously led you to this comment. Let's get busy for God! You can email me at God bless you!

  7. Tammy is 100% correct. during the last election, what did the majority of CHRISTIANS vote for? The first Black president? change?…. change to what?
    this man is for 100% abortion, 100% liberal… why do you think he is different, because he SAYS he is a Christian…. many will say on that day Lord, Lord and He will say ' I never knew you' sound familiar. how many of you are for freedom of choice in the abortion issue? yes, we have been given a choice my our creator. a choice of salvation or not. however, if you choose salvation and you choose to follow Jesus as your Lord and Savior people, you MUST follow HIM which means you do not kill your own young, have blood on your hands. sit idly by while our elected officials, which many of them should not have been elected in the first place, are allowed to continually and unashamedly take God of our existence. WE ARE BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST FOR WHAT WE BELIEVE. IF WE DO NOT STAND UP AND STAND UP FOR CHRIST WHO GAVE HIS LIVE FOR US, WHO WILL? this country was built on christian principles. this country in it's rebellion is turning away from God. you see it everywhere. in our money, in our attitutes of 'acceptance'. i think the most obnoxious sticker i have ever seen on cars now is the 'COEXIST' sticker. lets all get together and sing cumbaya? no. there is only one way to Salvation and that's thru Christ. which one among us is compromising because we dont want to be shuned by our neighbor or co-worker. Stand up. When you made the decision to follow Chist, were baptized, and rose up from the water, who do you think is taking recidense in you? The Holy Spirit. Jesus tells you this. you are dead to everything else by His Grace Christian. This is not a warm and fuzzy fest. This is spiritual warefare. How many times I heard from the other half of us during the last election that we are not be part of them, to stay away from voting because of it. That we are not to be choosing this worlds leaders. What has happened. why have these men and women that belong to God fallen away and have been blinded and accepted to choose to believe lies instead of falling on our faces before God and asking him for His strength and guidance. How can we stand before our God on that last day and explain why we kept silent, when we crossed our hands and did not get involved. Please dont confuse passiveness with showing grace to those around us. This is the world that we are handing to our children. This country needs to return to God. Who do you think will be a light in that darkness? them? NO. WE ARE TO BE THE LIGHT IN THAT DARKNESS….. this little light of mine, let it shine…. how many of us sang that in our summer camps as children? where did that light go?

    May God richly bless you. My intent brothers and sisters is to Honor God not men.

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