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Choosing a Topic for Your Blog – part 3

Choosing a Topic for Your Blog – part 3

I’m sure you’re ready to dive right in and get started with your blog but there’s a little planning that needs to be done first. The success of your blog could hinge on the thought you put in to these first steps. While not everyone intends to make money with their blog, for the purpose of this series I’m going to assume that is one of your goals. Who couldn’t use some extra money? Let’s start with a little brainstorming session.
[ad#cws-blog-right-300×250]Your first assignment is to decide on a topic or theme for your blog. It’s important that your blog have a central theme and that you don’t stray too far off course with your posts. As I mentioned in previous posts, it’s also crucial that you have a passion for the theme you choose.

Everyone has a passion about something. Take a minute and think about yours. Some people struggle with this. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem for me. I have too many passions for my own good, so I’m always trying to pick the theme about which I am most passionate.

Go ahead and write down a few topics. Once you have come up with a few then go back and write reasons why you would or would not be qualified to write about each one. My list would look something like this:

Photography – I enjoy sports photography. It’s a fun hobby, I’m fairly decent at it but I’m by no means an expert. I’m not sure I could add a unique perspective to the photography blogs that already exist.

Coaching Basketball – I coach a varsity girls homeschool basketball team. I certainly couldn’t offer much advice from an X’s and O’s standpoint but I have learned a lot about organizing a new team, fund raising, scheduling, etc. Could work if written from a homeschool standpoint with advice on creating new teams. But is there a large enough market?

Politics – I have plenty of opinions to offer and I’m right about every one of them 🙂 I love politics and there’s an endless supply of material in the news each day. There’s already a lot of political blogs, in fact that may be the single most popular blogging theme. To be successful I would need to find a unique slant to the site. This is a strong possibility.

Gadgets – I LOVE electronic gadgets. iPhones, PDAs, robots,  USB thumb drives that hold 64 GB of data! But what could I say that would be unique? I have no inside scoop on the latest tech toys. I don’t have access to pre-release gadgets in order to write reviews. This would be fun but I’m not sure I could attract visitors.

After writing down some topics I’m passionate about and analyzing the pros and cons it looks like a political blog may be my best option. It’s something I naturally keep up with on a daily basis (I’m watching Bill O’Reilly as I type this) and I believe I could do something a little unique that would bring people to the site.

Spend some time on this process. Think it through and then let me know what you come up with by leaving a comment below.

Next, we’ll look at choosing a domain name, another very important factor in the success of your blog.



  1. well ive never done this before,, have alot of conerns about even people getting my email..
    as a christian , i love to help people somehow some way i guess..
    most of my passions are being creative, animal crulety , senior abuse,
    singing on a praise team.gardening, i love taking pics too,teaching young children
    helping people that are down etc.
    not sure where to go with any of these though,,

  2. I need some ideas, some help on this…

  3. As a Christian, my first passion is God, His Word, His Truth and Promises to us. It bothers me how some people can take one scripture and twist it around to something false. God says He is the Same Yesterday, Today, and Forever. I love helping people any way I possibly can. I am a member of the 700 Club, which allows me to help people even if I can't be there in person. My second passion, of course, is my family. My third is poems. I like writing them and reading them, especially if it has to do with God. Finally, I love sports. My kids play any sport that the school offers and I play womens and Co-ed softball. I don't know if you can, but any advice on starting a blog and website would be deeply appreciated.

  4. I love to help people thru their problems, especially young adults. The transition between teenager and middle-aged often seems forgotten, especially in the area of web information. After I lost my job, I realized this and have developed a website specifically for Gen Y'ers, like myself, trying to survive on the rocky road called young adulthood. I hunt down a variety of articles and combine them all on one easy to decipher page. My favorite part, though, is being able to blog everyday about topics that affect me as well as the masses of young adults. I chose this area because I am passionate about helping others my age, and I love my job blogging. Think about what comes easy to you. Jane, since you like helping people and taking pics, you could blog about the ways you have helped others and combine unique pics of the people you helped. Personal stories of triumph & heartbreak always draw a crowd. Holly, you could consider blogging about how a life revolving around God holds together families even while your family is involved in a million different activities. Parents of children in sports often are frazzled, so your poems could be a source of calm and could help them connect with themselves and God again. People read about things that they relate to. Find out what you have in common with others and then work to inspire them with your words.

  5. Okay, this is all new to me. I've heard about blogging, but never thought much about it until now. My passion involves telling others about Christ. My past represents years of bondage where I have struggled with drugs, anger, self reliance, confusion, blindness, selfishness, stress, fear, worry, condemnation, guilt, legalism, low self esteem, abandonment, loneliness, self conciousness, reserved, you name it, the list goes on……. including MAJOR DEPRESSION, which, I believe stems from all of the above. I want to tell woman that this does not have to be their story and that God loves them for who they are!! I am also very up-to-date on politics, in which I believe compares with the timeline of God's word to where we stand in history at this present moment. Now, I can't see myself making money by starting a blog, especially if I want to spread 'good news' about Christ and/or helping woman with depression as discussed above, but I would like to know more about starting a blog… Can you tell me more about it? Thx!

  6. I have many passions, but they all lead me back to God, His word, His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. I find that hearing His voice and being led by the Holy Spirit become my best passions. When I know I have heard from Him, I run with it. I love doing His will.

    PS You watch Bill O'Reilly, we do too.

  7. My passion is answering those questions asked that most Pastors or christians avoid. I believe in the tithe but when people ask the question as to why they have been tithing for years and nothing happen.There is a lot answers in the bible that God commanded of us. Why didn't Jesus focus on the tithe.Again the giving is a big part of my life however God is angry how the church has lost the real focus of his ministry or even the reason God sent his son.I wasn't just for the signs wonders and miracles.That is just for the new convert to believe.But like the deciples and many of the jews steal doubted who he was and today the same is happening.Let me know how to start my blogg.

  8. When is the next session? Please continue this series! 🙂
    My passion is to encourage people and help those who are having issues that I have been through. I also love crafting, like scrapbooks and cards and altered items.

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