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Christian Radio Under Attack By FCC

For years, democrats have been trying to reinstate the so called Fairness Doctrine in an effort to silence conservative talk shows on the radio. Now the FCC is considering new regulations that could devastate┬áthe Christian radio industry.[ad#cws-blog-right-300×250]If these regulations are adopted Christian radio stations could be forced to turn over portions of their airtime to groups with opposing messages.

The first rule change would force radio stations to take programming advice from a local advisory committee representative of the area’s population. If the station refuses, the advisory committee can file a complaint with the FCC which would delay broadcast license renewals.

Stations would also be required to file a quarterly report detailing their programming and how it represents a cross section of the local population.

Another proposed change would force stations to grant a portion of air time to any public group making a request, similar to cable companies public access channels.

The FCC is also considering a rule that would put the broadcast license renewal in the hands of politically appointees. You can imagine how this would affect the renewal of Christian broadcast licenses. Any station that broadcasts messages opposed to sinful lifestyles would surely lose their license in areas where liberals are in charge of approving their renewals.

If you value our freedoms, whether you listen to Christian radio or not, you need to act now. To find out what you can do visit Save Christian Radio!



  1. I agree this is rediculous. Our congress always passes broad legislation,, making any exceptions or details. On one hand, I loathe conservative talk radio, I think it comes from the same part of the heart as hate speech. They display so much rage for the democrats that it's just hate mongerers biting their tongue so as not to cross that line. So I despise conservative radio. Christian radio, on the other hand, I have never heard anything controversial from(I rarely listen to it, thought). Still, even if it is somebody's messege I despise, I can not in all good conscience still consider myself an advocate of free speech. I don't know how wide this movement is to reenstate this bill, and I am currently democrat, but it is humorous at best to think of people saying, "Oh yes, I believe in free speech, as long as I agree with it."

  2. edit second sentence I meant, "not making any exceptions or details."

  3. Well Garrett, we may not agree on much but at least we agree on this. The free expression of ideas and Religious views should not be restricted by the government. This appears to be a backdoor attempt to control radio content.

  4. Well, this is a very interesting article. Only one little bit of a problem. Does the FCC give these non-profit radio stations grants? Then, if I remember correctly no legislature passed by Congress can restrict their free speech. Doesn't anyone bother researching this? The Supreme court itself said to the FCC concerning the Fairness Doctrine,
    "Of course, the Commission may, in the exercise of its discretion, decide to modify or abandon these rules, and we express no view on the legality of either course. As we recognized in Red Lion, however, were it to be shown by the Commission that the fairness doctrine "[has] the net effect or reducing rather than enhancing" speech, we would then be forced to reconsider the constitutional basis of our decision in that case"
    This debate has been going on for over 60 years in our nation and there was legislature to reintroduce the doctrine produced in Congress on the last session, but it got nowhere because there wasn't enough support for it.
    My personal view on this matter?
    Yes, the Fairness Doctrine can be introduce fully again and applied to radio and TV programs as they operate on the graces of the FCC, but there is a little amendment to the Constitution that can be applied to this. Has any of the numbskulls that are preaching from the pulpits even tried going from that angle and taking this to the Supreme Court?? Umm, do the words First Amendment mean anything to anyone?
    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…

  5. It would be great if it worked that way. Unfortunately, the 1st Amendment is routinely ignored. Christian stations will fall under the same guidelines as other stations if the "fairness" doctrine is brought back.

  6. I agree that the Fairness Doctrine is not "fair," and this would have serious implications for the continuation of Christian Broadcasting.

    However the headline, "Christian Radio Under Attack by the FCC" is misleading. All AM radio, especially conservative/morality-focused broadcasts, is under attack by politicians who do not like their content. I'm not convinced that the FCC itself is attacking Christian Radio, but I am convinced that freedom of speech is under attack by people who do not think their views are aired.

    The problem they face is that most radio is supported by either contributions or by advertizing. Christian and conservative shows have little trouble attracting support or advertisers. Liberal and anti-Christian programming is not economically viable. The so-called Fairness Doctrine is an attempt to get people to pay for the broadcast of views contrary to their preferences or best interests. The likely result of implementation of the Fairness Doctrine will be the demise of AM radio.

    The liberal-biased mainstream media would not be covered by the Fairness Doctrine because they are “news organizations.” This whole “fairness” issue has nothing to do with being “fair,” and everything to do with controlling the content of speech on the commercial airwaves. Christian Radio will be a casualty, but is not the target.

  7. Christians need some radio station to boost their faith as a Christian and hope that the government will give us what we need. Sometimes they are just being so unfair and that is really a bad thing for us.

  8. Please do not take away my Christian Radio. I have been listening to it for years. It reminds me daily of how I should act, speak and help those less fortunate than I am! I am a practicing Christian, although I do fall short everyday from the Glory of GOD, as do we all!! Our government wants to control our every breath, and that is not how it is supposed to be. Whatever happened to FOR THE PEOPLE in our Constitution? What has happened to our Freedom of Speech, oh yeah, I forgot, that is only for the Rich and Famous! I am considered poor by many, but I am richer than some. I have a roof over my head, and clothes on my back and food on my table, thanks to GOD, whom I worship and Praise everyday!

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