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CWS Launches Video Website for Home Schoolers

I’m pleased to announce the launch of, a video website for the home school community. As a home schooling Father, I’ve noticed how many home school kids and parents are constantly videoing everything, from social outings to sporting events to field trips. was created specifically for home schoolers to share these type of videos.

If you home school or if you are home schooled yourself, I invite you to upload your videos to What type of videos should you upload? Almost any family friendly videos involving home schoolers or videos recorded by home schoolers.

Here are a few ideas… How to videos, Home School sports, Home School ceremonies, Home School fairs, video projects, field trips, Home Schoolers just hanging out, just for fun videos, practical jokes…. Just use your imagination.

So get your video camera or cell phone and start shooting videos. Then go to and create your free account so you can begin sharing those videos with the home school community.

I look forward to your feedback. Consider this 1.0.  The site will improve as I receive comments and suggestions from users.


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  1. What a neat find! There is no contact info on the site though.

    Another great new resource for homeschoolers with videos or content is The Homeschool Lounge.

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