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Economic Collapse and Bible Prophecy

Economic Collapse and Bible Prophecy

I’ve read the through the book of Revelation several times in my life. It seems like every time I read it there are new “revelations” revealed that fit into current events like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. So was the case tonight as I read Revelation 18.

In light of this week’s economic events and the threat of a total collapse worse that the Great Depression, this prophecy could mean dire consequences for America.

Revelation 18:1-2

And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.

[ad#cws-blog-body-336×280] The identity of Babylon the great is the topic of a lot of prophecy debates. Some believe that ancient Babylon will be rebuilt near the end of time and this is referring to the literal city of Babylon.

Others believe that the use of Babylon here simply represents a sinful and rebellious nation and could be the United States.

Take a look at some more verses from Revelation 18:

11 And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her; for no man buyeth their merchandise any more.

15-16  The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing, And saying, Alas, alas that great city, that was clothed in fine linen, and purple, and scarlet, and decked with gold, and precious stones, and pearls!

22-23 And the voice of harpers, and musicians, and of pipers, and trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee; and no craftsman, of whatsoever craft he be, shall be found any more in thee; and the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee; And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

One common question when it comes to Bible prophecy is “Why is America not mentioned in prophecy?”

Could Babylon the great be America? I sure hope not! But if so, that explains the absence of America in other prophecies. And how sad that a land settled by Christians seeking religious freedom and a nation founded on Godly principles has strayed so far away from the Word of God that it would be described as “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit…”

Read through Revelation 18 and let me know what you think.


  1. I have read the Bible through every year for several years now, and was involved in a study of Revelation, finishing the book after the teacher retired and left the community He retired at chapter 7.

    Revelation is a book with many symbols in the language, most of them can be interpreted by their use in other places in the Bible where the meaning is more clear. Nevertheless, it is not wise to be too dogmatic in statements.

    We are clearly at a very crucial period in America, but I think America is there. Revelation is written for the church, not nations as such or world history, though it is very vital to the world.

    Can we start a little earlier than the scriptures you have mentioned, say back with chapter 13:and verse 8? Our American chaos is centered on politics, and on finance. Both are figure very importantly right now. As I write Washington is embroiled in both. Has there ever been a political campaign involving so very much money? Has there ever been so much controversy over the candidates themselves? One of them denies the divinity of Christ. Now move your attention to verses 15-18. These things predate the fall of Babylon. The beast is introduced, a male, I presume who denies the divinity of Christ. Undeniably finances are involved here, linked with the 666. THEN comes the fall of Babylon, 14:8, and the warning directly from God verses 9:11. In verse 14 the reaping of the harvest. The harvest time is ripe.

    At harvest time, the grain is what is important, the separating from the good from the bad. God saves His own from certain death if they can not buy or sell. I reason that that is the time, He catches up the good from the world to meet Him in the air. In Bible days that process was accomplished by tossing the grain up and letting a strong breeze blow away the chaff while the grain falls back down to be gathered up. Man calls this the Rapture, though that word is not found in the Bible at all.

    Since no man, not even Jesus knows when that time will be, we only see the signs of its approach., the emphas is on being always ready, repenting of our sins, being obedient in baptism, and living a life of preparedness sharing the Good News with the world. That is why, my wife and I spent 47 years in Africa, and why I have increased the availability of the two best examples of conversion in the book of Acts, Acts 2, and Acts 8. Chapter 2 tells of the conversion of Jews, and chapter 8 the conversion of 1 Gentile man, who represents the rest of us who are not Jewish in origin..

    We have dropped our web site as such and replaced it with over 500 linked blogs representing 70 languages, at several sites , available through FaceBook and Stumble . I particularly like Stumble. Facebook, seems filled with trivia, while Stumble is more serious in nature. See stan2hope, my name on Stumble. The signature below will connect to the network of the individual blogs, though not my wife’s The newsletter link does that.

    I just realized I never got to the scripture about Babylon. Babylon is a very wealthy, powerful, church city, the mother of many other churches, and is sited on the city of 7 hills. It will be destroyed before the earth itself, thus the points you mentioned. A simple blog search will identify the church city that is founded on 7 hills. The time is ripe for many changes to suddenly come about. Remember, America’s elections are only weeks away. I have already voted an early ballot, it is that near!
    Bless you,

  2. I think that people overreact somtimes about the second coming of God. I mean yes God's going to come back soon but soon to God Could be Another 25, 50, 100 years, or even longer! My point is that this money stuff isn't that bad! The stocks falling was nowhere near as bad as the great depression! Yes these are warning signs but they may not be ,GOD IS COMING IN A LITTLE WHILE warning signs. Anyway, there's my 2 cents.

  3. Either way you look at it, points to the end times. I've read Revelation so many times and each time God shows me something I missed before. Some of the books of the Old Testament, like Daniel and Ezekiel, refers to Revelation. I agree with Bob. This book is to the church. But, if you notice, after chapter 3 the church is not mentioned. People will have their own opinion on what to believe. I'm not here for a debate on what's right or wrong. I'm simply stating that, as Christians, we should use this book to witness to those poor lost souls' and try to win them to Christ before it is eternally to late. Again, I agree with Bob about always being ready, repenting of our sins, we need to be 'prayed up', ask for forgiveness daily, try our best to be Christ like. I don't know what Bob means by saying, "being obedient in baptism". But if he's saying you have to repent of your sins and be baptized in water to make it to heaven, I can't completely agree with him. Baptism is our way of showing that we have put away the old dead man and come back up a new man. I'm all for that, but it won't keep you from heaven. If you say it will, you're calling Jesus and God's Word a liar. Remember the theif beside Jesus when He was crucified? The theif asked Jesus to remember him and Jesus told him He would see him in paradise. He didn't have time to be baptized, but Jesus forgave him. That tells me that repenting of your sins and asking Jesus to come into your heart is the only way to heaven. John 14:6 says, Jesus said to him, "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." Doesn't say 'except through Me and the baptism of water.' Like I said, I'm all for it, I've been baptized, it's a great way to show others the change/decision you have made. Now, back to the end times. The signs are coming faster and faster, which, if I can remember correctly, God's Word says it will. His Word, also, says to be watching for His coming. I'm not worried in the least for myself. I know that whatever we have to go through before we meet Him in the air, He will be with me and help me to endure. We've got to keep our eyes on the Lord, we've got to stay prayed up. I feel for all those lost souls who choose not to believe. But, at the same time I can't wait for His Great Appearing!!! God Bless You All!!!!!!
    Sister in Christ

  4. First, i would like to give thanks to our heavenly father in Jesus name for giving us His word, The Bible, and allowing us to understand His plan for mankind! Second, I would say, Brother Bob is on point about the end of times and our Lord's glorious return! I too have questioned if the "Great Babylon" spoken of in the book of revelations is refering to the United States. We are the super power of the world where free enterprise reigns and people from all over the world dwell. We have many religions and have accepted many traditions of other cultures into our own. It's okay to debate and speculate over these things in the bible that don't have a clear answer, but we must remember to focus on what it does say. Jesus will return and we don't know when! The time is now to change our hearts and lives and serve Him the way he said to! We have been in the last days since Jesus was born! Our Savior was born and did what He was set out to do…redeem us! The Lord has a standard for His people and we must live up to it. The bible is quite clear on that… either you are for or against God. Jesus said if you love me, you will obey me. Faith and good works go hand in hand! Chrisitians must be holy as our God is holy and be a light for all to see. He said many will come in His name and He will say He never knew them. Also, the road is narrow to righteousness and few will go there, while the road is wide to hell and many people will go. We have a choice to make…serve God or satan. Better make your minds up! Bless you to be loyal to our Awesome, Loving, Merciful, Kind, and Powerful God…Jesus Christ!

  5. this is funny but last summer i read revelations over again —rev 18 stuck out at me "could this be the united states"? it sounds like it — i was taught that the anti christ is the dictator beast while the religious man is the false prophet—who performs all the miracles—so you have the dictator beast, false prophet and the man the devil posesses —the false trinity—we are soooo near to the lord's return. i think that obama could be a prelude to the anti christ—very well charming, global in thinking and has a muslim background, people follow him and dont know why, they think he has all the answers to their problems. now im not saying that he is just a forerunner to real thing.

  6. I think that Babylon is actually the internet.

    It really is filled with sin, and destroying the world. I am waiting for the internet to "fall" if you will. Our world, as we know it, will mourn over the loss, and be forever changed.

  7. locals could confirm this, but i believe there is a suburb of new york called "BABYLON".

  8. I find it sad that such professing christians give such great input on the current circumstances and are so knowledgeable about scripture, then they proceed to list all the things they have done for the Lord. What a boastful nature. something we are told in James that is is by faith we are saved and not by works, lest no man should boast. I pray that you take the story of Job and the lesson of religious pride so that you may find that seat next to our wonderful savior and Living God.

  9. 10/11/2008 The G7 is meeting in Washington. These are the seven most industrialized nations of the world. United States, Germany, Japan, France,
    UK, Canada, Italy.

    Revelations says, that out of the ocean a great beast will appear with seven
    heads. (they are coming because one of the heads( the US) has a great wound.

    And, they were all amazed that the beast was healed. (what is the 10 horns?)

  10. The 10 horns are the 10 Kings, who aren't really kings, but are given the power
    as kings. And, they hate the whore (wall street); and the beast (washington)
    gave them power. Out of the 10, the anti chist will rise, when the 10 give him
    power; as his platform is peace.

  11. City of Babylon=New York
    Waters=the people of the earth, tongues and multitudes
    Whore= Wall Street, causing the G7 to come to the US
    Beast= was given the power over all the nations in one hour
    G8= the eighth king into perdition was Russia [the bear]
    All of these in Revelations 17-18

    Hope I am wrong. God have mercy on us. God forgive our Country of it's sin

  12. Well Praise the Lord! Jesus is soon to return. We are watching the final days of the earth as we know it. The rapture is soon to take place. That my 2 cents.

  13. Revelation 18 is one of most serious words of Lord, I am Chinese,
    and I strongly insist that "the city of Babylon" maybe means this rapidly improving eastern empire, now almost all of global companies make business with China, and they even ignored him to hold Olympic, nobody really interested in changing this huge but dangerous empire. And this empire is really so powerful and strong willed to control all world, just like the periods until he hurt by western "enemies"
    100 years ago.
    Just remember the three animals appear in Revelation is unbelievably related with China. Chinese males thought they are sons of Dragon, the snake in old times, also they worship the stone lions and always put huge images in front of tall buildings and palaces, third animal which John wrote "the animal like a sheep, but speaks like dragon" is Qi Lin in Chinese. the image is also very popular in Beijing.
    I believe the United States is the country God has anointed, although has many problems now.
    All of the world is in God's hand and in his plan, although it looks very dark and discouraged.

  14. I believe that as we approach the end of Days, the financial situation which started with Greed on Wall street, (Greed Being a Deadly Sin) which has now spread on a Global Scale, will eventually turn more people to the Lord, and there will be a shift in people whom will now have to put their faith more in the Lord, and his strength, including non believers also.

    It is time for some to make our precious Lord, God of their lives instead of Money. Praise the Lord that in his generosity he will give more time for people to turn away from the darkness of this world and walk in the light of his being before his Son returns to this world.

    But we can not ignore the birth pains that the world is going through at the present stage which should be a warning to us all, that we are now perhaps on the road to the End of Days. But in our knowing that the Lord is in Control and as believers we can walk tall with courage and strength as ambassadors of the Lord, with others whom do not believe, for there is nothing that can separate us from his Love or him even in these dark days. As we remember that His light shines in the Darkness and the Darkness will never be able to conquer.

  15. I read what you had to say about Revelation 18 and was struck by how each generation equates Revelation with the immediate time period. Revelation speaks of the time since Christ left the earth. It is a profound book and yes, each reading with prayer brings a new revealing…if we truly listen with our hearts and mind….but please understand that not all has been revealed because we still have further to go. The churches, as does the mountains in the Revelation, refers to time periods…we are living in the last time period. How long that time period is remains to be fulfilled. Babylon, in my humble opinion, refers to confusion of man made leadership with all its trappings…including money. If you truly want to see something astonishing, then read the story of Babel in Genesis. See what it is that God says about their plan to construct the tower. It's Lucifer's one true desire to make us all "like sheep" come together as he can lead us all astray..that is the reason for so many different languages, so many different churches (God hid the woman or remnant message throughout them) many different races. We were separated for our own protection. God, like any good parent, "hid" us from Lucifer to keep us safe..I could go on but my soap box cannot stand the weight of my ego..I am certain I have probably bored you all by now..Remember God said "You cannot serve God and Mamon <—spelling? The whole idealogy of manifest destiny has only served to be an instigator of peace and single mindedness that Lucifer has used to his great glee. Look and watch as the whole world comes together as one…there is the "Peace Peace" that the scripture talks about..that is swiftly followed by sudden destruction. If you believe that Lucifer is in the US then I believe as you do.
    God Bless

  16. Stephen,
    I do believe your opinion about China. I truly believe we are living in not only the last days, but the very on set of the 7 year Tribulation. I trust in our Lord, Jesus Christ and I am very excited to see him.

    God Bless You and Keep You.

  17. There are many people who believe Lucifer and anti-Christ has been unleashed in the form of Pres. Bush because of the destruction that has been wrought world wide economically and socially because of the wars among others. They are mostly left wing. How different are we christians from them if we believe that a person whose opinions we do not agree on has become President in Sen.Obama is Lucifer or Anti-Christ ? I for one believe that both men are just that, ordinary men placed in extraordinary situations of leadership. They need our prayers and our country needs our prayers. Anyone can read the bible and prophesy or draw whatever conclusions they want based on their world view. A tolerance on both sides is called for. Just my humble opinion.

  18. to LP—-we need to pray for our leaders, its a command from our Lord—-satan is the dictator beast—and the antichrist is the spirit of satan that lives in him then there is the false prophet who does miracles and signs and wonders, the unholy trinity—satan counterfits God s trinity—-the antichrist will be a man of peace who tricks the jews into believing he will protect them but turns on them halfway thru the 7 year tribulation. one more thing the whore in babylon is the church of rome– sits on 7 hills -but i dont think we will know the city of babylon in rev 18 that gets destroyed, it sounds like new york to me—- we will have to see, as it enfolds—–

  19. Pam, this is a general posting. Google the names 'George W Bush' and 'Barack Obama'. One of the choices under both these names is Anti-Christ. Since when did the office of the President of America become the office of the future anti-christ ? This seems so terrible to me. Anti-Christ is a terrible thing to say about someone let alone a sitting President and a future President based on some half-baked prophesies unless there is some concrete proof. What did these two men ever do except run for office and become President ?

    In case of Pres. Bush even if people do not agree with his policies especially the wars, to compare him to horrible, truly evil people like Hitler, Stalin etc is non-christian like. To brand him anti-christ in my opinion is slander because nothing he has done is comparable to what the anti-christ will do.

    In the case of Pres.Elect.Obama, he was deemed anti-christ even when he ran for office, even before he was nominated, even before he was elected and has served one day in office. I hate to say this, but some of the other entries in Google under the name Barack Obama are Muslim, Middle Name, Black Panthers, Black, Messiah etc. I can only come to one logical conclusion based on the facts presented and it is not a pretty one. That people who call him anti-christ do so because of their own insecurities and intolerance about race and religion. To see him as a Messiah is again wrong as I believe only people who choose not to take ownership of their lives do so. I do not know how this presidency will turn out. But I know in either case God sanctioned it inspite of supreme court decisions, hanging chads elections in the case of Pres. Bush and the whole Messiah/ Anti-Christ election of Pres.Elect.Obama because people prayed.

    Pres.Bush and Pres.Elect Obama are two men who have been both cursed and blessed to occupy the most important office in the world. Their success and failures have and will be spectacular and life altering for many people around the world. We as christians either like or dislike these two men based on our political views, we do not have to tolerate them, but we have to pray for them. But if Americans of both right and left wings start calling the occupant of the Presidency anti-christ, which decent man will want to run in the future? A tolerance on both sides is called for.

  20. I have read the book of revelation many times and find that is is my favorite to study. I think that it gets misinterpreted quite frequently. I have found a way to understand it a little easier. I look to the word sea meaning people and the word beast meaning government . so when you see a beast coming out of the sea you will see a government coming up out of the people. I look to the word woman as religion. So when I see the woman riding the beast . I see religion in partnership with government. Until the beast turns on the woman. In revelation 13 it talks of a beast that was delivered a death blow to one of its heads that had gotten healed, i see that as the League Of Nations that was dismanteled but then came back as the United Nations (wound being healed). The dragon being the devil gives his power to the beast (United Nations) and all those on the earth will worship it. So the earth will fall into the hands of satan and God will step in and expose the greed of the world in Revelation 18 so comes the bad economy. There is only one Kingdom that will ever stand the test of time all others shall come to pass.

  21. To LP: I disagree vehemently with your reply to Pam. I'm not saying Obama or anyone is the anti-christ BUT calling him the anti-christ doesn't have anything to do with race and religion. That is a sweeping conclusion you drew that isn't justified by the reasons people are speculating about this subject. For one, he stands totally against the sanctity of life & is so brazen in his defense of even partial birth abortion, that he doesn't even pretend to respect the rights of the unborn. That is the sign of a cold-blooded heart, period.

    If race does have anything to do with it, it isn't because he's black, because he really isn't. It's because he actually represents all three scientifically classified races, negroid, mongoloid & caucasoid. This in itself is an interesting fact. He attends church but to any true believer who has heard the rantings of the pastor he so loyally clings to, we can pretty much conclude that his Christianity is in question at best. So, in other words, he's a fake Christian. I'll state it out loud and will not be silenced by someone demanding I be tolerant. I am so sick of that word. It used to be a good word, but it has been so misused, just like the word racism, that I'm sick to death of hearing it. I could care less what color Obama's skin is. That is absolutely unimportant.

    What I do care about is his callousness towards all things he claims to believe. I can never trust a man like that. Now, whether he's anti-christ, I don't know. He could be one of the kings that gives anti-christ their power. I have no idea. I do know that God will hold us accountable if we worship anti-christ to the point of hellfire, a position I don't want to be in. I have an elegant solution, especially for these days & times. Don't ever worship any man. That's pretty simple. I do believe with my whole heart that there is an evil force obviously at work in the world & we are all experiencing that power working through political leaders & through many people everywhere. It's like Satan is making his big move & I think most of us are very aware that the birth pains are definitely taking hold. Whether your pre-trib, post-trib, no-trib, whatever; one who claims to be Christian has to admit, the fig tree is definitely ripening.

  22. Amen Dave!

  23. I mean Amen Mitzi…u r right.

  24. I'm going to have to agree with Mitiz quite a bit! "The fig tree is definitely ripenng" but the fact is that over the years I have come across many intersting thing.One very important thing is that in /reevelation 22:20 Jesus Say "Behold I am coming quickly" that was almost 2000 years ago, are time is running out by the second. In the Holy Bible it talks about Babolone( sorry about my spelling i'm just a freshman at Lee high school) falling and demons dwelling there, I believe that it's talikng about America. We are one of the wickedest country in the world. Also Isac Newton study the Bible ( I'm not saying he was a Christian) and he predicted Christ return in 2066. By my guess that the age on the earth is 6,666. Obama is probobly not the Anti-Christ but I do think he is controled by satan. One thing to say inconclusion GET READY THE HOUR IS NEAR! I'm not trying to sound like some movie but our time is almost gone!

  25. Thought you might all want to take a read of this. Food for thought.
    original content found at:

    Cheers – Nick

    The Last Seven Years before Jesus Christ Returns

    Peace covenant between Israel and enemies arranged by America, Daniel 9:27, Revelation 6:2, 8:1. Construction of temple begins. Days of religious, political deception will be shortened when Russia invades within 1,230 days, Matthew 24:22. Rapture is history, body of Christ in Heaven, Revelation 4. Jesus comes in 2,520 days.

    220th Day

    Temple construction allows for sacrifices and oblations to begin. Taken away in 1,010 days by Russian-Syrian leader. Jesus comes in 2,300 days. Temple site then cleansed, Daniel 8:13-14.

    869th Day

    Two witnesses begin 1,260 day ministry, Revelation 11:3. They will be warning the Jews of the imminent Russian-Syrian invasion. Their ministry will be during both halves of the 70th Week because of Revelation 11:6, which shows God's judgment of water to blood, which occurs in last half; and Revelation 11:10, which shows world rejoicing at the death of two witnesses. If they ministered only in the last half, the world would be terrified and mourning at sight of returning Lord, not rejoicing. If they minister only first half, how can waters turn to blood, which is God's wrath? Witnesses preach against beast and harlot church and for the coming of Jesus in power and glory. Jesus comes in 1,651 days.

    Days of religious, political deception (world peace) will be shortened or elect would be deceived. Days shortened by Russian confederacy invading the Middle East sometime between the 869th and 1,230th day, Ezekiel 38, Daniel 11. World War III erupts, probably nuclear and conventional. Takes peace from earth, Revelation 6:4.

    1,230th Day

    Russian-Syrian leader takes away sacrifices of Jews, Daniel 8:11, 11:31, 12:11. Within 30 days the first of seven trumpet judgments begin as God destroys Russian-Syrian armies, Ezekiel 38:22, Revelation 8:7. Days of war and sudden destruction shortened or all flesh perish, (nuclear war) Matthew 24:22. Jesus comes in 1,290 days, Daniel 12:11)

    1,260th Day

    Midweek. Antichrist from America has been resurrected from the dead. Armies of America and Western Europe have invaded and now occupy Israel and the Middle East. Antichrist causes sacrifices to cease. Makes temple desolate by saying he is God, Daniel 9:27, 12:11. Antichrist or beast given power over all nations, and persecutes the saints, Revelation 13:7. Jesus comes in 1,260 days.

    Wrath of God meets wrath of Satan for 1,260 days. Days of Great Tribulation and days of Jacob's Trouble. Great days of real revival through two witnesses and 144,000 Jewish evangelists, Revelation 7. Trumpet and then bowl judgments poured out by the angels of God. Harlot church hated by antichrist and burned.

    1979th Day

    5th trumpet sounds. 5 months (150 days) demon locusts torment unsaved, Revelation 9:5. First 4 trumpet judgments covered approximately 719 days. Jesus comes in 541 days.

    2129th Day

    6th trumpet sounds for 3 1/2 days. Two witnesses complete 1,260-day ministry. Killed by antichrist from America. Bodies left in streets of Jerusalem for 3 1/2 days, Revelation 11:8, 11. Antichrist will order their bodies to be untouched as a mockery to the prophecy of their resurrection. Their death and display of bodies angers God. Judgments will intensify. Last hour, day, month, year (391 days) of bowl judgments result of God's anger. Fullness of God's wrath, Revelation 9:15, 10:7, 15:7. Jesus comes in 391 days.

    2132 1/2 Day

    Two witnesses rise from the dead, ascend to Heaven before multitudes, probably watching on satellite television, Revelation 11:11-12, 15. 7th trumpet sounds announcing the beginning of the 7 bowl judgments. Last 387 1/2 days begin.

    2,520th Day

    Fire from Heaven has destroyed America or Babylon the Great, Revelation 18. Jesus Christ appears in the skies for all eyes to see Him. Antichrist and false prophet are cast in to Lake of Fire, Revelation 19:20. Jesus first destroys all world's armies at Armageddon, who have been gathered by beast and false prophet to fight against Him, thinking He is an alien invading force, Revelation 1:7, 19:11-21. Satan is cast into the bottomless pit for 1,000 years, Revelation 20:1-3. All saints who were in Heaven come with Jesus. Judgment of surviving people of the nations begins. Temple cleansed of antichrist. 2,300 days completed, Daniel 8:13-14. 1,000-year reign of Jesus Christ begins.

    Praise God!

  26. Mitzi,
    Please allow me to respond to some of the issues you raised.

    1. On Barack Obama being considered anti-christ by some on account of his color and ethnicity. You may not do so, but that does not mean many others do not. I have no problem with someone having a difference of opinion or not liking him or voting for him due to his positions. The points you raised are valid and I completely agree with your assessment that in that case it is not intolerance, but disagreement. But there are other people too. People who call themselves christians and even on this very website who seem to dislike him only because his father is a muslim and his name is one letter away from a terrorist. My post was directed toward them. These people cannot hide behind any indignation at being called intolerant or the infamous 'r' word because that is exactly what they are and their behavior is not christian like. And I will be vehement in condeming that because they do not represent christianity or this great country for millions like me who are immigrants. Not every christan in this world is named John, Peter, Paul, Mary etc. Many christians have ethnic names like me. Also not everyone is privileged to come from families with generations of christians. There are many who have one parent who is non-christian like Pres.Elect.Obama and who are strong christians.
    2. The issue of abortion. What I say cannot change your mind, but I would like to give a different perspective. I come from a country where abortion is legal and poverty and HIV is quite rampant. Children born to poor parents especially girls are often sold into sexual slavery at very young ages. If they are not, they have no education, get married very young, often as young as 12 or 13 to much older men. Rape and incest are quite common. There is no system like foster care or social services to take care of these abandoned children. Yes, the life of every child is precious and it would be presumptuous of me to put a value on these lives, but in many cases, I have wondered if educating their parents about birth control and yes, abortion would have prevented this tragedy. I DO NOT advocate abortion but I am strongly in favor of it as an option legally because even in America if it were not legal there would be back street unsafe versions which would put the lives of women at risk. Even in America with its foster system and social services thousands of children fall through the cracks. Would these children be better off unborn is the question I have asked myself repeatedly, every time I hear about a baby in a dumpster or abandoned or the grown children abandoned in Nebraska. It is not an easy solution, Psalm 127 says children are a gift from God, but until we can have a better system it is my opinion that some children are better unborn.

  27. i never stated that barak obama was the anti christ— i said he could be a forerunner of the anti christ, i mean an example of how he got into office etc. my statement had nothing to do with politics— i am of another kingdom which has a ruler Jesus Christ– but i still have to live in this world till the Lord calls me home or the rapture takes place. i pray for the pres. of u.s. and the senate and house almost everyday. that is a command from the word. i hope and pray that pres. obama does a good job, i pray that the burdens of his job are so heavy he cant carry them and has to get on his knees to ask God for help. i also pray this for the whole government——– this has nothing to do with a comment but i think a person who writes here is hartford hawks— i know someone who works for the hartford hawks— is this just a coinsidence???

  28. America is mentioned in Bible Prophecy it just needs to be studied out. When the Lord Split the Kingdom of Ancient Israel into two states Northern Kingdom Of Israel and The southern Kingdom Of Judah. Were do you think the Northern Kingdom of Ancient Israel "lost ten tribes of Israel" went after they were exiled by Assyria and never returned to Jerusalem. How can ten tribes of people be "lost". The kingdom of Judy only returned after Ancient Babylon defeated them. Pray and study these things out and God will reveal them to your heart.

  29. Barack Obama is not the Anti Christ the Anti Christ has a false prophet too. Its a Europen Leader (EU) anointed by the Pope. Look back into history and you can see the present. The Popes in the middle ages use to anoint Leaders of the "Holy Roman Empire" that is the root of the Catholic Religion in Rome.

  30. I found somethings that have been stated very eye opening. Its definitely hoping to make me go study revelations more. Other things have been very disheartening. We sit and talk on chats and blogs about what wrong and who made it that way but as Christians and the church we never stood up against it. We let so many things just slide by. I don't know who the antichrist is but the conclusion for why Pres Obama may be are really racist. I am a Christian and at this point if he is there was nothing we could do to stop it because Gpd word is going to com to pass regardless. We are pas the point of getting ready we have to be ready! None of us know the day or hour but the time is coming soon! Now is the time to be winning souls to the Lord not discussing who let the cat out the bag because in this case it was getting out anyway. Be about your Father's business telling the world about Gods forgiveness and the love of Christ. Be blessed!

  31. I too have read Revelation several times and our bible study group just finished a thirty week study. In regards to the question, could Babylon the great be America? Possibly. Just an opinion, but there will be a place on earth where the whole world will trade, buy and sell goods this place will have to have a sea port for import and export. Some say it will be in Iran in Babylon, but there is no sea port there. I really don't know about where this might take place, but I do know the Word of God is truth and everything written in Revelation will take place.

  32. Christians need not to focus on what is to come (Antichrist). Christians know that the end times are near. So many people focus on finding the identity of the Antichrist. I feel so much wasted energy has been used. We, as Christians, could salvage that energy and put it to good use by witnessing to the lost sheep and be the boat that leads them to the lighthouse.

    Agree or disagree? Please comment…

  33. After reading Revelation many times, I am convinced that Babylon is Wall Street, New York City ,New York, U.S.A. i.e.The center of world trade!!! Also, the attack on 9/11 is spoken of in Rev.18:6.

  34. I want to say Amen Mitzi…u r right.

  35. I too agree that we are on the threshold of our Lord's rapturing of his church.
    My opinion of Babylon, taken from Revelations, is that it pertains to all the current
    world commerce systems in place, at this time. There are many wealthy seaports in the world today, importing and exporting valuable commodities throughout all the world. WE MUST BE VERY DILIGENT IN WHAT THE LORD
    SAYS…"We cannot serve both God and money." Judgment is coming.

  36. Babylon the whore is the church. When Jesus came the jews had not been following the ways of God. Jesus slammed the Pharasies and Saducese.So it will be when he returns. The Christians will and have done the same with the new covenant. All the denominations of Churches is ludacris! Look how religion has changed just since the begining of America. The Bible is about salvation not about nations. The sins of the whore have reached unto Heaven. Most Church's are preaching a false Gospel. Wake up people. The largest christian denomination is catholic. Praying to statues and the virgin Mary is Blasphemy!! The devil has already seated himself in the holy place People are already worshiping him without knowing it, why you ask? because they do not read and study as God asked but instead they follow as did the Jews who followed the Pharasies and Sadusies. The U.S. collapse will be just part of the puzzle of the worst times the world has seen. Global warming, economic collapse, starvation, disease, wars, volcanoes, earthquakes, "Like a woman in labor" thes event will occur more often and more frequent like a womans contractions.

    Read and study and draw near to god as he has asked.

  37. WELL<WELL, just as i have been saying for 10 yrs now and recorded in the 7 seals, that soon you will see this happen. The collapse of wall street and the current world climate is all related to the events in Revelation, as is my appearance soon in the world. Welcome to reality and Truth. Trust not in men but God's. Your friend in Him, messiah. peace to you, within.

  38. Yes, these are end times. The bible, however, makes it very clear that "this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world unto all nations (ethnos)" These are dialects and their stilla re 6,300 that have never heard the gospel one time. That is what Action Evangelism is all about. India alone has 675,000 remote villages that have never heard one time. 22,000 die daily in India never hearing the gospel. Let's go win them!

  39. What about the possibility that the end times was already in the fall of Jerusalem in the new testament?

  40. The truth on this issue will be determined by a uniting of world governments. I'm not religious at all, but the bible says that end times involve a one world. At this point in time, the governments and nations of the world are working against each other. The prospects of protectionism and millitarism are arising again, just as they did during the 1930's. The United Nations, World Bank and IMF are ill-equiped to deal with this global crisis. There's not a single political head in the entire world capable of uniting us. I don't see how this could even come close to representing the end times by biblical standards. And further more, America is still a religious Nazi state compared to the freer and less prudish Europeans. We don't have gay adoption and marriage. We don't have legal marijuana and prostitution. We've got the lowest alcohol consumption in the industrialized world. Don't get me wrong, we're still an evil empire. We've paved the way for Pinochet's Chile and we ruined a democratically elected Shah in Iran. We're a greedy country that'll do anything for our banks, corporations and our millitary industrial complex. But as far as "so-called morals," we're outdoing the Europeans. But then again, the bible warns that the end will come when greed becomes all. Going by the bible, nobody knows when the end will occur. Many Christians believed the end was going to happen after Christ's death. The bible has been edited and revised so many times since then that we don't even know if the bible is worth a damn… When the Catholic Church runs one of the largest banks in Europe, there's something wrong. The bible preached against usury. When an English Monarch got to convert England and he was a heathen, something is wrong. When the hedonistic Council of Nicea got to decide what was to be in the bible and what wasn't, something is wrong. When the churches have endorsed slavery, sexism and the Christian Crusades, something has gone very wrong. Our bibles have been translated and manipulated so many times that we can't know what to believe. As a rationalist, I believe our nation is coming to an end. The laws of economics dictate that our current path isn't sustainable. We will either have to join a global currency and economy, or we will collapse. However, we do have many more years to go before our economic indicators turn that bad. Until then, we can continue borrowing money from the Arabs, Chinese, Koreans and Japanese to finance our economic growth. We will recover from this recession, but will probably face national bankruptcy down the road.

  41. The time will come when China is the world's largest economy and they buy more oil and resources than we do. The time is coming when their 1.5 billion people consume way more than we do. We have 300 million consumers versus their billion and a half. If you've been tracking them, you'd know they're already questioning the value of our dollar and our economic future. However, they can't "de-link" with us because they're industrialized and commercialized enough without us. They need us to sell their surplus goods to. However, as their economy continues to grow and India's economy continues to boom, they won't need us in about 25 – 30 years. By that time, most of our nation will be old and we will be borrowing money to finance our Social Security, private pension and Medicare programs. Japan and Iceland represent our future. Both nations were once richer than us. Both nations are becoming even more indebted than we are. Japan has suffered almost 20 years of a prolonged recession that can be attributed to a financial crisis and reduced consumer spending.. Iceland is facing a national bankruptcy on account of their failing 4 largest banks. We've living on borrowed time and borrowed money. Even the Arabs are questioning the soundness of our economy and our dollar.

  42. I'm not saying the bible is right however. Just like Muslims and radical wachos, many Christians think the end is coming now. Many Christians have always believed the end was coming. The Jews believe the end is coming. Muslims believe the end is coming. Many believe 2012 is the end because the Mayan calender ends in 2012. Many people will believe anything. A one world government doesn't mean the anti-Christ and the end of the world. Mayve the Council of Nicea didn't want to see a one world because they were afraid it'd undermine the Roman Senate and Emperor. Maybe the Catholic Church didn't want to see it because they'd loose power and priviledges. Maybe today's Christians don't want to see it because of their power and influence over this nation. Religion, just like law and lawmakers, control society. We don't know the truth for sure, so anything is open for game.

  43. The end of corruption is near but before then we will be faced with dark times, this is only a sign that babylon will be rebuilt. I assure you it is gods will, everything that has happened has happened for a reason

  44. dear Richard Allen Wilson,

    what power and influence over this nation do christians have? they do not even have power over their own lives and families. many of them are christians because of the opportunities social networking at church brings, and not because they want to prosper or care about their lives or their community. they don't even follow the simplest commands of christ, and instead worship the opinion of their peers and employers.

    christians in this nation have allowed themselves to be marginalized and embarassed. this nation used to be a powerhouse of christianity and now they can't even display the 10 commandments in public. can't even pray in school. what kind of power and influence is that?

    the reason nobody wants one-world government is because there will be nowhere to escape the rule of man and live under god the way we were meant to. nobody wants it because government is inefficient, invasive, and it messes up everything it gets involved in. it is a waste of resources and the rights it demands directly threaten human lives.

  45. Do you have any nephilim theory?

    Perhaps I wonder if individuals have tried to hide information having to do with them and done so for certain reasons and wonder if fallen angels are going to show up during time of disaster pretending to be benevolent primate evolving aliens and elohim saviors. Been noticing more and more alien stuff and UFO stuff and caveman stuff and dying planet stuff in the media? Interesting time maybe. Got thoughts about sections called Daniel 2:43, Daniel 11:38-39, Obadiah 4, Isaiah 24:21, and Jeremiah 10:10-15? -Jacob (

  46. WELL<WELL, just as i have been saying for 10 yrs now and recorded in the 7 seals, that soon you will see this happen. The collapse of wall street and the current world climate is all related to the events in Revelation, as is my appearance soon in the world. Welcome to reality and Truth. Trust not in men but God's. Your friend in Him, messiah. peace to you, within.

  47. I've studied the book for 30 years, and for the Christian, the most important and most overlooked part of Revelations is the letters to the 7 Churches. In these we find the reasoning of God behind the 7 year tribulation and the timing of the release of the first seal. It is no mistake that as we approach the threshold of the time of the end, most Churches have begun to distance themselves from the letters to the 7 Churches. In confronting this issue most Churches would be faced with the wickedness that has been allowed to gain momentum in their pulpits. I warn you all, and I warn you now, Christians repent and turn back to the God of our Fathers. Do not enter the tribulation in a weakened state my friends, if you think it is hard to find the spiritual strength to over power the sin in your life now, how hard do you imagine it will be when the very powers of hell are unleashed on earth by God?

  48. some consider me to be one of the worst men to walk the face of this earth my father says he forgives me but man won`t so where there is no forgiveness there will be no forgiveness where there is law you will be held to law where grace is givin grace will be givin thank you jesus but i pray every man to love each other and forgive each other all our tresspasses I am sorry Lord for my sins against you and give you my heart and soul my very life lord take it it belongs to you father i am sorry i have been the man that i have been ,thank you for your loving grace ( God bless every man who reads this with a heart of love for you (thank you jesus ) thank you lord God bless you all sincerly ccblueser

  49. I believe the Book of Revelations is about our internal struggle between truth and self delusion (false prophet). Christ is within each of us and his second coming will occur once we (the book with the 7 seals) have made the Choice to live for others and no longer choose to live for our self. Only by removing our selfishness can we begin to move back up God's holy mountain and back into the true understanding of God's will from where we fell (Rev 2:5).

    I believe that the issue is not an external one, but an internal one. God is not mocked, we reap what we sow and as bad things happen in our lives, we choose to pretend that we can control them, or we choose to think that injustice happens sometimes, or we can choose to be humble and loving and learn from the trials and tribulations. These trials and tribulations occur to provide an opening for internal reflection.

    Think about your parents or grandparents… when they would fight, what caused the argument? was it because they thought of others first (like Christ) or was it because they placed their-self first? You see, only after one or both remove their selfish desire does the argument become resolved. If neither gives in, the issue escalates either internally, causing them to find a release (drinking, sex, etc.) or externally (anger, violence, meanness, etc.)

    I'll end with a question: Is there ever a time when selfish desire isn't a sin?

  50. A hought came to me regarding the second coming ………………… have we christians mised the mark altogether right from 1ad the second coming occurred when jesus conqured death and rose after three days. All his preachng was fuffiled in his day armageddon is a spiritual war that has been won and we all know satan is a liar our saviour rules in heaven when he ascended we now live in paradise a spiritual paradise while the earth ispasses away eveythign is prepared for us new earth etc am i wrong are we being misled becuase we have listened to teachign of man and not jesus

  51. Richard, I agree with your comments re. the economy, except that the time line is probably too long. Re. the Bible … surface research followed by confident declaration can be a Rx for embarrassment. Read:…. We obviously cannot know a great deal about those days but there is evidence that, prior to the politicization of church structure and leadership, writings had been carefully protected with some seen self-manifesting as divine source material while others obviously anecdotal, whimsical, illustrative, or deviant to the whole council of scripture to that point. From all indications, prior to Nicaea 325 there was already a "list" of books/letters commonly seen and accepted as divine by gathered believers. The only evidence (from what I've seen thus far) re. books being burned is that, as a demonstration of repulsion some book of Arius were burned while he was expelled. Granted the 3rd-4th century church was a ridiculous caricature of the early church (Christ's intent) run amok in self-order and self-importance, probably brought on by the rapid and diverse growth among hedonistic and/or tribal cultures – problems which Luther and other reformers finally addressed -but there is no indication from historical texts, that we need not trust the content of the Bible we have today. On the contrary, out of all the ancient writings, this "Bible" is the most trustworthy in its transmission through the ages. Rather than approaching it argumentatively, I recommend reading it openly, with a desire to have the divine (if it exists) show you if what is written contains truth or not. This is also the best approach in reading the Qur'an, the Book of Mormon, Dhamma writings, etc. As you read all of these with open mind you may begin to see what the pre-Nicene literate believers saw … that these writings self-manifest as the word of God Himself. While other books contain truth, this book "channels" divinity. It is primarily its self-manifesting nature along with the continuity of its spiritual truth that sets the Bible apart.

  52. I have wondered about this for years, but now that I see what Obama and the Demacratic majority are doing, it is all becoming clear to me. He is trying to bankrupt this country and undermine all that we have stood for since we were founded. Our government of the people, by the people, and for the people is going to fall, and very soon.

    I used to think that 2 Thessalonians 2:5-8 was referring to the rapture. But now I'm beginning to see that America is "the one who has been restraining," because the Lord was with us, empowering us as we honored Him in how we lived and protected Israel and the rest of the world. We won't be able to restrain much of anything before too long. Our purpose will have been served. Once we are no longer a world power, everything else that is predicted to take place will happen, rapidly.

    Get ready; it will not be long now. Watch the news and just see how this is playing out. Keep these things in mind, and you will be amazed, as will I be. This is all meant to happen, and it will happen; no matter what we do, or don't do. It's out of our hands. "Even so, Come, Lord Jesus!"

  53. America isn't in bilical prophecy because GOD always refers to the Jewish people as His People and the little nation of ISRAEL. All of prophecy deals with Israel and the Middle east. The only prophetic promise to us THE BODY OF CHRIST that the Apostle Paul refers to THE BELIEVER and we await the rature for all Believers. After the Believers are ratured out,then comes the Tribulation for all non- believers for 7 years. I personally dont think we will have to wait much longer.

  54. America is in Biblical prophesy. The U.S.A is the king of the south. Read the book of Daniel. Germany rose as king of the north in the late 1800s. Britain was king of the south during the first world war. Towards the end of ww2, when Germany was defeated by mostly Russia and the united states. Russia became king of the north and the United States became king of the south. Bible prophesy tells us the collapse of the king of the north. Which was when Russia fell apart. The United States remained and still is king of the south. The Bible also does not give us any info on where the next king of the north will be. It is also not wise to speculate who it might be. Read about the king of the north and king of the south. You will see that God was not with us. By Gods hand he will destroy the two kings.

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