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Five Christian Sites Worth Bookmarking

I’ve been reviewing Christian websites since 1996. For every one hundred Christian sites I visit, I may bookmark one. That’s not to say that the others aren’t good, they just don’t stand out enough to make me want to return on a regular basis. Here’s five Christian sites that did stand out enough to add to my bookmarks.


  1. – CrossWalk recently completed a major overhaul of their Bible study tools and it’s quite impressive. This free online Bible includes most of the features you would find in an expensive Bible software package. You can search and read various translations of the Bible, including the King James, New King James, New American Standard Version, New Living Translation and many more. A daily Bible reading plan can be customized to your liking using any of the available translations. When you need to dig deeper and do a little research you can take advantage of multiple concordances, lexicons, dictionaries, encyclopedias and commentaries.
  2. – Formerly, Tangle is the Christian alternative to… and much more. Tangle is a fast growing Christian community with user created groups, photo albums, prayer boards and Bible study tools. Tangle is an excellent way to share your videos and pictures with friends, family or church members without having to worry about the offensive content on YouTube.
  3. – This is a directory containing hundreds of Christian radio stations and internet broadcasts arranged by category. Choose from praise and worship, kids music, contemporary Christian, gospel or even talk shows. To listen just click the play button in front of each station listing.
  4. – This is the only retail site on this list but I had to mention it. Christian Book is an online Christian super store. They carry Christian books (obviously), Christian DVD’s, Christian music and a huge collection of homeschool material. Their prices are so low I often wonder how they’re making a profit. Be sure to take a look at their Bargain section for some really great deals.
  5. – A popular Christian community which offers a customizable Christian portable, web based Christian email, Christian chat and a Christian instant messenger.



  1. There is a few more that are worth mentioning: Blue Letter Bible, Khouse (Chuck Missler), RZIM, to name the top three.

    Love Out Loud!

  2. We need that sites! We need to know more stories about the goodness of Christ, thanks for that information. I do hope that we will find other sites that can help us to grow in our faith.

  3. Is a site called "truthforsaints" – it helped me figure out the differences between Christian denominations and World Religions…not much on the cults it looks like but does offer some philosophical entries about "truth" and the supposed various 'types' of truth. Anyway…pretty cool worth a look see I suppose:

    Great site – I've been to godtube before but not for a while. Keep up the great work!


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