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Have a Ramadan Coke and a Smile!

Have a Ramadan Coke and a Smile!

Starting September 1, Coca-Cola will introduce a newly designed can featuring the Islamic crest and star as part of a month long celebration of Ramadan. The design will only appear on cans sold in Muslim countries.

Since 9-11 it seems like the companies and the media have done everything they can to embrace Islam, while at the same time slamming Christianity and Judaism every chance they get.

In the end, this raises an interesting question. Will Coke feature a Christian design with a cross this Christmas, or a Jewish Star of David for Hanukkah ? I think I know the answer to that but we’ll wait and see.

And for anyone that would try to make the argument that Coke already has a Christian design that features Santa and a polar Bear… Santa is not a Christian symbol. He is a secular symbol, like the Easter Bunny, that distracts people from the true celebration of Christmas.

I’m not calling on Coke to use a Cross on their cans. How about just selling COKE instead of targeting the terrorist market.



  1. I think it sends a messege to the muslim countries that we understand and respect their beliefs; something that is very crucial in this time. As for "targeting the terrorist market", how could you equate that to the entire muslim region. By the way, I want to note that George W. Bush and Christian fundamentalists have filled me with far more terror than any Islamic sect. I am terrorified with what the fundamentalist Christians want to do with my science, and government for that matter. I am also far more afraid of what kind of world "W" has left me with in the years to come.

  2. I don't equate it to the "entire" Muslim region but to the vast majority of it. The Koran calls for infidels to be killed. This is what most of them believe and that makes them terrorists.

    Not sure what President Bush has to do with this post. I thought it was about Coke 🙂

  3. The true God once again is kicked in the face. If coke promotes Islam, certainly God should have equal rights and coke should put crosses on their bottles, too. But on the opposite side of the bottles. Otherwise it's not fair. I say equal rights for God. the media seems to favour Islam out of fear of the true God. No one wants to be held accountable for their sins. The Islam'e god is absolutely no threat to anyone. But the true God , He is!

  4. The Allah of the Islam and God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are not the same god. If you believe that then you will never figure this out.

    And since they are not the same, what do you think that YHVY thinks about this Pagan Idol? What did Jehovah do to the Idol gods of those who didn't believe in Him? He will kick their butts and take names!!

    I'm trying to be humorous about a subject that isn't. Adonai is a jealous God. HE is the only God. If Coca-Cola is stupid enough to put Idolatrous symbols on their products, God will punish them for it. But I doubt the Coke administration will connect the punishment with the sin when it happens. It will just be a coincidence of business.

    Wake UP!

  5. Ridiculous. Just ridiculous. I have to say, I agree with Garrett, and it's really unfair to claim that ALL Muslims want "death to the infidels," because I KNOW that is simply not the case. I'd say it's even a stretch to claim that MOST of them believe that. I think that if you actually knew any American Muslims, or were able to engage in a civil conversation about their beliefs without equating them to bin Laden, you might actually realize that. I am pretty sure that is not likely to happen.

    On Coke's side, I think it is a risky move. There are too many people out there with intolerant beliefs such as yours (Jeff) who will once again boycott a private business because they don't support Christian values.

    When will Christians learn to be respectful of other religions, rather than judgmental and confrontational? These kinds of statements are not in the true spirit of Christianity.

    "Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." Matt 7:1-2 (NIV)

  6. Richie, all I can say is that I suggest you spend some time studying Islamic beliefs. Any Muslim that does not want you dead is not a practicing Muslim. Islamic teachings clearly call for all infidels to be killed.

    Do you think an American Muslim is going to openly admit they want you dead???

  7. well. i don't know why you guys (i mean the writer and those who have his belief) think that 'coke' or any other product or industry is favoring islam or what you called our market as 'the terrorist market', what i really see is just that those corperations wanting to promote thier products in countries that view American products as evil and etc…
    for your information in these countries they even have campaingn against buying these products.. they even.. (well if you can read Arabic that is) .. say that well if you flip the word COCA COLA (the way it is written on the cans) you will read cleaerly a phrase saying LA Makkah La Muhammad … meaning no to mecca and no to muhammad…
    well obviously if the company really is favoring islam … i would consider that fact as false… any way for people who are in the end benefiting from the millions that muslims spend on coke… you complain a lot….
    p.s excuse me for any spelling mistakes

  8. This is sad. I wonder where the Coca-Cola Company makes the majority of their money. I wonder how much more market share can they get over there?

    If America would truly unite, we could crush these companies, politicians, and non believers that are dictating what we can say, what we can do, and where. Every generation will get worse and worse and worse until there are no more generations. Yes the awaited day.

    I wonder how many lawsuits would be filed if we had a cross on the can? I just can't understand why our brothers and sisters in the USA have turned to a life of godlessness.

    Senators and Congressman that claim to be religious but yet act like anything to do with god is bad. Thus leading coke and other companies to do as the senators and congressmen do….

  9. I suggest you study Islam as much as you study CNN and other biased media. If you think all muslims are terrorists then you are the terrorist promoting ignorance. Understanding, peace and tolerance is preached in all religions. It makes me laugh (and cry) at the amount of Americans i hear say "All Muslims are terrorists", how utterly ignorant you are. Look at the similarities instead of rooting out differences. Look at what America has done to the world..conveniently forgotten as you preach your own version of the truth instead of fact. Peace out y'all.

  10. I don't think the Coca-Cola company has anything to do with the cans. Coca-Cola is simply the franchising company while there are separate bottling companies for different places.

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