Do It Yourself: 10 Steps to creating your own blog

Is working online OK for a Christian?

I have asked that question myself, if it is okay for a Christian to be working online and have  prayed about it too. The verse in I Tim. 6:10 came to mind. “For the  love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.”  So, making money is not the problem here, but when we become covetous or greedy, and our motives are not in line with the Bible, then we are in trouble.

The first website I came across after I had prayed about this working online business was a Christian website, As it turned out the owner is actually a preacher. I read some of his information and then I saw a place that said “making money” and I checked it out. Bob Lotich was talking about how he started out only a few years ago not having much knowledge of how one can make money online without running into a bunch of scam. Well, he figured it out, and after two years of blogging he was able to support his family full-time. That aroused my curiosity and I started to check into it. That was in June of this year and since then I have done so much research that I feel I can write a book myself on the subject,:) but not yet –  I am working on a free 10-day mini course to guide you through steps 1 – 10

So, having said all this, how can I help you? First, I suggest you really seek the Lord about this, and if you have peace about working online, then the next step really is to do some research of your own.

Here are some excellent places to check out:

These are networks and have thousands of affiliate offers for you to promote.

Once you understand the concept of how affiliate marketing works and see that you can make money from it, then go ahead and create your own website. My suggestion here would be as they rank in the top-10 and have excellent customer service, plus they are very reasonable. You can also join their affiliate program and get paid for every one that goes through your link. I have a banner on  my website, and once you are ready to get started, it would be a blessing to me if you go through my link .

Once you have your name and your website, you can then download “” which is a free blogging platform. I highly recommend that you get a blog, since seems to favor blogs over just a website. You can get a lot more information here if you “blogging” as this is a very broad subject.

Even if you don’t have what people refer to as a niche, something you enjoy talking about or know about or are passionate about – you can still choose a subject and do some research on it and create your website around what you have learned. Even if you don’t enjoy writing yourself, you can hire someone else to do your writing for you. There are several places, like  and where you can hire someone at a very reasonable cost. If you do like to write, then you can become a writer for these companies and get paid that way!

Please feel free to send me an email if you have questions, and I will try my best to get the answer for you. You can visit my website here:

I wish you success, and don’t forget to give back once you start making money and the Lord blesses your business.

I hope this has been a help and a blessing to you, for this is my desire.


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