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Logos Bible Software

Anyone who has ever taken the time to talk with and really get to know their pastor, has probably discovered that one of his greatest challenges is busyness and time management. During any normal week in the life of a pastor, there are things like committee meetings, hospital visits, counseling appointments, following up on church visitors, administrative duties, returning phone calls, planning for future ministries – some weeks the list can go on and on. All of that, is without even considering the time that a pastor spends each week preparing anywhere between one, and three sermons or Bible studies.


To sum all that up, most pastors face at least 2 common obstacles. Obviously, considering all the previously mentioned demands, time is always an issue. The next most obvious obstacle is money (most of us did not get into this with any illusion of becoming wealthy). If you’ve ever seen the libraries that most pastors have accumulated over time, you’ll recognize that they have invested quite a hefty sum of money in their books. I’d like to recommend to you a solution to both of these challenges – Logos Bible Software 3 on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.

I am not the “computer dummy” I was a few years ago, but I am still no “techno geek” either. No problem for me, with Logos Bible Software 3. I have found it surprisingly easy to use. All you have to know how to do is type in a Bible reference, or a topic and click the “Go” button! Logos Bible Software 3 gives you an amazing wealth of resources at your fingertips, giving you everything you need for in depth and comprehensive Bible Study. The Logos Scholar’s Library edition, has resources equivalent to a printed library worth over $6,000. It is a value-priced collection of texts and tools for serious Bible study using Greek, Hebrew, and English resources with more than 330 Bibles and Bible Reference titles. The Scholar’s Library software does not only save time and money when compared to the process of studying with printed books, but it actually acts as your personal research assistant, doing everything from looking up relevant articles and automatically collecting material to generating tailored collections of content organized around the specific Bible passage you are working with.

There is a resource at your fingertips for anything imaginable – Greek & Hebrew helps for exegesis work, sermon resources (such as illustrations, quotations, and commentaries), historical & cultural background study, entire books on theology and apologetics, other books on pastoral care, leadership , and church administration, and a variety of ministry resources for things like small groups, discipleship, and even evangelism training. The Scholar’s Library actually offers more than most pastors would ever need. It includes tools that would meet the needs of any Bible Scholar on an academic level, with more than a dozen Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Latin texts with morphologies and a variety of other original language tools.

The Logos Bible Software series offers a variety of sets on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. The different sets are suited to all kinds of users – from the family who wants to provide quality Bible study for their children, to the Sunday School Bible teacher, to church staff persons and others in church leadership. The more advanced sets are perfect for Pastors, Conference Speakers, and Seminary Professors and Bible Research Scholars. The sets range in price and volume of content with the Christian Home Library, starting at around $150, to the Scholars Library Gold which sells for around $1,380. In between these two are the Bible Study Library, Leaders Library, and the Original Language Library, . The one that is right for your particular use depends on the depth of study desired and the amount of resources your particular ministry requires.



  1. Thanks for the great review on <a>Logos Bible Software. You might be interested in the new automatic Bible Reference tagging program we have now for websites. Just like you can hover on any Bible reference inside the software, you can now have the same thing for your website. Check out RefTagger when you get a chance. It would be perfect for this site!


  2. Whoa, that is great. Personally, I am kinda busy and I am into the process of finding sites or softwares that can help me to have time in studying the Word of God for i feel too weak in times that i have not read the word of God. That can be really helpful.

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