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Managing Your Finances In Uncertain Economic Times

Another day another triple digit loss in the stock market. My 401K is down about 30% in two weeks. It seems like every where you look there’s bad news. Food prices are going through the roof, gas prices are still high, house values are plummeting and companies are starting to lay off workers.


While there are a lot of complex facets to this problem, the root cause is simple. We have grown used to living beyond our means and buying virtually everything on credit, including homes that are out of our price range. When home values began to drop below what was owed, people defaulted on their mortgages. This caused banks to fail and started a chain reaction that is still rippling through the economy.

God calls on us to be wise with our money. By following Biblical principles in handling our finances we can avoid the pain that the economy is going through right now.

With the future of our economy more uncertain than any time since the 1930’s I urge you to make sure your finances are in order. Take this opportunity to examine your budget and see where you can save money and pay off debt. If you don’t have a budget, START ONE NOW!

There’s a lot of good financial programs out there and I’ve reviewed several, including Larry Burkett’s Crown Financial Ministries. My favorite is Christian Financial Freedom by Terry and Julie Dean. This is a step by step course that will guide you through the process of becoming debt free, while still saving for retirement.

Christian Financial Freedom also shows you how almost any family can save $200 per month overnight! This course is only $37, one of the cheapest I have seen, but still packed with tons of material that will help any family manage their finances based on Biblical principles. You will easily save more than the cost of this package the very first month you start using it.

Let the current economic situation serve as a wake up call. Prepare yourself for the future now by getting your finances in order.



  1. Stocks and bonds are both doing fine in heaven's bank. The deposits I've sent up there are sound as ever and reaping rewards. They are also safe and sound — no poncy schemes to diminish their value. And oh yes — God said that the money I have given to the poor is really a personal loan to Him so if and when I really need some of it back, I just need to tell Him how much I need. I've discovered He is really faithful to repay His debts. Actually, I stay in debt to Him more than He does to me, so I sure don't mind floating Him a loan when He asks to apply it to one of His hurting kids or projects, like sending a poor young person to camp. I sleep good at night no matter what the economy. I think that is what He had in mind for us.
    And one more thing — I work everyday even when I don't have a formal paycheck in return or a place of employment to call a "real job". I just find jobs and ministry to do — whatever God points out to me and here is another strange aspect about God's economy: If I obey Him and work six days of every week (pay or no pay) and rest on one, I've noticed that a real job and a paycheck soon follows.

  2. This is just beautiful "Stocks and bonds are both doing fine in heaven’s bank. The deposits I’ve sent up there are sound as ever and reaping rewards."

    God says in Matthew 6:20 "But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal."

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