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Online Sermons: This is the right way to do it!

The multimedia section of a church website is often the most visited, especially when fresh content, in the form of online sermons and lessons, are added on a regular basis. Providing an archive of past sermons on the website can be a great resource for church members, but it may surprise you to find out that the majority of visitors to a church’s streaming media page are not members at all. Thanks to the popularity of social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, links to the pastor’s latest online sermons are quickly shared with thousands of people.

Internet users have very short attention spans. They will quickly move on to something else if they have to spend more than a few seconds trying to navigate their way around a directory of online sermons. That’s why it’s critical to provide visitors with a clean, functional, and user friendly multimedia page.


The North Point Community Church website is an excellent example of how to effectively use multimedia to reach people online.

Online Sermons at North Point

Take a look at the floating box in the upper right corner of the screenshot below. One of the first things you notice on their website is an offer to help visitors find what they’re looking for through the ‘Quick Links’ button. 

online sermons

The streaming video player blends in to the website and provides a clean format that includes a volume slider and a full screen button. A tab menu directly below the video allows users to quickly access recent and featured videos.

north point community church streaming video

Now let’s look at the screen shot below. The information box at the bottom of the screen is uncluttered and provides the series title, sermon title, speaker, and description. Don’t underestimate the importance of the graphic. This draws the visitor’s attention to the box. In the bottom left corner they conveniently provide a link to each sermon in this series so the viewer doesn’t have to return to the previous page to find the next message. The middle buttons at the bottom allow visitors to switch to audio only, order a copy of the sermon, or view discussion questions pertaining to the message. 

north point community church streaming sermon

Share the Message

Take a look at the upper right corner. That simple blue box is why a church’s multimedia page will likely receive more visits from non-members than members. With these three icons a visitor can quickly share this video sermon by email, Facebook, or Twitter. A single visitor can put this sermon in front of  hundreds, or even thousands of people just by choosing to click the Facebook or Twitter icons. What if 10 visitors, or 50, or 100 choose to share.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Think of the potential reach that the church website can have in spreading the gospel. Can you imagine if such a tool had be available to the Disciples when Jesus gave them the Great Commission? Let’s take advantage of the most powerful means of communication in the history of mankind.

It all starts with a well designed streaming media page. 


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  1. Thanks for sharing these examples from North Point Community Church! I just finished an excellent book on this entitled, The iChurch Method: How to Advance Your Ministry Online by Jason Caston. The author provides an easy and effective way for ministries to establish a global presence online, including multimedia. You can check out his website here:

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