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Own a Piece of Holy Land History for $69

I’ve always been a big history buff and whenever I have time to read it usually has something to do with history. It’s one thing to read about history, but to actually hold a piece of history in your hand brings history to life, especially when it’s a 2,000 year old Bible era artifact.

Holy Land Oil Land Lamp

Only $69 (free shipping)

25 11 Remaining

When you hold a 2,000 year old artifact in your hand you somehow feel connected to the people throughout time that have held that same object. You wonder if someone famous, such as Julius Caesar, Paul or maybe even Jesus Himself could have held the same object you are holding in your hand. Yeah, it’s unlikely, but the thought still crosses your mind.

Recently I purchased a small lot of Holy Land oil lamps. These lamps were discovered in Israel and date from 200 B.C. to 100 A.D. These small lamps would held enough oil to provide a home with light for one to two hours. Each lamp is unique in shape, size and decorative design.

Authentic Holy Land lamps retail for $100 to $200. I was able to purchase 25 of these oil lamps at a wholesale rate and I want to offer them to my website users at a wholesale rate.

While supplies last, and they won’t last long, you can purchase a 2,000 year old oil lamp from the Holy Land for only $69. This price includes shipping!

These are great for Pastors and Sunday School teachers. Kids are amazed when they get to hold an object that was being used during Jesus lifetime. They also make unique gifts.

Holy Land Oil Land Lamp

Only $69 (free shipping)

25 12 Remaining

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