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Prayer Request at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher introduced a new service in early 2009 providing devout Christians around the world the ability to light a candle or make a prayer request at the holiest place on Earth: the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. is located in Jerusalem, just steps from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior was crucified, buried and resurrected.

[ad#blog-content-center] was inspired to provide this prayer request service after meeting American Christians visiting Jerusalem with their church. These new friends said they had been saving money for many years to walk in Jesus’ footsteps and felt a sense of accomplishment when they prayed at the Stone of the Anointing and lit a candle outside Jesus’ tomb. But not everybody is fortunate enough to be able to make it to Jerusalem, so has created a prayer request service bringing the holiness of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre to all Christians around the world.

prayer request

The experience of being physically inside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre cannot be replicated, but hopes with their prayer request service they can bring the same hope and solace the Church offers into your home. Walking through the Old City of Jerusalem, inside the city’s walls and the maze of markets, passing numerous churches and the 14 stations of the cross along Via Dolorosa you then enter the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and are immediately taken in by the sense of spirit, faith and healing in the air. Men and women of all ages, all colors and from all countries are moved to tears while they pray at Jesus’ tomb. Not every Christian can make the pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, but you can still connect to the holiness of the site of Jesus’ last moments.

At the Stone of the Anointing where Jesus was prepared for burial visitors place their hands, personal items and crosses on the Stone as they pray over them. will take your prayer request, print it out on their special stationary, place it on the Stone and take a picture for you. Around the corner at the walls outside the tomb that encompasses the place where Jesus was buried, they light your candle in honor of your requested person, place or thing and take a photo for you. Each prayer request is guaranteed with a Certificate of Authenticity and they even donate a portion of each order back to the Church for the care and upkeep of the Church. You may not be able to physically make it to spot considered closest to God and Jesus, but your prayer request can get there through

The website has monthly prayer request specials, photos of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and comments from users. The website also has a new shop showcasing special holy relics including holy water, oil, rosary and crosses directly from the Holy Land. Put your prayer request in their hands and let them help you connect with Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior at the holiest place on earth.



  1. Please pray that I shall be healed in body, mind, and soul. That I will overcome addictive behavior. That I shall Triumph over that within me that betrays me. That I shall find prosperity, even to a point I can be a help to others. That the Lord will hear me knocking. That I shall see and hear His guiding light. That I truly come to KNOW MYSELF.

  2. my wife needs prayer for she is looking for a good payijg job. i also need prayer for my finances, i do not have enough money to pay my bills and make my car payment.

  3. Dear Abba,

    There’s something inside of me that block Abba’s blessing. It feels like a barrier wanting come out and hurting my chest. I don’t even know what is this. Please heal my heart broken heart, traumatic emotional disorder, shape my character and resist lust from temptation.

    Enlarge my heart, clarity and understanding to a bigger tent, I admit I realise it is narrowed, never give bad attitude at work, no more foolish minded and darken heart, longing to be love and belonging.

    My heart says something weird about Abba but does not know the Lord very well. It kills every part of me. Renew my heart, spirit and mind and character. Be free from spirit of bondage, old minded set and disappoint easily .Be quick thinker, purify until wholeness complete. Like Abba’s perspective

    Unleash my potential and gift from Abba to show my gratitude for Him to please His sight. Take me to the blessing land to get out from my comfort zone to do His glory. I just don’t want just theory and talk. I Got to have action and result.

    In Jesus Name. Amen

  4. Dear God, I can no longer endure the malice of my neighbors. Please help me find an affordable place for rent elsewhere where I can live in peace, hopefully with an agreeable roommate for company. If this be your will, thank you.

  5. I don't know how to believe that God is interested in my prayers or needs. I no longer have the faith that He's interested in answering me according to my needs. His promise of supplying needs seems to be for others. I'm not angry at God, I love Him, and desire to serve Him. I just feel that I'm in an unrequited relationship. I'm afraid to ask God for anything, because I'm afraid of more deadness, and afraid that He's only going to be even less interested in me because of my lack of faith. It is my hope that God will listen to you on my behalf. Thank you so very much.

  6. Pray for My sister Kathy Cull, From Tiffany On Friday I took my mom to emergency room because her leg was
    bothering her and blood sores showed up all over her body. After
    doctor's did test they found that she has Leukemia!!! PLEASE PRAY FOR MY SISTER KATHY CULL. Thank you.

  7. Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

    I use the name of almighty God and request you to pray on behalf of my family. Since I got married with my wife things started being so rough to us.We wedded and God blessed our marriage with a son.But financially we should not meet up.

    I strongly believed that whoever finds a wife find a good thing and has favour before God. Please pray that we shall have open doors of favour, grace and blessings of God to be in abundance in our life.

    Remain blessed

  8. Prayer for my mother ( Litta ) to heal her right hand bone fracture. Thank you & praise to Jesus

  9. I have been laid off since April 2009, please pray that the Lord deliver me to a job [making the same if not more money–soon], and that he provide me the money to fix and payoff my house. My house is in desperate need of repairs: roof, bathroom, and furnace, windows, front and back porches. MOST IMPORTANT a new roof, please pray God provides the finances to purchase me a new roof–however, in the interim he sends his angels to hold my roof together and that it not leak.

  10. It is amazing and wonderful to see many of you seek the Lord. He is ultimately our only one true source for all things in life. I have witnessed myself many miracles in healing physically to me and to many that I know. Jesus Heals! Believe it! God Bless You All In The Name Of Jesus Christ!

  11. one of my friends have something in his right foot, something with the nervsystem, the doctors aren't sure what it is, and he'll be fully recovered from 2 months to 1 year from now. I want him to be HEALED by the holy spirith, its hard to see him like that, not able to walk like everyone else, and having a so long period of time to recover. So please, Pray for my Friend, his name is Jona. So God knows who you mean. Pray that the LORD will Heal his foot so my friend can go as usual, it would mean much if my prayer, and Im sure his to, would be heard. (sorry, Im not used to talk about theese kind of terms in english, its tricky to figure out a simply way to ask this of you.. I beg you, let the Gods will be made.)

    Thank you even if you read this. Its meaning alot. God Bless you, Child of God, and Jesus Christ!

  12. t he above name is mine,i am the first born in the family of seven, my family has a very humble background, am the bread winner of the family as a matter of fact. unfortunately, i have been diagnose hepatitise and it is agreat threat to my plans,destiny and life in general. am just 29 years old please pray for me to have my sound health back to me.God bless you.

  13. Please pray that the Lord will heal my sickness such "Insomnia" which makes me misarable and "Lupus" which I've suffered for 10 years. Please pray that I can get a suitable job although my education is not high. I really need the job for my family. Also please pray for my husband problem of his job. We hope he can get redundancy without a problem from his employer. We pray that he will get a much better job after that.

    I would like also to pray that the Lord would give me more best friends since I am feeling a litte bit lonely and sad.

    Thank you Lord for listening to our prayers. May the Lord bless all the people especially those who pray for me, amen.

  14. Can someone please join me in prayer for my mom,Thelma. She had a heart attack Oct 3rd at four am and is in the hospital about to have a cardiac catheterization at 10 am (mountain) to see in her heart. They might also put some stints. I'm very scared for her. She's all I got in this world and I would be completely lost without her. Please, an anyone help me pray that things go well? That they find what is wrong and are able to fix it, with no complications? Thank you.

  15. Please pray that GOD will heal my Mom, Dorothy. She has lung cancer. I love my Mom.

  16. Please pray for my fiyancee milana for deliverence from witchcraftial authorities and for deliverence from black magical influences on her life,body mind and soul , she is been bond with these negative influences and god shall set her free from every unwanted and evil spirits pray that god shall deliver her and her family members and set them free and make them a powerful testomany in gods kingdom and let god protect her in future from negative or black magical influences and pray that god shall powerfully move and minister into her life and to her family members let their eyes of understanding be opened by the power of god
    thank you for praying this is an urgent need please pray as soon as possible
    thank you for praying

  17. Praise the lord.Im Selventhiran Muniandy from Malaysia.Actually im studying in teacher training college.The course is for 5 and half years.We cannot change the place of the college until finish the course for 5 and half years.The college was very far from my house.My college is in another place which is in Malaysia also.Now im feeled afraid.Im facing difficulties in transport.My college is beside the highway road.So that I need prayer that I can be change to another place which can be near to my house seremban,Malaysia.Beside that pray for me that I can go to Tamil service church.Also give me some words from bible that can make me brave.Please pray for me.Pray also for my studies.I want God make another miracles in my life that he can change me to another teacher training college which can be near to my house seremban,Malaysia. Please pray for me.Thank you.God bless you.

  18. Please please pray for my brother who has been diagnosed with Liver cancer. He is the only earning member in the family and the whole family will be shattered if anything happens to him. Please please pray that he is cured completely of this disease.

  19. I know this seems unimportant compaired to other requests, but my Kitty Gabriel is very sick. He has been a part of my life for 7 years now and I cannot imagine things
    without him. Dr's dont know whats going on and I've spent so much money already. I believe the Almighty God can heal him and restore him to his vibrant health. Thank you for your prayers!

  20. Please pray that I receive my Veterans Administration widow's compensation very soon. My husband has been deceased since 2007 but errorneous information was made which has set back my compensation money. Please pray with me that the money will be loosed to me this year, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

  21. my brother Prasanna Hettige is having brain cancer and is after surgery and chemotherapy. He cannot walk or talk , and he is being fed through a peg tube . now the peg tube is infected and he is in a state hospital . we are from sri lanka and state hospitals have very POOR facilities . please pray for his speedy recovery that he may go home soon.


  23. Please pray with me for the salvation of a man named Bill, and for those in his family who don’t know Jesus, or how much He truly loves them. I am not in a position to witness to this man personally, but others have been contacted to this regard. Please ask the Lord to extend His spirit to facilitate and lead a conversational witness through anyone whom He may choose. Please ask God to extend His grace toward Bill, doing everything needed to chase him, overcome his pride, lift the veil from his eyes, bring conviction to his heart and show him his need for a Savior. Like us all, Bill has made some mistakes, and has unfortunately had some tragic things to happen in his life. I fear his heart has hardened. He and his family need knowledge about God's love, His grace, His glory, His offer of forgiveness, healing, deliverance, and protection–especially now because at this time Bill needs release from addictive vulnerabilities, and is in danger of influence by unbelievers (who also need prayer) whose worldly beliefs stand in opposition to God's word. Please ask the Lord to surround Bill with believers who can minister to him, and that He may use the challenges Bill has endured to further the kingdom and lead him to salvation; then, that others will see and also be pointed to Christ by what God does in Bill's life. I thank you sincerely, for your prayers and time.

  24. Hi to all of u my name is Abigaile and I just want a prayer for something maybe I am wrong when I ask this but I don't know what to do u know what I am in love with my best friend but the thing is he is not a Christian I know God doesn’t accept such union but I tried to leave him but I can't I love him so much so I am praying wrong prayer which is to make us together I know this wrong but what can I do I hope he(God) knows love more than me when there is love it’s difficult to leave I hope u understand me please pray for us that god help me that my friend to believe in Jesus and get married b/c I want marry him he is person I want to live with please god for me I love him so much.

    Abigaile D.

  25. Please pray for my friend Heather, she is enrolled in Bible School and needs next semester's tuition in order to continue in school. Please pray God will intervene and she will miracously experience God's supernatural hand of mercy, grace and supply.

  26. The man that I love and I are not currently together. I've been going through a lot of emotional pain and I know that he could help me, and I know that he still loves me. I just want someone to pray that we'll be together again soon.

  27. dear god, plz help us to make our marriage to be source of blessing that daylone and zeenat are blessed with a child and may luck and money flow in our lives in abundance.

  28. I need a healing of the mind. Family issues of underline strife.

  29. Dear Heavenly Father, I ask in need of your help to please bring us back to together. Please bless me with a plane ticket and a companion so I can fly over to Manila, for all I want to do is to look straight into her eyes and tell her that I really LOVE her, and how much I TREASURE her as much as the items that she gave me on my 26th birthday. I promised her that I'd fly over and save her, to take her out of that hellhole and fly away with her, and please give me the willingness to do it, and make my family encourage me. In the Name of Jesus, I humbly beg You, please help me on this situation. Please touch her heart, and make her realize that I'm the man for her and that she deserves my love. And please understand my situation that she's still the woman that I finally want to be with for the rest of my life. My heart just burns strongly for her despite this latest revelation between us. I love Desiree, and I want no other. Please don't ever let her stray away from me and do whatever it takes to bring us back together for good. I don't want to lose her forever. Thank You God, for the opportunity to listen to my prayer and I hope that You won't stop until we're finally back together. Thank You for the blessings You have bestowed upon me, and thank You for saving my life back when I was 2, and back when I was 9. Your Kingdom Come, I will rejoice in Your Name in the Holy Spirit as a testimony of blessing me by answering my prayer. Thank You. AMEN

  30. Help me pray to God to provide me good Job, am jodless all things look dull for me.please, you can do better form me and the lord in his infinity mercy will help you too.Am REUBEN by name

  31. Please pray for my father James Costanzo. He is so ill…and then he fell and got Mersa in his knee. Please pray he can recover from this…and that the medication will work on him. Please pray he can recover and his health improve. pray for his strength to return.

    He has always been a good man. Please pray for him.
    Thank you

  32. Please pray for my healing……. body, mind and soul.  Pray for my family.
    I am man whose life is in shambles.  My soul is in the desert and hurting right now.  My cries for help feels like I have been abandoned, due to my own fault and deeds.  This Christmas, I am without my family.  Please pray that I may be healed spiritually and physically.  That I may overcome my anger management issues forever.  That I be made a whole person that God truly desires for me to be.
    I claim this prayer in Christ Jesus.+

  33. Please pray that I have a better job with  better working conditions, pay, and benefits. Thank you. 

  34. Plz Pray for Me to Jesus that all My Financial Problems should be solved & I should get Married with My Romeo. I Want My Romeo. I Am Very Depressed & evn Spoiling My Health due to Depression.
    I Feel that Romeo wil go away frm Me for Money. I cant imagine My Life without My Romeo.
    Every Second I Am Crying & Getting Hurt Bcoz of Romeo.
    Evn Though I Want My Romeo.

  35. Pray for my the fight against false doctrine here ,who will not confess Jesus blood in salvation,thanks for helping ,bless,keijo sweden

  36. Through the blood of Jesus Christ, to believe and receive healing of dad's cancer now, and a full restoration to health. Let him breathe with ease now.

  37. God I come to you sorry for having lost my faith completely I am trying to get it back but I pray and pray but can’t seem to get my faith back. My husband is in drugs and left us. I am do depressed I pray for him to get ok whatever you have to do but nothing seems to work. I haven’t heard from him in days like he has forgotten he has a family. Please help us bring us back together as a happy family. In Jesus name amen.

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