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Christian Home Swap

Christian Home Swap

Are you tired of paying outrageous hotel prices and spending your vacation in a cramped, 400 square foot room. Well here’s a novel concept. Why not trade homes with a Christian family somewhere else in the world. That’s the idea behind the site

I had never heard of home swapping until was submitted for a directory listing last week. But after looking over the site, I have to admit, I’m intrigued.

The idea is pretty simple. You select a destination and a desired vacation month and you’ll see a list of available homes. These are homes owned by other Christians that have signed up to swap houses on their next vacation.

Once you find a home that you’re interested in just send the homeowner an inquiry. If they’re interested then it’s just a matter of working out the details. If you reach an agreement then you have a free place to stay on your next vacation. With rising gas prices, it’s good to save money anywhere you can. And even better, you’re not in a small hotel room, you’ll be staying in a home with all of the amenities you’re used to at your own home.

If you’ve tried this service I would love to here about your experience.

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  1. Was wondering if there was someone in Perth who would like to room swap for two weeks in September. I Own a three bedroom home in Lennox Head NSW and currently there are a married couple (50s) in the "garage" as a bedroom and another lady in one of the bedrooms paying some rent. both people are inbetween buying and building.Both are christian. They are out probably 80% of the time. My room is the largest bedroom with ensuite and beautiful country view. North facing home , sundrenched deck, very quite, 5 mins to Lennox Head.

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