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Top 10 Barack Obama Supporters

We’re now less than three weeks away from the 2008 Presidential election and America is on the verge of electing the most liberal, Marxist leaning President in history.


Over the past century America has been veering off course from the path laid down by our founders. The election of Barack Hussein Obama will just take us off course, but will put us on a path heading in the opposite direction, a course that will lead to the destruction of every principle which made America a once great nation.

While Obama claims the Christian faith, he has surrounded himself with people that hate Christianity. These people want the government involved in every aspect of our lives. They want government controlled health care, government censorship of television and radio (“Fairness Doctrine”), redistribution of wealth and the removal of God from every aspect of American society.

These are the people that support Barack Obama:

10. Oprah Winfrey– TV Talk Show Host

“How can there be only one way to heaven or to God?…. What about Jesus? There couldn’t possibly be one way. God is a feeling experience,  not a believing experience. If your religion is a believing experience… that’s not truly God”

9. Rosie O’Donnell– TV Talk Show Host

“Radical Christianity is just as threatening as radical Islam in a country like America.”

8. Rev. Michael Pfleger– Catholic Priest”

America has been raping people of color and America has to pay the price for the rape.”

7. Malik Zulu Shabazz– Head of the New Black Panther Party

Shabazz is the anti-Semitic and racist leader of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP).

6. Rev. Jeremiah Wright– Pastor Emeritus of the Trinity United Church of Christ

“Jesus was a poor black man who lived in a country that was controlled by rich white people… Barack knows what it means to be a black man living in a country and a culture controlled by rich white people.”

5. President Daniel Ortega– Soviet style Marxist President of Nicaragua

“It’s not to say that there is already a revolution under way in the U.S. … but yes, they are laying the foundations for a revolutionary change.” (Source)

4. Louis Farrakhan– Supreme Minister, Nation of Islam

“Barack has captured the youth… He has involved young people in a process they cared nothing about…  When the Messiah speaks, the youth will hear… and the Messiah is absolutely speaking.”

3. Michael Moore– Film Director

Michael Moore has claimed the attacks on 9/11 were orchestrated by the Bush administration and says that Cuba has a better health care than the United States.

“There’s a gullible side to the American people. They can be easily misled. Religion is the best device used to mislead them.”

2. Ahmed Yousef– Senior Advisor to Hamas (Terrorist Organization)

“We like Mr. Obama. We hope that he will win the election…”

William Ayers

1. Bill Ayers– Founder of terrorist group called Weather Underground which bombed public buildings during the 1960s and 1970s, including the U.S. Capitol.

Obama’s campaign for the U.S Senate was launched from Bill Ayer’s living room.

During a 2001 interview with the New York Times, Bill Ayers said, “”I don’t regret setting bombs…I feel we didn’t do enough.”

These are the type people which are supporting Barack Obama and these are the type of people behind Obama’s rise to power. Ask yourself why?

They know that Obama supports their Marxist, anti-Christian views and they are excited at the thought of putting a man in office that will tranform America into a socialist state.

While America is no longer the country that the founding Father’s intended, a Barack Obama Presidency will likely send America down an irreversiible path to Soviet style Marxism. Is this the man you want as President?

Updated October 19, 2008:

…and Barack Obama, in his own words, mocking the Sermon on the Mount as radical (thanks to a reader for the suggestion):



  1. Jeff, I wish you would have added one more video to your article as it depicts how Obama personally feels about the teachings of Christ. On June 28, 2006, Barack Obama mocked the Bible including Jesus Christ's teachings on the Sermon on the Mount. Obama stated, "Should we just stick to the Sermon on the Mount, a passage that is so radical that it is doubtful that our Defense Department would survive its application." Putting campaign issues aside, as Christians, how can we vote for a President who is willing to mock the words of our Lord?

  2. Obama is either very mixed up or a liar, or very stupid ! This is the most liberal person who has ever run for President I have ever seen.
    pro abortion, pro gay, pro Muslim, socialist, I will be laughing at you when this country turns socialist or Communist ! I know I sound crazy, but we were headed that way after the bail out ! Now you better decide who"s side you are on ! The Think Police will be on us soon, and they will not allow us to converse without serious repercussions !

  3. Obama is a very intelligent and a very eloquent person, and he knows how to use it for himself. Very much like Marcos, a brilliant, highly educated and eloquent president who won the election by landslide. People believed anything he said and they trusted him so much. But look at what happened to his country. What did he do? Brainwashed the people and controlled their lives. We hear similar things happen to other countries who believed in the promise of "change". Let's pray that it's not going to be the same pattern here in the US.

  4. Bottom line, we need to be trusting GOD.

    We forget this way to often. History is forgotten.

    If our society can forget God, I guess we deserve what comes.

    If we can forget history, we will relive it.


  5. One would think 9/11 would have awakened a sense of suspicion in Americans toward anyone with ties to Middle East radicals, instead we've witnessed the fasted 'dumbing down' in America since the beginning of time.
    Again this morning, another relationship has surfaced where Barack HUSSEIN Obama has connected himself with a Middle Eastern terrorist. Most people under the age of 30 don't want to read about it/hear about it. They vote according to the 10 second blurbs heard on MSNBC, MTV, ABC, NBC and etc.
    Obama is all for redistribution of wealth but leaves his grandmother in Kenya without cold clean water.
    He makes fun of the Bible. Will not reveal his birthplace and dumb America proceeds as fast as they can to the polls anyway. Unreal.

  6. I am so disappointed today in Gov. Palin and websites like this who alienate people like me, especially because they bear the name 'christian'. I have come to the conclusion that 'christian' in America means evangelical white Christians only. I am an immigrant Christian woman with an ethnic sounding name. You would never know looking at me at first glance that I am Christian, a fifth generation Christian from a non-Christian country. I am a church going, baptized Christian. Ideally, I should identify more with Gov.Palin than Sen.Obama. But if I were to go to any of Gov.Palin's rallies like the ones shown on you tube, I should probably be afraid for my personal safety because of how I look. I have no such fear in Sen.McCain rallies I must add. My views on abortion, global warming, climate change and a whole list of issues would put me under the center-left category. I can identify more with Sen.McCain who is a white, older gentleman than with Gov.Palin and Rep.Michelle Bachman even though we share the same faith and gender because they and their supporters would paint me as 'Anti-American'. You see, unlike citizens who are born here, I chose to come here. I am not biased. I see America as the rest of the world sees, in all its faults, but mostly in all its goodness. If Barack Obama and half of congress who are born here could have their patriotism questioned, where would someone like me stand?
    I respect Gov.Palin for her faith and her witness. I also think she is very courageous for choosing to have a Down syndrome child which many would not have. But as for identifying with her, I do not and cannot. Not because of ideological or ethnic differences, but how Gov.Palin and her supporters make me feel. As an outsider with no role or stake in America. I identify more with Sen. Hillary Clinton even though my religious views match Gov.Palin's more because of the way she and her supporters make me feel included in the dialog of this great country.
    Some people may say I am anti-christian and not following God's will by focusing on my experiences and not supporting the McCain/Palin ticket. But how can I identify with people who discriminate based on how a person looks ? If you look at me you coud potentially see an Arab/Muslim because of the way I look, even I am not one by ethnicity or religion. I am so disappointed that people who supposedly share my faith are intolerant of people who do not look like them or share their views. And what I find most interesting is that the first potential black man for President is considered 'anti-christ' and slandered. I come from a multi-religious, multi-cultural society and I am appaled that America which is a christian country is comrpised of people who call themselves christians and are intolerant. Was Jesus not a friend to prostitutes and the marginalzed ? Did He not say 'let who is without sin, cast the first stone'. I am not sinless, but am saved but for His Grace. Maybe we should all remember who we worship before we condemn others lest He judges us by the same token we judge others.

  7. LP, I am sorry that you feel the way you do. I am not going to try to change your vote. That is personal, and from the sound of your words I am sure that you will vote after much prayer and meditation. I am not voting for Obama because I don't trust him. He has associated himself with extreme left wing radicals pretty much his whole life. His voting record on abortion are so abhorant to me that I could never support him in any way. I am not against Obama because he is black. I am against Obama because he is a liberal marxist socialist whose idea of change is to change America into a socialist communist state. He pits white against black and class against class. He is a divider and not a unifier.

  8. Thank you Wayne, for your kind words. As you can see from my previous post, I am an immigrant. I come from a country which is multi-cultural and multi-religious. Growing up thus and having friends of different religions has taught me that there are good people in all religions.
    When I came to America, I was so excited, happy and thankful because I came to a christian country. But I was also disappointed because of the teenage sex and pregnancy, drugs, divorce even among christians because I come from a very conservative culture where there is hardly any of this. It is not because of any religion that all these are very less. But because of the conservative culture. Growing up I used to chaffe at restrictions, I have now grown to appreciate them because they kept me out of harm's way. If I say I see too much permissiveness in American culture especially with respect to dating, I am afraid I will be branded 'un-american'. My upbringing is very similar to Sen.Obama. I have friends and family of many colors and cultures. And yet, my deepest identity is a christian, first and foremost.
    When Gov.Palin came on the scene, I was very excited. I read up on her a lot. I do not support abortion as a means of birth control, but I do not agree with her positions on rape and incest. I did not agree with her on many issues, but not enough to alienate me. Then came the Bristol Palin pregnancy. I saw people who had shown no compassion to Jamie Lynn Spears and branded her mother Lynn Spears an unfit mother, rush to the defense of Gov.Palin. And these were christians. My position is, both situations deserve the same privacy and compassion and both mothers are not responsible for their daughter's situation. But why the double standard then ? Then came the rallies in Ohio. I was so sad to see it. Where Sen.Obama was repeatedly referred to as Arab and Muslim. I saw myself in all that they said they did not like. I look more 'Arab' than Sen.Obama, though I am not. I have had muslim friends, my name is ethnic sounding, but I am a fifth generation christian, I am baptized, church going. Does that make me dangerous and 'un-american'? , I wondered . If I had been in that rally without a cross around my neck, would I have had to fear for my safety ? I wondered. Rep. Michelle Bachman's comments and Gov.Palin's rheotoric about 'anti' and 'pro' America have alienated a lot of people like me. The evangelical community was also closely associated with the election and re-election of Pres. Bush, but I did not see or hear such things that made me feel alienated.
    I love this country, I chose to come here. To become a part of this great country I have had to learn it's history, constitution, geography among other things. I have had to undergo background searches and AIDS tests. But I am not complaining. That is what is required by law. I have friends like me who are immigrants, both christians and non-christians who feel the same sense of alienation about Gov.Palin and did not feel the same with Pres. Bush, certianly not with Sen.McCain and even Gov.Huckabee.
    It is ironic that I who share so many things with Gov.Palin like faith, gender, values etc should identify more with a woman politician like Sen.Clinton ultimately. God is in charge of our destinies ultimately, I have no doubt. But it is my humble opinion that if Sen.McCain does not win thisTuesday and if Gov.Palin wants to have a shot at being even the Republican nominee for President let alone becoming President, she should make an effort to include more people of color, immigrants, christian and even non-christian.

  9. I am appalled by the choice of both parties. I certainly don't believe that Robin Hood should be allowed to redistribute wealth in a wholesale manner without regard to earned that wealth. If I have to give away [or allow to be taken] what I accomplish or accumulate instead of choosing to spread it to others more needy as I see fit, then where is the incentive to achieve? By the same token, the McCain/Palin ticket really scares me in that they (and the long-standing ilk that support them) would let the needy (not slackers), less fortunate (not lazy losers), and downtrodden (not apathetic layabouts) be cast off as burdensome on society. Throw them away, or at least put them somewhere where we don't have to see or think about them. A country's greatness is very much defined by the way in which it treats it's poor and needy and sick. And I fear what the right will do to them (has done to them.) However, I have no confidence that government alone has the ability or desire to help them either, as the left would have you believe they do.

    So I guess for me, this election has come down, unfortunately, to black v. white. That is, in deciding my write-in vote. Daffy Duck or Alfred E Newman?

  10. Christians are supposed to be intolerant….of sin! We love people, but we hate sin…God hates sin and sin will never enter heaven. I am shocked at the "christians" that are so accepting of anything in the name of "tolerance". And by the way, you should either believe ALL the Bible…or none of it. It is either true or a lie. Choose to believe or not believe…..don't be lukewarm! And any "christian" that can vote for Obama knowing his stance of abortion (murder of innocents) and same-sex marriage shouldn't bother to believe the rest of the Bible if they can't believe what the Bible says about those issues.

  11. obama….hmm sounds like osama….bin laden….that is reason enough ???? NOT to vote for him?????? We are heading for disaster….especially if he gets elected…I believe JESUS is comin soon…to get Christians out of this mess we are in….I cannot wait!!!! this country will fall apart…..GOD help us !!!!

  12. Where does the bible preach intolerance based on how people look. Slavery and stoning are mentioned in the bible, slavery in the very book of deuteronomy that mentions the ten commandments. As for this country falling apart, please look around you. We are in two wars, the economy is the worst since the great depression, our 401(k) s are evaporating, people are losing jobs, prices are up except maybe gas and the rest of the world does not have good opinion of us. Even if you do not care about the rest of the world, world opinion does matter as evinced by how closely the economy of the world is tied together alongwith foreign investments. God is hearing the prayers of the world and is electing a man who has won against all odds. I respect Sen.McCain. He is a good man who ran 8 years too late. If we were a smart country, Karl Rove's lies before the SC primary about Sen.McCain's supposed love child would have not been believed and he would have been the president these 8 years. I for one am more than proud to belong to this country today especially because I am an immigrant. It has validated what my idea of America is. A country who embraces diversity. Obama won in Ohio, a black man, inspite of the people who went to Gov.Palin rallies. You may all think America is, but the majority of this country and yes, most of the world think America is back to what it was. The greatest country this world has ever known, built not by one race or ethnicity, but by many and a great melting pot where a black man born to a single white mother becomes President.

  13. This is to Peg. I prayed a lot before I wrote this response and even if I should do so. I hope I write this in the spirit that it is intended and it does not come across as judgmental or condescending. If it does not, please accept my apologies.
    Peg, your post may have been written in haste and disappointment in the results. I understand that. But I sure hope that out of all the reasons you chose to disagree with Sen. Obama and there are many, you did not vote for him because of that and not because his name is Obama. Yes, his name is one letter away from a terrible terrorist, but is that his fault? He is named after his father, like a lot of people in America are. He neither chose his name nor his parents. Even if you feel that way, you are absolutely entitled to it. But it saddens me terribly that you feel so because you are a Christian. Christianity is the biggest religion in this world and people come in all colors of the rainbow with many ethnic sounding names. Some are first generation converts; some have one parent as a Christian like Sen. Obama. The God I know treats us all and looks upon us all in the same way. Like his children.
    The bible is replete with stories of Jesus embracing people who are on the fringes of society both socially and economically like having fishermen for disciples, prostitutes, the Samarian woman who gave Jesus a drink of water at the well, etc.
    America is a country unlike no other in this world. A country of diversity and possibility. Sen.McCain's concession speech reiterated that for me. A gracious speech by a courageous and honorable man. So, it bothers me that such a man was not absolutely embraced by Christians. Why ? It absolutely saddens me to see a section of Christians practicing the same divisions of race and ethnicity that is so common elsewhere in the world. And it bothers me even more that Gov.Palin resonates with such people. That is one of the main reasons the Republican party lost yesterday. And one of the main reasons she will never resonate outside a section of white evangelical Christians and she scares minorities, even Christians. But it gives me hope that even in Ohio the scene of some of Gov.Palin's infamous rallies, Sen. Obama won. I hope and pray that we as Christians recognize that we are part of God's one Holy church whatever our name and the color of our skin.

  14. The election is history. What will history have to say about Barack Obama's presidency? It's been said, "The only thing we've learned from history is that we haven't learned from history!" Time will tell regarding what we'll learn concerning the next four years…or more.

    I did not vote for Barack Obama; but I must admit, I had my doubts about the McCain/Palin ticket as well. These are very troubled times, and we all need to remember that any nation which remains blessed, is a nation whose God is the Lord. In the long run, apart from Christ, neither an individual nor a nation can do anything of any meaningful consequence.

    What good does it to do pray to Almighty God to help our country, and ridicule, disrupt, and complain about what the majority of our voting citizens have chosen to do at the same time?

    Let's give our president-elect a chance and see what he can do. If America has made a mistake, we'll all know soon enough. We'll also know it''s not the first mistake we have ever made.

    I was just thinking, what if we had just elected the Apostle Paul? Look at his background. He was well-educated yes; but he had a prison record. Everywhere he went he caused either a revival or a riot! He was considered a pain in the neck by much of society. He had open disputes with fellow missionaries. Businessmen and many women disliked him. He was accused of sensationalism. There were probably some who thought his only commendable attribute was his ability to articulate in public. At first, the other apostles distrusted him. Let's not rush to judgment.

  15. Hopefully, all of you prayed prior to your commenting on this topic, for I did. For, I seek him first in all that I do. If you didn't, then you really should have.
    I will start off by saying, the hardest thing to change is the human mind. And many of you already have your minds made up. Rest easy, I have no intentions of trying to change your minds.
    Growing up in a non-denominational "Christian" church, I assumed when the word Christian was used, it meant ALL people who accepted Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and followed the teachings of Jesus Christ . Having said that I agree with Robert saying, "Christians are supposed to be intolerant….of sin! We love people, but we hate sin…" But, Robert it is impossible to separate the two; people and sin. Sin doesn't commit itself, people commit the sin. When you think in term of "Black and White" and no "Gray" you forget much of America. The "Gray" folks may not be at the "believe ALL the Bible…or none of it" phase in their walk with God, but hopefully they are working on it. We are all at different places within our walk with God. This man is definitely working on his walk. God bless him and be with him as he governs our country. Remember to pray for your leaders.

  16. Barack Obama is one million times the leader than George Bush ever tried to be. I am a Christian and I believe the next four years will be a relief from the past 8 nighmare years…

  17. America has become a pagan, hedonistic society. The Bible shows us we get the "kings" leaders we deserve. Why?
    !. Sexual perversions of all types are not only tolerated and flaunted but they’re celebrated and protected by law.

    2. Government-run public schools ban anything to do with God but openly welcomes the occult, paganism, Witchcraft, etc.

    3. Government-run schools perpetuate the lie that God does not exist and they continue to mock Him by suggesting everything came from nothing by mere chance. EVOLUTION

    4. We have 24 hour a day sin, immorality, wickedness, and filth pour into our homes via radio, television, magazines, and the internet.

    5. 40+ Million babies have been brutally and viciously dismembered in their mother’s womb since 1973 with the consent and protection of our government (and sometimes with the blessings of the “church”).

    6. And all of this is happening while the men in charge of shepherding and protecting the flock have sold their souls for money and popularity and have indoctrinated millions of people with their pop-psych, self-help, narcissistic, social, health, wealth, and prosperity false gospels. Their indoctrination is so deep and has been so successful that inoculated false converts wouldn’t know the true Gospel if they were hit in the face with it, and many times they’re actually hostile to it–all the while believing themselves to be saved.

    Imagine that??!!

  18. Let's not forget that all of this is in the bible because it has to happen.I am saying this because based on comments i have just read some of you are talking like we can or could have stopped it from happening.I think the focus here shoudl be keeping our eyes on Jesus and let what has to happen just happen.

  19. I am disgusted by this article, and by the user comments that followed. American Christians have to be the most idiotic people in the world.

    The author if this article needs a history lesson. The United States was NOT founded as a Christian nation. The founding fathers were NOT Christians. How many of you have critically read the journals and writings of Thomas Jefferson? NONE of you, and until you do, stop running around complaining that "This nation is going in the opposite direction that the Founding Fathers intended".

    Thomas Jefferson did not believe in god, and opposed Christianity. So all of you that take pride in the myth that the US was founded as a Christian nation, don't even know the history of your own country. And this national pride that you express isn't even compatible with the teachings of your own Jesus Christ. Christ greatly opposes national pride, how all of you have managed to overlook this is mind baffling to me. I know more about your stupid religion than you do.

    And for all of you that don't "believe" in Evolution, I've got news for you, it's real, it's happening and it is scientific proof. SCIENTIFIC PROOF! Man evolved from a lower species, accept it. But what really gets under my skin is that all of you that oppose evolution, know absolutely nothing about it. So how could you know if it was wrong? Are all of you superior biologist? NO! The first mistake you make is claiming that evolution states that everything happens by "chance". No evolutionist has EVER claimed that ANYTHING in evolution happened by chance. It is a long and careful process of Natural Selection, which is something completely different to "chance". So why don't some of you read a book about evolution and stop ignorantly opposing it because it doesn't go along with your 2000 year old, outdated, inaccurate Bible (which doesn't explain anything).

    All of you owe your lives to Science, not "God".

    And I don't even want to get started on all of the idiots who say that they won't vote for Obama because "Obama sounds like Osama" or because Obama's middle name is "Hussein". IT'S JUST A NAME!!! You people are unique, a real phenomenon of humanity, because you have to be the stupidest people alive.

    God does not exist, religion is the enemy of progress and Christians are idiots.

    Thank you.

  20. In response to Ryan for his opinion on may 6, 2009: If you think our multitude is so stupid, then what are you doing on a Christian website? Are you curious? You do know that the Lord Jesus loves you and is speaking to you. He is Ryan. Just give up the anger and rage and accept His love.

  21. Ryan the works of the flesh are these "anger" outburst! So you see Ryan per scripture which you mock you prove it true. Regardless of your objection to its truth-your an example by your words and actions of its truth. So your proud to be a product of evilution. Which is to say you came from nothing-no life-no design just random. So according to your "theory" why do most evilutionist support the condeming of potential life forms in the belly of a mother to be. Since you believe life came from a cesspool. That's the hypocrisy of evilution-beleive in ALL things science that exclude God. Because to acknowledge a baby being knitted in the womb is to admit a designer. You can vehemently decrie Jesus Christ til your last God given breath but you will indeed see with your own God given eyes, he is the "missing link" as ALL things were created through him. May He grant you repentance to set you free from the blinded path of "so called science"

  22. Ryan is here because he was interested in the article. Maybe God did call him to this website for a reason. Maybe the reason is to tell you all that you do need to look beyond your encased little worlds and find out what is truly going on in the real world. Evolution is a fact, but the Bible is not. The Bible was written by scores of authors. So some things may be true and some things may not. Since we can't PROVE this, we can only have our own thoughts and theories about the Bible. I am not religious, but was interested in the article. That is why I am here now. You Christians act like if we are not Christians we should not be on this site at all. That would be judgemental, something "Christians" aren't supposed to be. Contradictory to your teachings, isn't it? By all means be a Christian, but please be tolerant of others. I think Jesus would be.

  23. Barack Obama stands for what is the opposite of Jesus Christ. Mocking the "Sermon on the Mount" in his speech is proof enough. "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks." He continues to beguile the American public with his finely chosen words–to appease his supporters even if his stance compromises his christian faith if he ever has one. But you know what, let us put him and his allies in our prayer lists and pray for them that God's Will will prevail in our nation and the whole world. Nothing, not even Satan, can withstand the mighty power of God in these endtimes. Let us put our "Hope against all hopes" in our Lord Jesus, the Blessed Hope, who is to come soon.

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