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Top 5 Bible Apps

A new Bible app seems to be released every week. Some are free and others sell from 0.99 up to $40.00. Some are very basic and others are packed full of features to help with your daily Bible study. Before spending money on several Bible apps in search of the one that meets your needs check out these free Bible apps which include many features found in the premium Bible apps. Who says you get what you pay for?

YouVersion Bible App1. YouVersion – This FREE Bible App offers 41 translations in 22 languages, over 50 reading plans to accommodate anyone’s schedule and super easy navigation. There are not a lot of bells and whistles as far as research tools but when it comes to reading the Bible, this is one of the easiest and most visually pleasing Bible apps.

YouVersion is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, Palm WebOS, Java, Symbian and Mobile Web.

bibleis Bible App2.
 – This Bible app is pretty simple when it comes to reading the Bible; there are no extras. But offers great audio Bibles with three English translations including the English Standard Version (ESV), New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) and King James Version (KJV). This Bible app requires an internet connection for audio streaming, either WiFi or mobile network, and works best with 3G or higher. is available for iPhone, iPad and Android.

ESV Bible App Crossway3. ESV Bible by Crossway
 – This is the one I use when it’s time for my daily Bible reading on my iPad. As the title suggests, this is an English Standard Version translation only. A highlighter and user note feature are accessible by double tapping a verse. Although not rich in features, the ESV Bible excels in ease of use and readability. I’ve tried every Bible App available for the iPad and always come back to this one for my daily Bible reading.

ESV Bible is available for iPhone and iPad.

Blue Letter Bible app4. Blue Letter Bible
 – This is one of the most complete free Bible Apps available. The standard installation includes three versions but you can install more than thirty translations as addons. The context sensitive study tools make researching a particular word or scripture passage easy and quick. With Internet access you’ll have access to lexicons, commentaries, dictionaries and more. The Blue Letter Bible also includes and easy access highlight tool and note taking feature.

Unfortunately, the Blue Letter Bible is not available on Android.

Blue Letter Bible is available for iPhone and iPad.

glo-bible-app Glo Bible
 – I have previewed the free version of this app and it’s very impressive but, I’m going to hold off on ranking Glo until I have a chance to test drive the full version. It’s certainly a top 5 app and could possibly take over the #1 spot. Glo is unlike any other Bible software I have used.

Glo is available for iPone and iPad. PC and Mac versions are also available.


  1. Does anyone offer a free NRSV in Android app form?

  2. I HAD a full download of “the Archaeological Study Bible” on my old iPad, (under a different user name)… It was not a streaming APP…. I have been searching for a fully downloadable NIV study Bible, but am only coming up with APPS ! ! !

    This doesn’t work when you are out of a wifi or cell range, (like on an airplane…. which is WHY I want a DOWNLOAD Bible in the first place)….

    Can you please advise? Every time I do a search… all that comes up is APPS… (streaming… and rarely are the downloadable ones very informative)…

    Okay so, what I want is simple… (I have had the GLO and presently do have the Gateway versions…. streaming… and with too many social media peripherals )….

    with Red Letter edition… NIV……..FULLY DOWNLOADABLE ! That’s it !
    (and honestly… I paid nearly 30.00 for my Arch Study Bible… so, I would really like that back !)

    It would be nice if I could get a Reading Plan, and maps and study guide notes…. but, I am a very simple person, and do NOT want to join another “group” or require social media connections…

    Any advice ?

    Thank you very much for your advice or direction…
    Kathy B…. student of the Most High…

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