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How To Properly Dispose Of A Bible With Respect

The question of how to dispose of a bible often comes up for people doing spring cleaning, downsizing their possessions, or dealing with the estate of a deceased loved one. While it may seem like just another book, the bible holds deep spiritual meaning for many.

Treating it with respect, even in disposal, is important.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The most respectful way to dispose of a bible is to bury it, burn it, or recycle it through a religious institution like a church. Never just throw a bible in the trash.

Understand Why Bibles Deserve Special Treatment

Significance of the Bible

The Bible is considered a sacred text by Christians and Jews. It contains the teachings of Christianity and Judaism and is seen as the word of God ( As such, Bibles deserve to be treated with respect and care.

There are a few key reasons why Bibles have special significance:

  • Bibles contain the central teachings and stories of the Christian and Jewish faiths which followers build their lives around.
  • Many Christians and Jews believe the Bible is divinely inspired or the actual word of God, not just a normal book written by humans.
  • The Bible is seen as a sacred object that is used in rituals, ceremonies, and worship services.
  • Bibles are often passed down for generations as family heirlooms.

Given this deep spiritual meaning, it’s understandable that Bibles deserve gentle treatment and proper disposal when worn out.

Avoid Desecration

No one wants to intentionally desecrate a sacred object that is the foundation of their faith. Yet decaying Bibles often end up in the trash or recycle bin. Proper disposal shows respect and avoids desecration of holy scripture.

Ways the Bible could be desecrated include:

  • Throwing it out with regular garbage where it may come in contact with unclean substances or be damaged.
  • Letting pages decay and fall apart due to lack of care.
  • Burning, as this conjures images of book burning.
  • Using Bible pages for mundane purposes like wrapping items.

Treating the Bible, which contains the word of God in Christian and Jewish belief, in these disrespectful ways would be sacrilegious to people of faith. As such, special end-of-life rituals have emerged for properly laying a Bible to rest.

Best Practices for Bible Disposal

Bury It

Burying a Bible is often seen as the most respectful way to dispose of one. This allows the Word of God to naturally return to the earth. Select a spot in your yard or garden and dig a hole deep enough to fully contain the Bible. Gently place the Bible in the hole and cover it completely with soil.

Say a prayer or share a few respectful words as you bury it. Many people find this to be a meaningful way to lay a Bible to rest.

Burn It

Some choose to cremate or burn a Bible when it becomes too damaged or worn to continue using. This releases the contents spiritually and prevents pages from being disrespectfully discarded. Build a small fire using a metal barrel or other safe containment.

Once the flames are going steadily, say a prayer and place the Bible completely in the fire. Let it burn until only ashes remain. Then collect and properly dispose of the ashes when cool.

Recycle Through a Church

Many churches have recycling programs specifically for Bibles and other religious texts. Contact your local church office to find out if they accept worn Bibles for respectful recycling. Typically the church will have the Bibles recycled by a company that dismantles and separates the materials in a dignified manner.

The paper pulp is then reused for other purposes. This prevents Bibles from ending up in the trash or a regular recycling center.

Donate to Charity

Consider donating gently used Bibles to a charity organization. Places like The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and local shelters often accept Bible donations. This allows the Scripture to be passed on for others to continue cherishing and using.

Be sure the Bible is still in fair condition before donating – pages intact, cover secured, nothing too heavily damaged or written in. A charity likely won’t have use for a Bible that is too worn out.

What to Avoid When Discarding a Bible

Throwing in Garbage

Simply tossing a Bible into the trash is viewed by many as extremely disrespectful. As Scripture is considered the sacred word of God by Christians, throwing it away with regular garbage can be seen as profane. It is best to avoid this option when looking to properly dispose of a Bible.

Donating to a Secular Organization

While donating books to charity is generally encouraged, giving a Bible to a secular organization that does not honor its sacredness is not ideal. It may end up being disposed of without care. Check if the charity has processes for respectfully handling donated religious texts before providing them a Bible.

Recycling with Other Paper

Putting a Bible into paper recycling with manuals, magazines, and other secular texts fails to acknowledge its holy status in the eyes of believers. Pages containing Scripture should not be recycled casually with common workplace documentation.

Recycling a Bible with reverence requires special handling.

Letting it Decompose

Simply letting a Bible naturally decompose over many years rarely provides the respectful disposition that Christians would expect. Without proper care, it could end up in pieces on the ground or exposed to the elements.

While organic decomposition will eventually occur, additional measures should be taken to handle the Bible with the utmost care while it still remains intact.


Disposing of a bible with care shows respect for the holy text and the faith it represents. Following the proper etiquette, like burying, burning, or recycling through a church, prevents desecration. With sensitivity and appreciation for its significance, you can honor the bible even as you say goodbye to a copy that has outlived its usefulness for you.

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