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How To Walk In Obedience To God

Walking in obedience to God is key for every Christian who desires a close relationship with Him. But what does it actually mean? And how can we live it out practically in our daily lives?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Walking in obedience to God means submitting to His commands and principles in everything you do. It flows from having faith in who He is.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover what walking in obedience looks like, benefits of obedience, how to overcome obstacles, as well as actionable tips to apply God’s Word.

What Does It Mean to Walk in Obedience to God?

Walking in obedience to God means submitting to His commands and principles, being motivated by love and trust in Him, and obeying in both big and small things. Here are some key aspects of what it means to walk in obedience to God:

Submitting to God’s Commands and Principles

Obeying God starts with submitting to His commands and principles in the Bible. We recognize that His ways are higher than our ways (Isaiah 55:9), so we align our thoughts, words, and actions with His truth.

This includes things like loving others (John 13:34), being honest (Exodus 20:16), honoring our parents (Ephesians 6:2), and much more. Submitting to God’s commands shows we trust His wisdom.

Motivated by Love and Trust in God

Our motivation makes a big difference. Obeying God shouldn’t be about following rules or trying to earn His favor. Rather, it flows from a heart of love for God and trust in Him. Jesus said if we love Him, we’ll keep His commandments (John 14:15).

As we appreciate God’s love and goodness, we want to honor Him with our lives. We know that His ways are for our growth and blessing.

Obedience in Both Big and Small Things

Walking in obedience applies to both significant life decisions and minor daily choices. For example, we obey God by pursuing the career path He calls us to, and by working hard at our job even when the boss isn’t looking.

We obey by waiting for marriage before having sex, and by being faithful to our spouse in private. Obeying in the small things demonstrates the sincerity of our commitment.

Benefits of Walking in Obedience to God

Deepen Intimacy and Fellowship with God

When we choose to obey God, we draw closer to Him relationally. As we spend time in prayer seeking His will and surrender our own desires in favor of His, intimacy grows. Just as trusting relationships between people deepen through serving one another, so too obedience fosters closeness between us and the Lord (John 14:21).

He delights in the sincere heart that earnestly asks, “What is Your desire for me today?”

Moreover, staying aligned with God’s guidance allows us to better discern His voice. When we consistently obey the last instruction, hearing the next becomes easier. As that cycle of listening and obeying repeats, it gets anchored in our lifestyle.

Such consistent fellowship ushers us into deeper realms of God’s heart and mind (John 7:17).

Experience God’s Guidance and Blessings

The Maker of the universe personally guides those submitted to Him. What a promise! His Spirit gives customized direction to each obedient believer, leading us on the paths that unlock our God-given potential (John 10:27).

When we obey even when it’s difficult or uncomfortable, He meets us there (Isaiah 30:21).

Moreover, the Lord promises to bless the lifestyle of adherence to Him. While biblical obedience doesn’t earn us salvation, it does reap spiritual fruit. As we walk the narrow road of alignment with God’s heart, we begin discovering the “life to the full” Jesus promised (John 10:10).

The abundance we gain – joy, fulfillment, potential realized – flows from a posture of trust in the One who sees the big picture.

Grow in Spiritual Maturity and Christlikeness

Additionally, obedience catalyzes spiritual growth, maturing us into our new creation identity. As we deny self and learn to yield in obedience, transformation occurs. Old ways of thinking get rewired, desires shift, and fruit of the Spirit blossoms more (Romans 6:22).

Saying ‘yes’ to God in spite of fleshly resistance builds spiritual muscle.

Furthermore, through consistent obedience we increasingly reflect Jesus. Ever notice how His life embodied complete surrender to the Father? That same posture in us releases Christlikeness, conforming us to share in His image (Romans 8:29).

We must continually yield our wills to align with God’s purposes, just as Jesus did. Through that process, His character shining through us impacts people around to also draw closer to Him.

How to Overcome Obstacles to Obedience

Repent from Willful Disobedience

The first step to overcoming barriers to obedience is repenting from any willful disobedience. As Romans 3:23 says, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” We must humbly admit where we have chosen our own way over God’s way.

Repentance requires a change of heart and a turning away from sin.

Repentance opens the door for God’s grace and forgiveness to flow (Acts 3:19). God promises that if we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us of all unrighteousness (1 John 1:9). His mercy allows us a fresh start to live in obedience.

Turn from Worldly Influences

The world often opposes obedience to God with its self-centered mindset (1 John 2:15-17). From media promotions to cultural trends, worldly influences can impact our thinking. We must be alert to recognize these aspects (1 Peter 5:8) and committed to renewing our minds with God’s truth instead (Romans 12:2).

This requires us to be careful regarding what we allow into our minds through sight and sound. It also necessitates supporting and encouraging one another in the body of Christ to walk obediently (Hebrews 10:24-25).

As iron sharpens iron, the fellowship of believers helps us turn from worldly patterns to godly living (Proverbs 27:17).

Rely on the Power of the Holy Spirit

Thankfully, we do not have to overcome obstacles to obedience alone. God has given believers His Holy Spirit to empower us to walk in His ways (Ezekiel 36:27). As we yield more of ourselves to His control, the Spirit transforms us and produces His fruit in our lives (Galatians 5:22-23).

The Spirit also brings conviction when we start to stray from God’s path (John 16:8). His voice whispers the right way to turn (Isaiah 30:21). By relying fully on the Spirit working within us, He equips us to live out the obedience God desires.

Practical Tips for Applying God’s Word

Study the Bible Daily

Setting aside time each day to read and study the Bible is crucial for growing in your walk with God. Here are some tips:

  • Start with a reading plan or devotional to guide you through the Bible systematically. The YouVersion Bible app has lots of great options.
  • Read the Bible thoughtfully and prayerfully, asking God to speak to you. Take notes on insights He gives you.
  • Meditate on key verses throughout your day to keep God’s Word on your mind and heart.
  • Look up cross references to understand passages in context. Resources like the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge make this easy.

Aim for at least 15-30 minutes of Bible study each day. This regular time in God’s Word will transform your mind and equip you to walk in obedience to Him.

Memorize Key Scriptures

Scripture memorization is a powerful spiritual discipline that enables you to carry God’s Word with you wherever you go. Here are some memorization tips:

  • Choose verses that are personally meaningful and applicable to your current circumstances.
  • Write the verse on a card you can review frequently throughout your day.
  • Say the verse aloud multiple times until you can recall it without looking.
  • Meditate on what the verse means and how you can apply it.
  • Review verses regularly so they stick long-term.

Apps like BibleMemory and Anki can help streamline verse memorization. Start with a few key verses and build up over time. You’ll be equipped to fight temptation, guide decisions and comfort your soul.

Pray for Wisdom and Strength

Living out God’s Word requires His supernatural wisdom and strength. That’s why prayer is so vital. Here are some prayer tips:

  • Pray at the start of your Bible study for insight and application.
  • Ask God throughout your day to illuminate His truth and empower your obedience.
  • Cry out to God when facing temptation or decisions.
  • Thank God for giving you victory over sin.
  • Pray for open doors to share His Word with others.

Cultivating a heart of continuous prayer lays a foundation for walking in wisdom and spiritual vitality. God delights to answer these prayers according to His perfect will!

Find Accountability Partners

Having people in your life to support you and keep you accountable is extremely helpful for applying God’s Word consistently. Here are some tips for finding good partners:

  • Ask 1-3 mature Christian friends who will lovingly challenge your walk.
  • Meet or call regularly to discuss what God’s teaching you, struggles, victories, etc.
  • Confess sins to each other and pray together (James 5:16).
  • Establish plans and check-ins to help you follow through on applying God’s Word.
  • Encourage each other with Biblical truth during hard times.

Accountability partners provide perspective, prayer support and motivation to keep obeying God when it’s difficult. Don’t try to walk alone – we all need brothers and sisters to spur us on!


Walking in obedience to God brings great joy and purpose that cannot be found anywhere else. As we submit every area of our lives to His lordship, we’ll experience deeper intimacy with Him.

Let’s press on in faith, trusting that God will enable us to obey Him if we rely fully on His grace and Spirit. Our desire should be to honor and glorify Him with our lives.

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