Is Essentials A Christian Brand?

Essentials has become a popular clothing brand, especially among Gen Z audiences. But with faith-based messages on some products, many wonder – is Essentials a Christian brand? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll look at the religious roots, inspirations, and affiliations behind Essentials to answer that question.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: While not exclusively Christian, Essentials was founded by two Christian artists and incorporates faith-based themes and verses on some designs.

Founding and Ownership of Essentials

Launched by Christian musicians Cole and Savannah LaBrant

Essentials, the popular lifestyle brand, was launched by Christian musicians Cole and Savannah LaBrant. The couple, known for their faith-based content and positive influence on social media, wanted to create a brand that aligned with their values and beliefs.

They saw a need for high-quality products that not only looked great but also reflected their Christian faith.

Cole and Savannah LaBrant’s journey in the fashion industry started with their YouTube channel and social media presence. They gained a massive following by sharing their daily lives, parenting journey, and spreading positivity.

Their genuine and relatable approach resonated with millions of people, and they decided to leverage their influence to create a brand that could make a difference.

With a focus on creating trendy and stylish products, Essentials offers a wide range of clothing, accessories, and home goods that cater to individuals who want to express their faith through their personal style.

The brand has gained popularity not only among Christians but also among people from diverse backgrounds who appreciate the brand’s message of positivity and love.

Currently owned by MOGL Corp

Currently, Essentials is owned by MOGL Corp, a leading company in the fashion industry. MOGL Corp acquired Essentials to further expand its reach and cater to a wider audience. While MOGL Corp is not a Christian company, they acknowledge and respect the brand’s Christian roots and continue to support its mission of spreading faith and positivity.

The acquisition by MOGL Corp has allowed Essentials to benefit from the company’s extensive resources, expertise, and distribution channels. This partnership has enabled Essentials to grow and offer new and exciting products to its customers while staying true to its Christian values.

Under the ownership of MOGL Corp, Essentials has continued to thrive and maintain its reputation as a trusted Christian brand. The brand’s commitment to quality, style, and faith-based messaging remains unchanged, and it continues to inspire and uplift individuals through its products.

For more information about Essentials and its products, you can visit their official website:

Use of Christian Messaging and Imagery

When exploring whether Essentials is a Christian brand, one aspect to consider is the use of Christian messaging and imagery throughout their product line. Some pieces from Essentials feature Bible verses prominently displayed on the clothing or accessories.

These verses can serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement for individuals who align with the Christian faith. By incorporating these biblical references, the brand seeks to connect with their target audience on a deeper spiritual level.

Some pieces reference Bible verses

Essentials distinguishes itself by incorporating Bible verses into their designs, thereby infusing their products with a Christian message. For example, you may find shirts that display popular verses such as “For God so loved the world” (John 3:16) or “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).

These references not only add a unique touch to the clothing but also serve as a conversation starter for those who want to share their faith with others.

Collaborations with Christian organizations

In addition to referencing Bible verses, Essentials has also collaborated with various Christian organizations. By partnering with these organizations, the brand aims to support and promote their shared values.

These collaborations can involve raising awareness for charitable causes, supporting missions, or even creating limited-edition pieces where a portion of the proceeds goes towards a specific Christian organization.

Through these collaborations, Essentials demonstrates its commitment to making a positive impact within the Christian community.

Faith-inspired slogans and graphics

Another way that Essentials showcases its Christian identity is through faith-inspired slogans and graphics. The brand incorporates messages and imagery that resonate with believers, including phrases like “Faith over Fear” or “God is my Strength.”

These slogans and graphics not only provide individuals with a sense of pride in their faith but also serve as a visible expression of their beliefs. By wearing these faith-inspired designs, individuals can share their convictions with others and spark meaningful conversations.

It is worth noting that while Essentials incorporates Christian messaging and imagery into their products, they also cater to a diverse range of customers, regardless of their religious beliefs. The brand recognizes that faith is a personal journey and aims to create inclusive designs that resonate with individuals from various backgrounds.

Essentials’ Brand Messaging and Marketing

Essentials, a popular clothing brand, is known for its trendy and stylish apparel. While some may wonder if the brand has Christian roots, it is important to examine their brand messaging and marketing strategies to understand their target audience and values.

Focus on positivity and youth culture

One of the key aspects of Essentials’ brand messaging is its emphasis on positivity and embracing youth culture. Their clothing designs often feature uplifting slogans, inspiring quotes, and vibrant colors that resonate with young people.

This approach allows Essentials to connect with a wide range of customers, regardless of their religious beliefs.

By focusing on positivity and youth culture, Essentials has successfully positioned itself as a brand that promotes inclusivity and self-expression. This strategy has contributed to their popularity among a diverse customer base.

Partnerships beyond Christian market

While Essentials may not explicitly identify as a Christian brand, they have formed partnerships that extend beyond the Christian market. For example, they have collaborated with well-known influencers, musicians, and artists who have followers from various backgrounds and beliefs.

These partnerships enable Essentials to reach a broader audience and expand their brand’s reach. By aligning themselves with individuals who have a significant following, they can effectively promote their products to people who may not necessarily identify as Christian.

Avoid explicit faith-based messaging

Unlike some other Christian brands that prominently display faith-based messaging on their clothing, Essentials takes a more subtle approach. They tend to focus on universal values such as love, kindness, and positivity rather than explicitly religious messages.

This strategy allows Essentials to appeal to a wider audience while still maintaining a sense of authenticity. By avoiding explicit faith-based messaging, they create a brand that can be embraced by individuals from various religious backgrounds.

It is worth noting that while Essentials may not explicitly identify as a Christian brand, they do not shy away from their Christian values. They strive to create a brand that reflects their beliefs in a way that is relatable and accessible to all.


While incorporating some faith-inspired designs and partnerships, Essentials does not market itself as solely a Christian brand. Its founders’ Christian faith serves as an inspiration, but the label aims for mainstream appeal beyond a religious target market.

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