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A Deep Dive Into The Oh God What Now Podcast

The Oh God What Now podcast hosted by Matt Lieber and Charles Wayne Hill takes a comedic deep dive into some of today’s most perplexing problems. If you’re wondering what this podcast is all about and whether it’s worth a listen, read on for a comprehensive overview.

If you’re short on time, here’s the key thing to know about Oh God What Now: It’s an irreverent, well-researched podcast that uses humor to tackle serious topics like activism, capitalism, social media scandals and more.

In this detailed guide, we’ll cover the podcast’s background and hosts, typical episode format and content, reviews from critics and fans, and whether it lives up to its goal of making listeners “laugh and cry and maybe become better citizens of the world.”

Background and Hosts

Brief history and founding of the show

The Oh God, What Now podcast first launched in January 2020 and was co-founded by hosts Matt Lieber and Charles Wayne Hill. Matt and Charles saw a need for a comedy podcast that provided an escape from the chaos and anxiety of current events.

With their backgrounds in improv comedy and experience hosting other successful podcasts, they decided to team up and create Oh God, What Now.

The podcast was an instant hit, finding a dedicated audience looking for a fun distraction from the nonstop news cycle. Within a few months, Oh God, What Now reached #1 on the Apple Podcasts comedy charts.

Much of the show’s early success can be attributed to Matt and Charles’ infectious energy and improvisational chemistry. Their loose, playful banter creates an intimate vibe that resonates with listeners.

Hosts Matt Lieber and Charles Wayne Hill’s credentials

Co-host Matt Lieber started his career working at Pixar Animation Studios before transitioning into entertainment and hosting. He co-hosted the popular movie discussion podcast Unspooled and was a producer for The Morning Toast podcast.

His improv and sketch comedy background made him the perfect choice to co-host a weekly improvised podcast like Oh God, What Now.

Charles Wayne Hill co-founded Story Pirates, an award-winning media company that celebrates the words and ideas of kids. He co-hosted Story Pirates podcast for several years. Charles toured with improv group Mission Improvable and opened for acts like The Second City.

He brings quick comedic wit and energy to Oh God, What Now.

Together, Matt and Charles have decades of experience in comedy, improv, hosting, and podcasting. Their natural chemistry and ability to riff off each other has built a strong connection with Oh God, What Now listeners.

After over 3 years, Matt and Charles continue to provide humor and levity to audiences every week.

Typical Episode Format

Opening banter and intro

The Oh God What Now podcast kicks off each episode with some witty opening banter between the hosts Matt Lieb and Anthony King. They’ll chat about what’s going on in their lives, current events, make jokes, and generally ease into the show in an organic way.

This helps set a casual, conversational vibe before diving into the main topic. The intro also includes a theme song that will get stuck in your head (in a good way! ).

Main segment diving into that episode’s topic

After the intro, the hosts focus in on that episode’s central topic or theme. For example, past episodes have explored things like the hidden politics of candy hearts, the odd specifics of niche interests like trainspotting, and other fascinating curiosities.

Matt and Anthony research the topic and provide context, history, and their takes in a way that manages to be both insightful and irreverent at the same time. This main segment, usually lasting 20-30 minutes, is the meat of each episode.

Fact checks from the “computer voice”

A fun recurring bit on the podcast involves Matt and Anthony making outrageous claims or stating absurd “facts,” only to be corrected by a robotic “computer voice.” The computer voice pops in to fact check them, plays audio clips disproving their points, and generally calls them out for getting carried away.

This tongue-in-cheek device pokes fun at some podcasters’ tendency to present opinion as fact. It’s a humorous way to keep the hosts honest!

Guest interviews when applicable

While many episodes feature just Matt and Anthony bantering back and forth, occasionally they bring on a guest with expertise related to the topic at hand. These interviews lend an outside perspective and offer the chance to go deeper on complex issues.

Past guests have included everyone from marijuana dispensary owners to archaeologists to adult film stars. The hosts do a great job guiding the conversation in interesting directions.

Occasional small segments like fan questions

Sprinkled into episodes are short segments that break up the main topic. These include bits like “Listener Mail,” where Matt and Anthony solicit questions from fans and offer up their off-the-cuff advice. Sometimes they’ll include goofy games or stories submitted by listeners.

These quick breaks keep each episode feeling fresh from start to finish.

Episode Topics and Content

Lighthearted takedowns of influencer scandals

The hosts of the Oh God What Now podcast often provide amusing commentary on the latest influencer controversies. Recent episodes have poked fun at reality stars promoting questionable diet teas and Instagram models staging overly curated photoshoots.

While certainly entertaining, the hosts strive to avoid mean-spirited attacks, instead using humor to make thoughtful points about authenticity and ethics.

Thoughtful analysis of complex social issues

Many Oh God What Now episodes feature in-depth discussions around complex topics like racial injustice, gender identity, and mental health. The hosts interview experts and individuals with diverse perspectives to provide context and personal stories.

Rather than preaching, they thoughtfully analyze issues and encourage listeners to challenge assumptions. Their thoughtful approach has earned praise from critics as a model for constructive dialogue.

Investigations into corporations and capitalism

The hosts have a knack for investigative work, shining a spotlight on the misdeeds of corporations and broader systemic issues. Recent award-winning reporting exposed unsafe practices at an Amazon warehouse and traced connections between fast food lobbying and public health policies. While some episodes moralize, the best combine compelling storytelling with nuanced takes on the pros and cons of capitalism.

Commentary on the media and politics

Every Oh God What Now episode finishes with the buzzworthy “Hot Take Hotline” segment where the hosts give their unique perspectives on politics and media. While they may lean progressive, they criticize both sides for performative outrage, clickbait journalism, and partisan gridlock.

Episodes following presidential debates and elections are especially popular. The hosts’ witty banter and bold opinions make this segment a favorite among listeners.

Critical and Audience Reception

Praise for insightful, funny commentary

The Oh God What Now podcast has received widespread acclaim for its sharp, insightful cultural commentary delivered with an undertone of wry humor. Reviews highlighted the hosts’ ability to dissect complex socio-political issues and present them in an accessible, engaging format.

As one critic raved, “Their back-and-forth banter perfectly balances weighty discussions with much-needed comic relief in these tumultuous times.”

Appreciation for well-researched analysis

In addition to the humor, listeners often praise the show for its thorough research and wealth of factual information. Before tackling a topic, the hosts clearly invest significant time understanding its nuances from multiple angles.

References to statistics from recent studies and mentions of relevant websites or articles make it clear no stone is left unturned. As a testament to the diligence, the podcast maintains a 4.8-star rating after nearly 250 episodes.

Critiques about occasional lack of depth

While most reviews sing high praise, some critics have called out an occasional lack of depth in analysis. These commentators feel the hosts sometimes just “scratch the surface” of complex issues in their quest to be entertaining.

However, supporters counter that the stated goal of the podcast is to make these topics more digestible for the average listener, not serve as college lectures. Overall the hosts receive high marks for offering just the right blend of insight and levity.

Strong fan base and community

Since its inception in 2018, the Oh God What Now podcast has built a dedicated community of over 100,000 weekly listeners. Many fans congregate online to discuss episodes or even just joke around with fellow “Whatnauts,” as they call themselves.

This engaged audience suggests the podcast clearly resonates with today’s politically conscious yet fun-loving youth. As one ardent supporter summarized, “With so much heaviness in the world lately, we need more voices like this that inform, uplift and inspire.”

Does It Achieve Its Goals and Vision?

Succeeds at using humor to dissect serious issues

One of the standout strengths of the Oh God What Now podcast is its ability to tackle weighty topics like politics, current events, and social issues, all while maintaining a sharp wit and sense of humor.

The hosts, Patrick Monahan and Willie Geist, have an effortless comic chemistry that makes their frequently cynical discussions surprisingly fun to listen to. They use sarcasm, hyperbole, running gags, and the occasional well-timed joke to add moments of levity, even as they seriously analyze things like the latest controversial legislation or alarming news story.

As just one example, in a recent episode dissecting the student debt crisis, Geist quips, “This week in solutions to problems no one asked for…”, proceeding to skewer some of the out-of-touch ideas policymakers have proposed.

Moments like these talentfully use comedy to make insightful social commentary accessible and entertaining for listeners.

Thorough research and fact-checking

The hosts and producers clearly put significant work into researching the topics explored on Oh God What Now. Both Monahan and Geist will regularly cite statistics, expert analysis, and multiple news reports when discussing a complex issue.

It’s evident they don’t just skim the headlines before hitting record.

In a departure from most comedy podcasts, the show includes dedicated “Fact Check” segments where the hosts review key claims made in the episode and rate their accuracy. This attention to getting the facts right increases the show’s authority when commenting on current affairs.

According to Monahan, “We want listeners laughing with us, not at us.” This fact-checking helps achieve that.

Room for improvement in representing diverse perspectives

While not exactly one-sided, there is room for Oh God What Now to incorporate a wider range of ideological views. Given the frequently progressive leanings of both hosts – especially on social issues – some listeners have complained their perspective goes underrepresented.

For example, both Monahan and Geist ardently support reproductive rights with little air time given to opposing sides. Bringing on more conservative guests could provide valuable counterbalance. As the famous quote goes – “There are two sides to every story.”

Overall though, compared to similarly politics-focused podcasts, Oh God What Now at least engages multiple angles fairly regularly.

Overall an intelligent and entertaining listen

For all its occasional flaws, the bottom line remains – tuning into Oh God What Now generally provides 45-60 minutes of insightful, irreverent, and enjoyable discussion of what matters in politics and culture. Patrick and Willie clearly have both the smarts and wit to parse complex topics.

And their offbeat sense of humor, enthusiasm for lively debate, and willingness not to take everything 100% seriously keeps each episode listenable and engaging.

In the oversaturated world of news commentary podcasts, Oh God What Now stands out. While not for those looking to have their beliefs neatly affirmed, listeners seeking an intelligent, skepticism-filled take on the latest headlines will find it almost certainly worth adding to their queue.


With its irreverent humor, well-researched analysis, and commentary on complex topics, the Oh God What Now podcast makes an ambitious attempt at using comedy to create more engaged citizens.

While it may occasionally lack nuance or depth, hosts Matt Lieber and Charles Wayne Hill have found a successful formula that both informs and entertains.

If you’re looking for a podcast that will make you laugh at the absurdity of today’s biggest scandals and problems, while also inspiring you to think more critically about the underlying issues, Oh God What Now is worth adding to your queue.

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