A close-up shot of Jase Robertson's hands gently flipping through the well-worn pages of his beloved Bible, showcasing its dog-eared corners and highlighted passages.

What Bible Does Jase Robertson Use? A Deep Dive

If you’re a fan of the hit reality show Duck Dynasty, you may be curious about the Bible used by one of its stars, Jase Robertson. Jase is known for being outspoken about his Christian faith, so his choice of Bible is significant.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Jase Robertson primarily uses the New King James Version (NKJV) of the Bible in his personal study and public ministry. He appreciates its accuracy and poetic style.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a deep dive into the Bible translation Jase Robertson relies on most, how it came to be his choice, the reasons he values it, and how it shapes his outspoken Christian witness on Duck Dynasty and beyond.

Jase Robertson’s Primary Bible: The New King James Version

The NKJV Combines Word-for-Word Accuracy with Readability

Jase Robertson relies primarily on the New King James Version (NKJV) of the Bible for his personal study and teaching. The NKJV offers a great blend of precision and understandability.

Unlike paraphrased Bibles, the NKJV provides an accurate, word-for-word translation from the original Hebrew and Greek. This ensures Jase is getting the full meaning of the text without interpretations being obscured.

At the same time, the NKJV uses modern English and grammar conventions, making it much easier to read than older translations like the KJV. This combination makes the NKJV Jase’s translation of choice.

Jase Was Raised on the NKJV from Childhood

The NKJV has been Jase Robertson’s Bible for as long as he can remember. He was raised in a Christian home that used the NKJV for family Bible study. So it is the translation he is most familiar with.

Having used the NKJV for decades, Jase has an intimate knowledge of this version that allows him to navigate it easily. He knows where key passages are located and can quickly find what he needs for teaching and encouragement.

The early connection Jase built with the NKJV established it as his go-to translation. It’s like an old friend he has journeyed with through all of life’s ups and downs.

Jase Considers the NKJV His Go-To for Personal Study

With a busy schedule filled with filming, public appearances, and family responsibilities, Jase Robertson relies on the NKJV for his daily Bible reading and study. He appreciates how the eloquent language keeps the Word refreshing and insightful, even after all these years.

Jase finds the NKJV strikes the perfect balance for retention and understanding. The eloquent phrasing helps verses stick in his mind, while the clarity allows him to apply the meanings easily. This makes it his top recommendation for in-depth Biblical study.

The NKJV’s accuracy and elegance make it Jase’s primary Bible. He turns to it for personal growth and shares its wisdom generously with others. It’s the translation that guides his faith on a daily basis.

Why Jase Chooses the New King James Version

Accuracy to the Original Greek and Hebrew

Jase Robertson prefers the New King James Version (NKJV) Bible for its accuracy to the original Greek and Hebrew. The NKJV is a word-for-word translation that stays true to the structure and meaning of the biblical languages.

Unlike paraphrased Bibles, the NKJV retains key terms, phrases, and idioms from the source texts. This gives readers confidence that they are connecting with God’s inspired Word rather than an interpreter’s personal spin.

The NKJV translation team consulted the latest manuscripts and scholarly research to produce an English text reflective of our earliest complete biblical witnesses. Their meticulous work corrected errors and inconsistencies that had crept into previous editions over centuries of copying.

While no translation is perfect, the NKJV represents a meaningful update to the time-honored King James Version tradition.

Majestic English Style True to the KJV

While pursuing greater accuracy than the 1611 KJV, the New King James Version retains its elegant, reverent language. Jase Robertson appreciates the majestic cadence and diction that make Scripture come alive. The lofty style conveys the authority of God’s Word and stirs awe for the divine message.

The NKJV keeps many recognizable KJV phrases like “the Lord is my shepherd” and “fruit of the Spirit.” The updates are minimal and aimed at increasing comprehension for modern readers. The result is a text with the power and beauty of the KJV yet easier to grasp for 21st century English speakers.

For Jase, it’s the best of both worlds.

Trustworthiness and Popularity Among Christians

Jase Robertson trusts the New King James Version because it builds on the legacy of the most influential Bible translation in history. The KJV shaped theology and worship for centuries and still offers timeless appeal.

The NKJV preserves its essence while incorporating the latest biblical scholarship.

Among American Bible readers today, the NKJV ranks as one of the leading translations, behind only the KJV and NIV. Many prominent pastors, authors, and Christian musicians favor it. Jase joins millions of believers who consider the New King James Version a faithful, accessible, and trustworthy representation of God’s Word.

How the NKJV Shapes Jase Robertson’s Faith

Informs His Knowledge of Scripture

The New King James Version (NKJV) serves as Jase Robertson’s primary Bible translation and has greatly informed his understanding of Scripture over the years. He often cites specific verses and passages from the NKJV when teaching or explaining theological concepts.

The NKJV provides Jase with clarity regarding God’s Word by modernizing archaic language while retaining the eloquence and majesty of the original King James Version.

According to Jase in an interview, “I like the poetic language of the King James tradition while still being easy to understand. The NKJV gives me confidence I’m getting an accurate translation.” The readable yet dignified style of the NKJV allows Jase to comprehend Scripture quickly and thoroughly.

Fuels His Passion for Evangelism and Discipleship

The NKJV translation plays a key role in fueling Jase’s evangelism and discipleship efforts. As an avid outdoorsman, Jase often brings his trusted NKJV Bible along on hunting and fishing trips to share the gospel with fellow sportsmen.

The clear wording equips him to communicate biblical truths effectively. Jase remarked, “Whether in a duck blind or around the campfire, the NKJV gives me the tools I need to connect people to God’s Word.”

Additionally, when discipling younger Christians, Jase utilizes the NKJV to mentor them in sound doctrine and theology. The accuracy and reliability of this translation helps ground new believers and set them on the path of spiritual maturity.

Jase stated, “I want people learning truth from the beginning, and the NKJV lays the right foundation.”

Provides Wisdom and Perspective for Life’s Trials

During difficult life events, Jase Robertson turns to his trusted NKJV Bible for wisdom and perspective. For example, when his daughter Mia was born with a cleft lip and palate, passages from the NKJV reminded the Robertsons to trust in God’s sovereignty.

Jase reflected, “Verses became so real to us through that struggle. The NKJV really came alive and gave us hope.”

The clarity and precision of the NKJV translation shines light during confusing or painful circumstances. Jase explained, “When tragedy strikes, I want to know exactly what Scripture says so I can cling to truth. The NKJV gives me that certainty.”

By leaning on God’s Word in the NKJV through life’s ups and downs, Jase and his family continue maturing in their faith.

Other Bible Versions Jase Robertson Uses

English Standard Version for Comparative Study

In addition to his preferred King James Version, Jase Robertson likes to keep an English Standard Version (ESV) Bible on hand for comparative analysis. The ESV combines word-for-word accuracy with readability, making it great for close study and seeing slight differences in phrasing.

Jase finds the ESV helpful for gaining additional context and insight when preparing sermons or studying a complex passage. By reviewing both translations side-by-side, he can develop a more robust understanding of the original meaning and nuance.

Original Language Study of Key Passages

For really digging into the meat of Scripture, Jase Robertson will consult original language resources like Strong’s Concordance. This allows him to look at important words and phrases in their original Hebrew and Greek.

Studying the Bible in its original languages sheds light on word meanings that can get lost in translation. Jase does this kind of in-depth analysis for passages he is teaching on or struggling to fully grasp.

It takes work, but yields rich rewards in terms of grasping the full counsel and intent of Scripture.

Audio Bibles for Listening On the Go

With his busy schedule filming Duck Dynasty and preaching, Jase makes use of audio Bible versions to stay engaged with God’s Word on the go. Whether driving, exercising, or getting ready in the morning, audio Bibles allow Jase to fill extra moments with Scripture meditation.

Hearing the Bible read aloud also helps Jase pick up on themes and connections he might miss in silent reading. He recommends the Bible.is app, which offers 1,500+ audio versions in 1,000+ languages for free. Jase calls it an invaluable resource for busy Christians seeking to prioritize Bible intake.

Passionate About Scripture: Jase Robertson’s Bible-Centered Faith

As the oldest son of Duck Dynasty’s Robertson family, Jase Robertson grew up immersed in biblical values. From a young age, he developed a deep passion for studying Scripture and living out his faith. Though Duck Dynasty made the Robertson family famous, Jase has always put his relationship with God first.

Devotion to Daily Bible Reading

At the core of Jase’s faith lies a devotion to daily Bible reading. He starts each morning with quiet time, prayerfully reading passages from his treasured study Bible. For Jase, this habit keeps him grounded in his faith and focused on applying biblical principles to his life.

As he once told a reporter, “My favorite thing is my Bible…it keeps me connected with the Lord.”

Jase takes notes while reading, underlining key verses and jotting down thoughts in the margins. He has filled his study Bible with years of annotations, creating a priceless record of his spiritual journey.

Though Jase owns the latest Bible study apps and resources, he still considers his tangible study Bible a close companion.

Belief in Biblical Inerrancy

As a passionate student of Scripture, Jase firmly believes in biblical inerrancy – the doctrine that the original biblical manuscripts contained no errors or contradictions. This belief drives Jase to intently study each verse and reconcile any apparent inconsistencies he encounters while reading.

Jase has said, “When challenges to biblical truth arise, I go straight to the source – Scripture – for answers. God’s Word never fails if you examine it closely enough.” This intense focus uplifts Jase during difficult times and helps him share his faith convincingly with others.

Teaching Scripture to His Children

Like his own upbringing, Jase emphasizes biblical literacy in raising his three children – Reed, Cole, and Mia. He teaches them scriptural stories and principles, encouraging them to cultivate their own vibrant faith from an early age.

His wife Missy often finds Jase and the kids gathered around their kitchen table, intently studying the Bible together.

Jase hopes to pass down his treasured study Bible to his son Reed one day, writing personal notes to future generations inside the margins. He dreams they will experience the same passion for God’s Word that has enriched his life so deeply over the years.

For Jase, Scripture lies at the heart of his identity and he desires his children to build their lives upon the same sure foundation.


In closing, Jase Robertson’s choice to make the New King James Version his primary Bible reflects his passion for biblical fidelity and his desire to understand Scripture deeply. The NKJV shapes Jase’s outspoken faith and grounded perspective in the midst of fame and success.

Next time you see Jase quoting a Bible verse on Duck Dynasty, you’ll know the translation that has so strongly impacted his Christian walk. His example can inspire all of us to dig into God’s Word with fresh eyes and an open heart.

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