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Top 5 Online Bible Study Tools

Online Bible study tools have come a LONG way since the early days of the Internet. Today’s Bible study tools are intuitive and user friendly and offer a complete library of resources that would cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. The Bible study websites below offer these  tools and resources for free.

While putting this list together I looked at a lot of websites offering Bible study tools. While these five websites were the best I came across, I’m sure I may have missed a few. Feel free to suggest other Bible study resources using the comment form below.  Come back in a couple of weeks to take part in the voting. The site with the most votes will be named to the “Best of the Christian Web” for Online Bible Study Tools.

[ad#blog-content-center] Bible Study Tools Bible Resources offers Bible translations in any language imaginable and a daily Bible reading plan using the King James, NIV or Amplified version. Unfortunately, the reading plan does not allow you to start from Genesis on the current date. You have to go back to January 1. You will also find information on how to study the Bible and help with scripture memorization, as well as an audio Bible, Bible dictionaries and articles.
Blueletter Bible Study The Blue Letter Bibleoffers over twenty Bible commentaries, including the notes of Sir Isaac Newton, charts and outlines, Biblical timelines, devotionals, audio and video sermons from thirty-two speakers, Bible images, maps, Bible reading plans and multiple Bible versions.

The website is simple in appearance but easy to use and loaded with information.

Biblos Bible Study Online, my personal favorite, has it all. The site has the look and feel of a standalone Bible software program. The toolbar at the top of the site gives you immediate access to a huge library, searchable atlas, concordance, Bible encyclopedia, Bible weights and measures, Bible summary, commentaries and much more.

You can read nearly any version of the Bible and quickly jump to cross references, Hebrew and Greek words with definitions, lexicons and chain links. has it all.

eBible Bible Study has the best interface of any of the Bible study websites. It’s clean, makes excellent use of the screen and very easy to use. You can create your own parallel Bible from five of the most popular translations and even add parallel commentaries. Very impressive!!

It’s a great Bible resource now but has the potential to be the best with the addition of more Bible study and research tools.

Crosswalk Bible Study Tools Bible Study Tools by Crosswalk includes over 40 Bible translations and allows you to create a custom reading plan starting from any day of the year. You can read online, have your daily reading emailed to you, or print your daily reading to take with you.

The only Bible reading is integrated with numerous commentaries, condordances, dictionaries, lexicons, encyclophedias and sermon helps to provide excellent online Bible study tools and resources.



  1. This is quite a mouthful to digest. Thanks for putting up all the recources together.
    Another site I suggest is


  2. Thank you for the great comments about Bible Study Tools! Our team has made many advancements to the features and we recently just rolled out new tags, notes, and community events – this is a great way for small groups, churches, and sunday schools to study together online throughout the week!

  3. Most of us are really busy now, busy for work, busy for studies and for other things. These online Bible tools for us can be really helpful. For my own experience, I do read bible verses and other stories online, I am more comfortable to read using my laptop rather than the book.

  4. Another indespensible site is It's a contemporary, relevant commentary on the whole Bible from a staff member at Dallas Theological Seminary.

    Further, you can access bible book introductions free at Just click on "Bible Study" and then click on "outlines and themes."

    God bless,

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