Amanda Williams

About Me

Welcome to ! I’m Amanda Williams, a passionate Christian woman seeking to grow in my faith and help others do the same.
My Vision: I started this blog to share Biblical truths and everyday faith lessons in an accessible way. My hope is that it equips people to pursue a joy-filled, Christ-centered life.

I grew up attending church but had a lot of questions about God. In college, I committed my life to Jesus Christ and found meaning I’d been searching for. Since then, I’ve continuously been amazed at how following Him transforms lives.

After earning my Bible degree, I worked for years as a Christian high school teacher and youth pastor. Now I’m excited to minister through writing and connecting with readers online.

I love delving into Scripture, theology books, and podcasts/sermons from solid Bible teachers. I also enjoy being out in nature, baking, journaling, and spending giggling time playing games with my niece and nephew.

Most of all, I find joy and purpose in encouraging others in their faith. My desire is that this blog challenges believers to keep pursuing Christ with their whole hearts. I invite you to explore, ask questions, share feedback, and grow with me!