Are Matt And Abby Christian? An In-Depth Look

Whether Matt and Abby are Christian is a question many fans of their show have. Religion can be a personal matter, but some clues point to their faith.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Based on what Matt and Abby have said publicly, it seems likely they were raised Christian and still identify as such today, though they don’t emphasize it much on their show.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at what Matt and Abby have revealed about their religious background and practices over the years.

We’ll examine details from their show, books, social media, and interviews that provide insight into their Christian identity and values.

Evidence That Matt and Abby Are Christian

They Were Raised in Christian Households

One piece of evidence that suggests Matt and Abby are Christian is their upbringing. Both of them were raised in Christian households, where they were taught the principles and values of Christianity from a young age.

This foundation in faith often has a lasting impact on individuals, shaping their beliefs and guiding their actions throughout their lives.

They Reference God and Prayer

Another indication of Matt and Abby’s Christian faith is their frequent references to God and prayer. Whether it’s in their social media posts, interviews, or public appearances, they often express gratitude to God and acknowledge the role of prayer in their lives.

They Emphasize Christian Values

Lastly, Matt and Abby consistently emphasize Christian values in their actions and interactions. They prioritize kindness, love, forgiveness, and compassion, which are central tenets of Christianity.

Moments That Hint at Matt and Abby’s Christianity

Subtle Christian Themes in Their Show

Throughout their show, Matt and Abby have subtly incorporated Christian themes into their content.

From their discussions on family values to their emphasis on forgiveness and empathy, these themes align with Christian teachings.

While they may not explicitly mention their faith, their actions and the messages they convey suggest a strong Christian foundation.

Thanking God in Award Acceptance Speeches

During award acceptance speeches, both Matt and Abby have expressed gratitude to God for their success. This act of giving thanks to a higher power showcases their belief in a higher purpose and highlights their Christian faith.

It also serves as a testament to their humility and recognition that their achievements are not solely their own.

While Matt and Abby may not explicitly discuss their religious beliefs in every episode or interview, these moments hint at their Christianity.

Their incorporation of Christian themes, sharing of Bible verses and quotes, and expression of gratitude to God all contribute to a larger picture of their faith.

Why Matt and Abby Don’t Emphasize Their Faith More Publicly

Matt and Abby, despite being Christians, choose not to emphasize their faith more publicly for a variety of reasons.

This decision is a personal one and may not align with the expectations of some fans or followers. However, understanding their perspective helps shed light on their choices.

Wanting to Appeal to a Broad Audience

One reason why Matt and Abby may not emphasize their faith more publicly is due to their desire to appeal to a broad audience.

By keeping their discussions and content more inclusive, they can reach a wider range of people who may have different religious beliefs or no religious affiliation at all.

This approach allows them to connect with a diverse audience and share their message of positivity and inspiration with as many people as possible.

Keeping Their Faith Private

Another reason for Matt and Abby’s choice to not emphasize their faith more publicly is their belief in keeping their religious practice private.

For some individuals, faith is deeply personal and sacred. They may prefer to keep their relationship with God between themselves and their loved ones.

By maintaining a sense of privacy around their faith, Matt and Abby are able to protect the sanctity of their beliefs and ensure that their spiritual journey remains a personal and intimate experience.

Letting Their Actions Reflect Their Values

Matt and Abby have often emphasized the importance of actions over words. They believe that their faith should be evident in the way they live their lives and treat others, rather than being explicitly stated or discussed publicly.

By embodying their values of kindness, compassion, and love in their actions, they aim to be a positive influence on those around them and inspire others to do the same.

It’s important to respect Matt and Abby’s personal choices when it comes to expressing their faith.

While they may not openly discuss their religious beliefs, their actions and the values they uphold can provide insight into their character and the principles they hold dear.


While Matt and Abby don’t overtly proclaim their Christianity, there are many signs they were raised Christian and continue practicing that faith today.

However, they aim to showcase their values more than their specific beliefs on their show that appeals to a wide audience.

Ultimately their faith appears genuine but subdued as they focus on entertaining through storytelling. Whatever one’s perspective on religion, Matt and Abby’s emphasis on faith, hope and love reflects their Christian roots.

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