Are The Not Enough Nelsons Christian? Examining The Faith Of The Popular Youtube Family

With over 1.27 million subscribers on YouTube, the Not Enough Nelsons are one of the most popular family vlogging channels on the platform. Their wholesome videos documenting the lives of their large family have garnered them a dedicated following.

A common question that fans have is whether the Nelson family is Christian. In this comprehensive article, we will examine the faith of the Not Enough Nelsons and provide evidence from their videos and interviews regarding their religious beliefs.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Yes, the Not Enough Nelsons identify as devout Christians and actively incorporate their faith into their channel and lives.

Background on the Not Enough Nelsons

The Not Enough Nelsons is a popular YouTube family known for their heartwarming and entertaining videos. The channel follows the lives of parents Tiffany and Benji Nelson and their 12 children. With their growing popularity, many viewers have been curious about the Nelson family’s faith and whether they identify as Christians.

Brief history of how the Not Enough Nelsons YouTube channel started

The Not Enough Nelsons YouTube channel began in 2016 when Tiffany and Benji Nelson started documenting their family’s daily adventures. They initially started the channel as a way to share their experiences as a large, blended family and to inspire others with their positive and joyful outlook on life.

Over time, their channel gained traction and now has millions of subscribers who eagerly await their latest uploads.

Introduction to parents Tiffany and Benji Nelson

Tiffany and Benji Nelson are the proud parents behind the Not Enough Nelsons YouTube channel. Tiffany is a former model and actress, while Benji is a successful entrepreneur. They both share a deep love for their family and have dedicated their lives to providing a nurturing and loving environment for their children.

Overview of their family including all the children’s names and ages

The Nelson family consists of Tiffany, Benji, and their 12 children. Their children’s names are: Brinley, Ashlynn, Kassidy, Harlym, Wyatt, Ledger, JourNee, Trey, Paisley, Presley, Emmitt, and Rosalyn. The children range in age from toddler to teenager, creating a dynamic and vibrant household.

Each child brings their own unique personality to the family, making for entertaining and heartwarming moments captured on their YouTube channel.

The Not Enough Nelsons channel showcases the family’s daily routines, adventures, and special moments. It has become a source of inspiration for viewers around the world, who appreciate the Nelson family’s positive and uplifting content.

Evidence of the Not Enough Nelsons’ Christian Faith

The Not Enough Nelsons, a popular YouTube family, have been open about their Christian faith. Through their vlogs and social media posts, they provide evidence of their strong religious beliefs and values. Let’s explore some of the ways they demonstrate their faith:

1. Clips from vlogs showing them praying together as a family

In many of their vlogs, the Not Enough Nelsons can be seen gathering together to pray. These heartfelt moments capture the family’s commitment to seeking guidance and support from a higher power. By sharing these intimate moments, they inspire their viewers to prioritize prayer in their own lives.

2. Videos documenting the family attending church services

The Not Enough Nelsons regularly attend church services, and they make sure to document these experiences in their vlogs. By sharing their worship experiences, they show their dedication to gathering with fellow believers and seeking spiritual growth through communal worship.

3. Discussions about Bible study and listening to sermons

The family often discusses their Bible study routines and the impact of sermons on their lives. They emphasize the importance of studying the Scriptures and finding practical applications for their faith.

These discussions serve as an encouragement for their followers to engage in their own study of the Word.

4. Christian books visible in their home

When giving tours of their home, the Not Enough Nelsons have been seen proudly displaying Christian books on their shelves. This suggests that they actively seek spiritual knowledge and draw inspiration from various Christian authors.

It also indicates their commitment to lifelong learning and growth in their faith.

5. Grace said before meals

Before enjoying their meals, the Not Enough Nelsons say grace, expressing gratitude for the food they are about to receive. This practice reflects their belief in giving thanks to God for His provision and reminds their viewers of the importance of acknowledging and appreciating God’s blessings.

6. Christian music played in their car and home

Christian music often fills the air in the Not Enough Nelsons’ car and home. This choice of music reflects their desire to surround themselves with uplifting and worshipful songs that align with their faith.

It also creates an atmosphere of spiritual reflection and worship for their family and viewers.

7. Bible verses and Christian wall art decor

Throughout their home, the Not Enough Nelsons have decorated their walls with Bible verses and Christian artwork. These visual reminders of their faith serve as constant sources of inspiration and encouragement.

They also demonstrate their commitment to creating a Christ-centered atmosphere in their home.

Christian Influence Woven Throughout Their Channel

The Not Enough Nelsons, a popular YouTube family, have a strong Christian influence that is evident in their content. From the titles and descriptions of their videos to the way they discipline their children, their faith is interwoven into every aspect of their channel.

Biblical themes in video titles and descriptions

One way the Not Enough Nelsons showcase their Christian faith is through the use of biblical themes in their video titles and descriptions. They often reference passages from the Bible and incorporate them into their content.

This not only helps to engage their audience but also allows them to share their faith in a relatable and accessible way.

Christian morals emphasized when disciplining their kids

When disciplining their children, the Not Enough Nelsons place a strong emphasis on Christian morals and values. They teach their kids the importance of kindness, forgiveness, and love, all of which are key principles in Christianity.

By instilling these values in their children, they are not only raising well-behaved kids but also nurturing their faith.

Highlighting Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter

The Not Enough Nelsons make it a point to highlight Christian holidays such as Christmas and Easter. They create special videos and vlogs centered around these holidays, showcasing their family traditions and how they celebrate their faith.

This allows their audience to see how their faith plays a significant role in their lives and how they incorporate it into their family traditions.

Collaborations with other Christian influencers

The Not Enough Nelsons frequently collaborate with other Christian influencers, further reinforcing their commitment to their faith. These collaborations provide an opportunity for them to share their shared beliefs with a wider audience and spread their message of love and faith.

By joining forces with other like-minded individuals, they are able to create content that resonates with their viewers and reinforces their Christian values.

Christian phrases like ‘Thank the Lord’ used frequently

Throughout their videos, the Not Enough Nelsons use Christian phrases like “Thank the Lord” frequently. These small but impactful expressions serve as a reminder of their faith and gratitude towards God.

By incorporating these phrases into their everyday language, they are able to authentically express their faith and demonstrate their reliance on God in all aspects of their lives.

The Not Enough Nelsons Openly Discuss Their Faith

The Not Enough Nelsons, a popular YouTube family, has gained a substantial following not only for their entertaining vlogs and family adventures but also for their open discussion about their faith. They proudly share their Christian beliefs and values with their viewers, allowing their faith to be an integral part of their online presence.

Testimonies about how God has blessed their family

One of the ways the Not Enough Nelsons openly discuss their faith is by sharing testimonies about how God has blessed their family. They often talk about the miracles and blessings they have experienced, emphasizing the power of prayer and their belief in God’s providence.

These testimonies serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement for their viewers, reminding them of the goodness of God.

Stories about how they rely on prayer during hard times

In addition to sharing testimonies, the Not Enough Nelsons also talk about how they rely on prayer during hard times. They openly discuss the challenges they face as a family and the importance of seeking God’s guidance and strength through prayer.

Their vulnerability in sharing these stories not only showcases their trust in God but also serves as a reminder for viewers to turn to prayer during their own difficult moments.

Videos about attending religious retreats and conferences

The Not Enough Nelsons frequently document their experiences attending religious retreats and conferences in their videos. They share the impact these events have had on their faith and how they have been encouraged and inspired by the teachings and fellowship they have encountered.

These videos serve as a resource for viewers who may be interested in exploring their faith further or attending similar events.

Q&As where they share their beliefs and values

Another way the Not Enough Nelsons openly discuss their faith is through Q&A sessions with their viewers. They take the time to answer questions about their beliefs and values, providing insight into how their faith influences their daily lives.

These Q&As foster a sense of connection and community with their audience, allowing for open and honest conversations about faith.

Encouraging viewers to have a relationship with Jesus

Above all, the Not Enough Nelsons consistently encourage their viewers to have a personal relationship with Jesus. They emphasize the importance of faith in their own lives and share how it has positively impacted their family.

Through their videos and discussions, they strive to inspire others to seek a deeper connection with God and to embrace the love and grace found in a relationship with Jesus.

Contributions to Christian Community on YouTube

The Not Enough Nelsons, a popular YouTube family, have made significant contributions to the Christian community through their uplifting and family-friendly content. With their positive and wholesome videos, they have provided a refreshing alternative to the often negative and controversial content found on the platform.

Their commitment to creating content that aligns with their Christian values has resonated with their viewers, resulting in a large and dedicated following.

Uplifting, family-friendly content

The Not Enough Nelsons have built a reputation for producing content that is both uplifting and family-friendly. Their videos often showcase their daily lives, including family outings, celebrations, and heartwarming moments.

By sharing these experiences, they inspire their viewers to prioritize family values and create meaningful connections with their loved ones. This emphasis on family and love reflects their Christian beliefs and provides a positive influence for their viewers.

Collabs with other Christian YouTubers

The Not Enough Nelsons have also collaborated with other Christian YouTubers, further expanding their impact within the Christian community. These collaborations allow them to reach a wider audience and create a sense of unity among believers.

By working together, they are able to share their faith and encourage others on their spiritual journeys. This collaboration also fosters a sense of community among Christian content creators on YouTube, supporting and uplifting one another in their shared mission.

Openness about faith inspiring other believers

One of the most inspiring aspects of the Not Enough Nelsons is their openness about their faith. They regularly incorporate Bible verses, prayers, and discussions about their relationship with God into their videos.

This transparency has resonated with their viewers, many of whom have expressed how their own faith has been strengthened and encouraged through watching the family’s content. By sharing their personal experiences and struggles, the Not Enough Nelsons have created a safe space for viewers to explore and deepen their own faith.

Use platform to promote Christian events/activities

The Not Enough Nelsons have also used their platform to promote Christian events and activities. They actively participate in and promote local church events, conferences, and ministries. By leveraging their large following, they are able to raise awareness and encourage others to get involved in these Christian gatherings.

This support of the broader Christian community helps to strengthen the faith of their viewers and fosters a sense of belonging within the wider Christian family.

Serve as a model Christian family for their viewers

Through their videos and interactions, the Not Enough Nelsons serve as a model Christian family for their viewers. They consistently demonstrate love, kindness, and forgiveness in their relationships with one another.

By showcasing the importance of these values, they inspire their audience to strive for similar qualities in their own lives. The Not Enough Nelsons’ commitment to their faith and their dedication to living out the teachings of Jesus make them a source of inspiration and encouragement for many.


In conclusion, despite not overtly labeling themselves as such, it is evident from the Not Enough Nelsons’ YouTube channel that they are devout Christians. Their faith is deeply woven into their videos and the way they live their lives.

From praying together on camera to referencing Bible verses, the Not Enough Nelsons allow their beliefs to genuinely influence their content. This transparency about their Christian values has allowed them to build a sense of community with like-minded viewers.

While not preachy, the Nelson family uses their platform to spread positivity and model a loving Christian household centered around God.

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