Is Blessthefall A Christian Band? Examining Their Lyrics And Beliefs

With thought-provoking lyrics exploring spiritual themes, many fans wonder if the post-hardcore band BlessTheFall is Christian. Their imagery and song meanings suggest religious influences, but they reject labeling themselves a ‘Christian band’.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: While not definitively a Christian band, BlessTheFall’s lyrics contain biblical references and their faith has shaped their musical journey.

In this in-depth article, we’ll analyze BlessTheFall’s lyrics, influences, background and statements to determine if this band should be considered Christian.

Exploring Religious Themes in BlessTheFall’s Lyrics

When it comes to BlessTheFall, a popular metalcore band, there has been much speculation about their religious beliefs and whether they can be considered a Christian band. One way to gain insight into this is by examining the religious themes present in their lyrics.

By analyzing the biblical and Christian imagery used in their songs, as well as their focus on struggle and redemption, we can get a better understanding of the band’s relationship with Christianity.

Biblical and Christian Imagery

One of the ways BlessTheFall incorporates religious themes into their music is through the use of biblical and Christian imagery. In several of their songs, they reference biblical stories and concepts, such as in their song “Hollow Bodies” where they sing, “I won’t be the nails in your hands, I won’t be the nails in your feet.”

This line alludes to the crucifixion of Jesus and the sacrifice he made.

Additionally, their song “To Hell and Back” contains lyrics that speak to the idea of redemption and forgiveness, which are central tenets of Christianity. They sing, “I found redemption in suffering, I found deliverance in pain.”

This line suggests a belief in finding salvation through hardships, which aligns with Christian teachings.

Songs About Struggle and Redemption

Another aspect of BlessTheFall’s music that suggests a connection to Christianity is their focus on themes of struggle and redemption. Many of their songs touch on personal battles and overcoming adversity, which resonates with the Christian belief in the transformative power of faith.

For example, their song “Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted” explores the theme of redemption through the lyrics, “I’ve been saved by grace, and grace alone.” This line implies a belief in divine intervention and the ability to be forgiven for past mistakes.

Furthermore, their song “Walk on Water” delves into the idea of finding strength and hope in difficult times. The lyrics state, “I won’t let this world drag me down, I’ll walk on water if I have to.” This message of perseverance and resilience echoes the Christian notion of relying on faith to overcome challenges.

Band Members’ Religious Backgrounds and Influences

Frontman Beau Bokan’s Christian Upbringing

One of the key members of the band BlessTheFall is frontman Beau Bokan. Bokan’s religious background has had a significant impact on his musical career. Growing up in a Christian household, Bokan was exposed to the teachings and values of Christianity from a young age.

This upbringing has heavily influenced his songwriting and lyrical themes throughout BlessTheFall’s discography.

Bokan has been open about his faith and has stated in interviews that his Christian beliefs continue to play a significant role in his life. He often incorporates spiritual and religious imagery into his lyrics, exploring themes of redemption, faith, and personal struggles.

This has resonated with many fans who share similar beliefs and find solace in BlessTheFall’s music.

Other Members’ Faith Journeys

While Bokan’s Christian background is well-known, it is important to note that the other members of BlessTheFall have their own unique faith journeys and beliefs. Each member brings a different perspective and background to the band, creating a diverse mix of influences.

Some members may have a Christian background similar to Bokan, while others may come from different religious or spiritual traditions. These varied perspectives contribute to the band’s overall sound and lyrical content, allowing them to connect with a wider range of listeners.

It is worth mentioning that a band’s religious or spiritual beliefs can evolve over time, just like any individual’s beliefs. As artists, BlessTheFall may explore different themes and ideas in their music, allowing for growth and personal reflection.

Ultimately, BlessTheFall’s music serves as a platform for self-expression and connection, regardless of individual religious beliefs. Fans can appreciate the band’s talent and passion for music, while also finding inspiration and meaning in their lyrics.

The Band’s Perspective on Being Labeled As Christian

BlessTheFall, a popular American metalcore band, has often been associated with the Christian music scene due to their religious themes and lyrical content. However, the band members themselves have rejected the label of being a strictly Christian band.

They believe that their music and message should be inclusive and relatable to people of all faiths or no faith at all.

Rejecting the Christian Band Label

BlessTheFall has made it clear that they do not want to be confined to a specific genre or label. They want their music to reach a wider audience and connect with people from different backgrounds. While they do incorporate elements of their personal beliefs into their lyrics, they do not want to be exclusively categorized as a Christian band.

The band members have expressed that they want their music to be a platform for self-expression and a source of comfort for their fans, regardless of their religious beliefs. They believe that music has the power to transcend boundaries and bring people together, and they do not want to limit their message to a specific religious group.

Wanting Lyrics to be Relatable

One of the reasons BlessTheFall rejects the Christian band label is because they want their lyrics to be relatable to a wider audience. While they do touch on spiritual themes and personal struggles, they also explore other topics such as love, loss, and perseverance.

They want their music to resonate with listeners on an emotional level, regardless of their religious background.

The band members believe that music should be a universal language that can be understood and appreciated by people from all walks of life. They want their fans to find solace and inspiration in their music, regardless of their religious beliefs or lack thereof.

It is important to note that while the band may not identify as a Christian band, their music and lyrics can still have spiritual and uplifting messages that resonate with individuals of various faiths.

The band’s refusal to be labeled as solely Christian reflects their desire to connect with a diverse audience and create music that speaks to the human experience as a whole.

Collaborations and Connections With Christian Artists

Tours and Shared Record Labels

BlessTheFall, known for their energetic performances and emphatic lyrics, has established themselves as a prominent presence in the rock music scene. While they are not explicitly categorized as a Christian band, the group does have strong connections with various Christian artists.

One of the ways they have fostered these connections is through tours with well-known Christian bands. For instance, BlessTheFall has toured with bands such as Underoath and August Burns Red, both of which have openly discussed their Christian faith.

These collaborations have allowed BlessTheFall to reach a wider audience, including fans of Christian music who may resonate with their spiritually influenced lyrics.

Additionally, BlessTheFall shares record labels with several Christian bands, further solidifying their connections within the Christian music community. Their association with labels such as Solid State Records and Tooth & Nail Records has enabled them to work closely with other artists who share similar beliefs and values.

This collaboration not only allows for artistic growth but also provides opportunities for BlessTheFall to reach listeners who appreciate music with a spiritual message.

Appearances on Christian Albums

Although BlessTheFall is not exclusively a Christian band, they have made appearances on albums that are considered part of the Christian music genre. These collaborations have allowed them to contribute their unique sound and perspective to songs that convey Christian themes.

By lending their talent to these projects, BlessTheFall has been able to showcase their musical versatility while also connecting with the Christian music community.

It is worth noting that BlessTheFall’s involvement with Christian albums does not necessarily indicate that all of their songs have a Christian message. They have a diverse range of lyrical content, exploring themes of personal growth, resilience, and self-reflection.

However, their collaborations with Christian artists and appearances on Christian albums demonstrate their willingness to engage with different musical communities and explore various spiritual themes.

Final Verdict: Leans Christian But Rejects the Label

When examining the lyrics and beliefs of BlessTheFall, it becomes clear that the band leans towards Christian themes and values. However, they have made it clear that they do not want to be labeled as a strictly Christian band. Let’s delve deeper into their lyrics and beliefs to understand why.

Christian Themes in Lyrics

BlessTheFall’s lyrics often touch upon spiritual and existential themes, including faith, hope, redemption, and perseverance. Their songs explore the struggles of life and the search for meaning, often drawing inspiration from Christian teachings.

For example, in their song “Hollow Bodies,” they sing about finding strength in times of darkness and relying on a higher power for guidance.

Another example is their song “To Hell and Back,” which talks about overcoming personal demons and finding salvation. These themes resonate with many Christian listeners who can relate to the struggles and triumphs portrayed in the lyrics.

Beliefs and Personal Statements

Although BlessTheFall’s lyrics contain Christian undertones, the band members themselves have stated that they do not want to be confined by the Christian label. They believe in expressing their personal experiences and emotions through their music, regardless of specific religious affiliations.

In an interview with Alternative Press, lead vocalist Beau Bokan mentioned that while he personally identifies as a Christian, the band wants their music to be inclusive and relatable to listeners from all walks of life.

They aim to inspire and uplift their fans, regardless of their religious beliefs.


While BlessTheFall rejects being pigeonholed as strictly Christian, their lyrics and background suggest their faith significantly shapes their musical style and substance.

Ultimately, the band transcends labels to share art exploring redemption and struggle relatable for believers and non-believers alike. Whether Christian or not, BlessTheFall offers insightful messages on the human condition.

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