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Celebrities Who Left Hollywood Behind For Their Faith

Have you ever wondered why some famous actors and musicians seem to suddenly drop out of the spotlight? For a select few, finding God has meant leaving the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle behind.

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: Some celebrities like Chris Pratt, Alice Cooper, and MC Hammer have given up Hollywood fame and fortune to dedicate themselves to their Christian faith.

In this article, we’ll highlight well-known celebrities who turned their backs on Hollywood success in order to focus on their spirituality and service to God. You’ll learn about their religious awakenings, the profound moments that led them to change their lives so drastically, and what they chose to do afterwards.

Finding God

Chris Pratt’s rebirth

Known for his comedic roles in Parks and Recreation and Marvel movies like Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt has been open about his Christian faith in recent years. Though raised as a Lutheran, Pratt strayed from his faith in his 20s as his acting career took off.

However, after the birth of his son in 2012, Pratt had what he described as a “rebirth” and recommitted himself to Christianity.

In a 2019 speech at the MTV Movie & TV Awards, Pratt thanked God and spoke about the role faith played in keeping him grounded, saying “God is real. God loves you. God wants the best for you. “ He attends the Zoe Church in Los Angeles with his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, who comes from a Catholic background.

Some criticize the church for having anti-LGBTQ leanings, but Pratt has focused on the positive role it plays in his life rather than controversies.

Kirk Cameron’s born-again moment

Best known as a child star on the sitcom Growing Pains in the 1980s, Kirk Cameron experienced a profound faith shift as a teenager when he became a born-again Christian. No longer feeling fulfilled by fame and acting alone, Cameron has since focused his career on faith-based films and advocating conservative Christian values.

In 2012, Cameron stirred controversy when he stated homosexuality was “unnatural” and “detrimental and ultimately destructive.” He later clarified he was not homophobic, but several former Growing Pains colleagues criticized his stance.

Still, Cameron has remained vocal about putting his Christian values first, even when it challenges mainstream Hollywood. He continues acting in Christian films and runs a faith-based film company with his wife.

MC Hammer heeds a spiritual calling

With his flashy wardrobe and string of hip hop hits like “U Can’t Touch This,” MC Hammer reached astronomical fame in the early 1990s. But the pressures of wealth, challenges with his record label and family tragedies led to a spiritual crisis.

In 1994, MC Hammer declared bankruptcy with over $13 million in debts.

During this nadir, Hammer experienced a religious awakening and considered entering the ministry. He reinvented himself in the late 1990s with the album Family Affair which had more positive, spiritual lyrics reflecting his newfound devotion to Christianity.

Though Hammer’s star power has faded, he continues using his celebrity status to fulfill what he sees as a calling from God to spread the gospel through media projects and charitable initiatives.

Alice Cooper embraces Christianity

With his shocking hard rock shows featuring pyrotechnics, fake blood and a guillotine, Alice Cooper cultivated a reputation in the 1970s as an over-the-top villain in theatrical makeup. But few fans realized he was struggling with severe alcoholism that nearly killed him.

In the mid-1980s, Cooper became sober and returned to the Protestant Christian faith he practiced growing up.

Though he is still outrageous on stage, Cooper focuses the rest of his life on faith, family and sobriety. He’s been happily married since 1976, has three children, and attends church services before every concert.

Cooper has said, “My life is dedicated to my God…my whole life comes down to ‘What would Jesus do?'” Though considered a paradox by some, Cooper sees no contradiction between hard rock excess and devout Christianity.

Leaving Hollywood

Walking away from fame and fortune

Some celebrities have made the difficult decision to walk away from successful Hollywood careers in order to follow their faith more completely. While fame and fortune may seem appealing, these individuals felt called to prioritize their spirituality and found greater meaning and purpose in doing so.

For example, actor Chris Pratt was at the height of his career when he decided to take a step back. Though initially hesitant to discuss his faith publicly, he has become more outspoken about his Christian beliefs over time.

And actress Alice Cooper stunned fans by leaving a promising on-screen career to become an evangelical minister.

Resisting temptation in Tinseltown

The glittery facade of Hollywood often obscures the dark temptations that lurk beneath. Some religious celebs have opened up about the difficulties they’ve faced resisting things like substance abuse amid the pressure to party and keep up certain images.

In her memoir, actress Lisa Whelchel shared about becoming a Christian at a young age and having to set hard boundaries on sets to maintain her convictions. And musician Alice Cooper has been very candid about his journey overcoming alcoholism and rediscovering his faith after hitting rock bottom.

Surprising fans by leaving show business

Other famous figures have made surprise exits from highly-visible careers in order to follow new spiritual callings. their unexpected decisions often leave fans scratching their heads yet wishing them well.

For instance, singer Katy Perry took a break from the spotlight in 2017 to realign her life with her Christian upbringing. And just this year, NFL quarterback Andrew Luck stunned football fans by announcing an early retirement at age 29 to pursue other interests, including theology school.

While walking away from Hollywood may be incomprehensible to some, those who have done so felt compelled by their faith to take that monumental leap. And rather than losing their identities, they discovered their true selves in the process.

Dedicated to Faith

Focusing on ministry and service

Several celebrities have stepped back from the limelight to dedicate themselves to ministry and service. For example, Debby Boone, famous for her 1977 hit song “You Light Up My Life,” began focusing on her Christian faith and service to the church in the late 1980s.

According to an article on Guideposts, Boone felt called to use her talents and fame to bring people closer to God. She has produced several gospel albums and tours the country speaking and singing at Christian events. Her dedication to ministry is admirable and has touched many lives.

Outspoken about spiritual beliefs

Some stars feel compelled to talk openly about their religious or spiritual journeys. Alice Cooper, the rock singer known for outrageous stage antics, found faith after hitting rock bottom from alcohol abuse.

According to his interview with CNN in 2012, Cooper embraced Christ and got sober in the 1980s.

While no choir boy, Cooper is outspoken about his Christian faith. “Drinking beer is easy. Trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that’s a tough call. That’s rebellion,” he told CNN.

Balancing religion with career

Being a person of faith while working in show business poses challenges. Actress Patricia Heaton, best known for her role on TV’s “Everybody Loves Raymond,” makes her Catholic faith a priority while balancing her acting career.

“Hollywood respects people who have some boundaries,” she told Catholic News Agency in a 2011 interview. Heaton refuses roles that conflict with her values. Still, she has racked up Emmy and Screen Actors Guild awards over decades of steady work. Her principled stance has earned Hollywood’s respect.

These and other stars prove you can live faithfully in Hollywood without sacrificing professional success. With adherence to moral convictions and service to others, fame and faith can coexist.


While not every celebrity is willing to give up the perks of fame to follow their faith, some have felt called to do just that. For people like Chris Pratt, Alice Cooper, Kirk Cameron and MC Hammer, heeding that spiritual call has brought them purpose and fulfillment their Hollywood careers couldn’t offer.

The next time you hear about a celebrity suddenly leaving a hit show or promising career behind, it may well be because they’ve discovered something they care about even more than money and fame – their life in God.

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