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How Old Is Beth Moore, The Popular Bible Teacher?

Beth Moore is one of the most influential Bible teachers of our time. In this article, we will explore Beth’s background, her rise to prominence, details on her age and birthdate, as well as the impact she has made over her decades-long career.

Beth Moore’s Background

Early Life and Education

Beth Moore was born on June 16, 1957 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Her father was a diligent and hardworking man, while her mother was a charming and loving housewife. Beth grew up in Arkadelphia, Arkansas with her parents and two older brothers.

As a young girl, she loved reading books and writing stories. At age 12, she felt a calling towards full-time Christian ministry.

Moore graduated from Southwest Texas State University (now Texas State University) in 1978 with a bachelor’s degree in political science. During her college years, she was very active in young life ministry and led a bible study for her fellow classmates.

She also met her future husband Keith Moore while attending the university.

Conversion to Christianity

Although raised in a Christian home, Moore had more of an intellectual knowledge of God rather than a deep personal relationship with Him. At age 18, she committed herself fully to Jesus Christ during an evangelistic event. This marked a turning point in her life.

In recalling her conversion experience, Moore said “When I came to know Christ personally as a young woman, my world began to make sense. My lifelong feeling of lostness was replaced with direction and purpose.

Her passion for studying and teaching the Bible ignited after trusting in Christ as her Lord and Savior.

Early Ministry

After getting married in 1978, Beth Moore taught an aerobics class and worked as a sales representative. In 1983, she began teaching a woman’s Bible study class at her church. Moore quickly discovered that she had the spiritual gift of teaching.

By the early 1990’s, she started an in-depth bible study for women which grew exponentially. In 1994, she founded Living Proof Ministries headquartered in Houston, Texas. The interdenominational ministry aimed to teach women how to love and live on God’s Word.

With her bible studies published into books and videos, Moore soon became a sought-after bible teacher and speaker at large Christian conferences.

According to Living Proof Ministries’ website, over 18 million women have attended Beth Moore’s bible studies around the world. Through her teaching ministry focused on biblical literacy, millions have come to know Jesus Christ in a personal way over the past 30 years.


Rise to Prominence

First Bible Studies

In the early 1980s, Beth Moore began leading a weekly women’s Bible study at First Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. This Bible study started out small, with around 200 women attending. However, word spread quickly about Moore’s passionate and engaging teaching style.

By the late 1980s, attendance at the Bible study had grown to over 2,000 women each week. Many women’s lives were transformed by Moore’s practical and inspirational lessons from Scripture. Her ability to make the Bible come alive resonated deeply with the women who attended.

Growth of Ministry

As Moore’s ministry continued to grow, she felt called to expand her outreach beyond the weekly Bible study in Houston. In 1994, she founded Living Proof Ministries to facilitate her calling to teach and minister to women across the United States and even globally.

She began writing bible study materials and books and traveling to speak at conferences and events. Her first study, “A Woman’s Heart: God’s Dwelling Place,” came out in 1995 and her first book, “Things Pondered,” was published in 1996. Her early books and studies quickly became bestsellers.

This demonstrated the hunger women had for solid, engaging Bible teaching. Moore seized the opportunity to minister to women nationwide through conferences, books, video studies and other resources.

Here are some key milestones in the growth of Moore’s ministry influence:

  • In 1996, she had the chance to teach at her first national women’s conference.
  • By 1999, she was a featured speaker at major Christian women’s events across the U.S.
  • In 2001, she launched the “Living Proof Live” conference tour which drew over 75,000 women annually.
  • Her first international conference was held in 2003 in Amsterdam for women in Europe.
  • She began a radio teaching ministry called “Living Proof with Beth Moore” in 2011 that expanded her reach even further.

Bestselling Bible Study Author

Beth Moore is considered one of the most influential and bestselling authors of in-depth Bible studies for women. She has published over 20 Bible studies since 1995, with millions of copies sold. Some of her most popular studies include “Breaking Free,” “Believing God,” and “David: Seeking a Heart Like His.”

Here is a comparison of a few of Moore’s top selling studies:

Bible Study Title Year Published Estimated Copies Sold
Breaking Free 2000 Over 1 million
Believing God 2004 Over 1 million
David: Seeking a Heart Like His 2007 Over 500,000

In addition to her Bible studies, Moore has also authored numerous bestselling books including a 5-volume children’s series, memoirs, books on prayer and more. Her undisputed skill in unpacking Scripture in a compelling yet understandable way has enabled her to become one of the most beloved and trusted Bible teachers for women today.

Beth Moore’s Age

Birth Year

Beth Moore was born on June 16, 1957 in Green Bend, West Virginia, United States. This makes her birth year 1957. Beth grew up as the fourth child in a family of five children. Her father was a diligent worker at a family lumber yard while her mother was a stay-at-home mom.

Beth has shared that she accepted Jesus Christ as her personal savior at age 18 in 1975 while attending a youth retreat.

Current Age

Having been born in 1957, Beth Moore is currently 67 years old as of 2024. She has had an extremely fulfilling life empowering women through Bible teaching for over 25 years. Her energetic and passionate speaking style has inspired multitudes to draw nearer to Jesus Christ.

Now in her late 60s, Beth is still going strong in ministry through writing books, leading Bible studies, and speaking at conferences. Her experience and wisdom have only increased with age. Though in her later years, Beth continues to exude a youthful, joyful spirit as she pours herself into equipping women in the Word.

Her age certainly has not slowed her down in pursuing the calling that God has placed on her life!

Impact and Legacy

Reach of Ministry

Beth Moore has reached millions of people through her books, Bible studies, and speaking events over her decades-long ministry career. She is considered one of the most influential Bible teachers of her generation, with over 25 million products sold by LifeWay Christian Resources since the 1990s.

Her Bible studies, including Breaking Free, Believing God, and David, have been tremendously popular especially among women. Her Living Proof Ministries events have drawn over 700,000 women in total attendance.

Through her books, videos, social media, and podcast, Moore’s teaching and encouragement has had an immeasurable impact.


Despite her popularity and influence, Moore’s ministry has not been without controversy. In 2019, she spoke publicly about experiencing abuse and sexism early in her ministry, which prompted both criticism and praise. Her egalitarian view of women in ministry leadership has also stirred debate.

In 2021, Moore distanced herself from the Southern Baptist Convention over issues related to women, abuse, and racism. This move was polarizing, with some applauding her stance while others saw it as divisive.

Her 2021 partnership with Lysa TerKeurst for “First 5”, a Bible study app targeting a broad Christian audience, also garnered criticism from some evangelical circles. Regardless, Moore has maintained a sizable following of supporters.

Criticism and Commendations

Throughout her career, Moore’s ministry has drawn both criticism and commendation. Some have praised her gift for making biblical truth accessible, while criticizing perceived doctrinal problems in her teaching.

Others applaud her advocacy for abuse victims, while lamenting her associations with progressive Christians. She has been critiqued for liberal drift by some and praised for boldness by others. Matt Chandler, a leading Calvinist pastor, commended her gift for teaching while expressing concern over doctrinal imprecision.

Prominent Calvinist John Piper applauded her proclamation of truth before highlighting objections to her ministry partnerships. Despite polarizing stances, Moore’s enduring popularity indicates she has filled a need among countless Christian women. Her legacy seems assured even amidst ongoing debate.


In this article, we traced Beth Moore’s life from humble beginnings to beloved Bible teacher status. We covered details on her background, rise to prominence, age, as well as the significant impact she has made through her ministry work.

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