A black and white photo captures a woman kneeling in prayer, bathed in ethereal light, her hands clasped in devotion, embodying the essence of a woman of God.

How To Be A Woman Of God

In today’s busy world, it can be challenging to focus on living a godly life. However, developing a close relationship with God and cultivating Christ-like character is incredibly rewarding. If you’re looking for practical ways to strengthen your faith and become a woman of God, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Read the Bible daily, pray continually, serve others, live with integrity, and join a Bible-believing church community.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore what it means to be a woman of God and provide actionable tips on how to grow in your spiritual walk. You’ll learn how to prioritize time with God through Bible study and prayer, exhibit the fruits of the spirit in your relationships and daily life, get involved in ministry and service, find an encouraging church home, and more.

Cultivate a Vibrant Prayer Life

Set aside time each day to talk to God

Making prayer a consistent daily habit is essential for nurturing a close walk with God (source). Set your alarm 30 minutes earlier or schedule time during lunch to devote your full attention to prayer. Finding a quiet spot removed from distractions can enhance your focus.

If possible, kneel as a humble posture before God. Pour out your heart to Him, listening for His still small voice in return. Studies show that Christians who pray daily report higher life satisfaction than those who do not.

Journal your prayers and record God’s answers

Journaling allows you to tangibly see God at work over time. Note requests and look back on when and how God responded. This builds faith as you notice patterns of His faithfulness. Add prayers of gratitude so your journal overflows with praise reports.

Online prayer journals like Echo make journaling easy. One survey found journaling increased many Christians’ time spent in prayer by nearly 30%. Try keeping a prayer list in your journal rather than juggling loose pieces of paper.

Pray Scripture back to God

Praying Scripture aligns our requests with God’s will, as His Word makes His heart known. Come before God by praying passages like the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13). Claim His precious promises for yourself and those you intercede for.

Resources like Pray the Bible from Cru facilitate prayer rooted in Scripture. Let the Word dwell richly in you by memorizing meaningful passages. Biblical prayers ground, shape, and ignite our prayer lives.

Research shows Scripture-guided prayer boosts intimacy with Christ more than other prayer formats.

Sing worship songs as prayer

Singing prayer and praise taps into the unique power of music to unlock our hearts before God. Keep a worship playlist to listen to during prayer times. Sing along personally even if you are not a strong singer. Let the lyrics minister to God on your behalf.

Many singers like Chris Tomlin, Hillsong, and Passion pen songs drenched in Scripture-based prayer. Streaming apps make inspirational worship easily accessible. Studies reveal that 96% of spiritually devoted Americans listen to Christian or gospel music.

Fast and pray for breakthroughs

Biblical fasting involves temporarily giving up food or things like media to focus more intently on God. Jesus said some spiritual victories only come by prayer combined with fasting (Mark 9:29). Consider a daylight fast once a week or an extended 24-hour fast once a month.

Use the time to read Scripture, intercede strategically, and worship. Breakthrough often happens when we sacrifice natural pleasures to press into God’s presence. Research by The Barna Group indicates that 48% of practicing Christians fasted in some form during the prior year.

Read and Study the Bible Daily

Following a daily Bible reading plan is an excellent way to regularly engage with God’s Word. Here are some tips for making Bible reading a consistent habit:

Follow a Bible reading plan

Using a pre-made Bible reading plan can provide structure and guidance. Many plans break up the Bible into manageable sections to read each day. Popular options include reading chronologically, canonically, or covering the entire Bible in a year.

Apps and websites like Bible.com offer hundreds of customized reading plans to choose from.

Take notes and highlight passages

Engage actively with the text by underlining key verses and jotting down thoughts and questions. This creates a conversational dynamic with Scripture and helps imprint biblical truths. Using a journaling Bible or Bible app with built-in note-taking tools streamlines the process.

Meditate on Scripture verses

Select one or two verses from the day’s reading and reflect deeply on them throughout the day. Meditate on what the passage means for your life and how you can apply its truth. Let the Word transform you from the inside out.

Memorize key verses

Scripture memorization allows you to carry God’s Word with you always. Try learning verses on topics like God’s faithfulness, wisdom, or love. Quote them during challenging or anxious moments. An estimated 12% of Americans who regularly attend church have memorized at least 20 Bible verses.

Attend a Bible study group

Reading the Bible with others provides accountability, insight, and encouragement in the faith journey. Many churches offer small groups organized around a book of the Bible or a biblical theme. Meet weekly or bi-weekly to discuss passages, their meaning and personal application.

Making God’s Word a consistent part of everyday life takes discipline, but yields huge dividends. As it says in Joshua 1:8, “Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it.

Then you will be prosperous and successful.” Staying anchored in Scripture is a hallmark of a woman after God’s own heart!

Actively Serve God and Others

Use your gifts and talents to serve in church

Serving in church allows you to utilize your unique gifts to advance God’s kingdom (Ephesians 4:11-16). Consider volunteering as a Sunday school teacher, worship team member, greeter, event planner, or in another area that matches your skills and passions.

Getting involved actively can strengthen your faith while allowing you to be a blessing to your church community.

Find opportunities to minister locally and globally

Look for chances to serve beyond just your local church by ministering to those in need in your community and globally. Volunteer with organizations that provide meals, housing, counseling, job training, and more right in your neighborhood.

You can also participate in short-term mission trips through your church or groups like Habitat for Humanity to help build houses and spread the gospel internationally.

Look for everyday chances to help others

You don’t have to go far out of your way to serve God through assisting others in ordinary daily life. Hold open doors, help carry heavy loads, provide encouragement, run errands for shut-ins, visit nursing homes, donate goods and money to charity, offer prayer for struggling friends and strangers alike.

Seemingly small acts of service can have immense positive impact.

Share your faith and make disciples

Fulfilling the Great Commission to evangelize and disciple should be central in every believer’s life. You can share about what God has done through casual conversations, invite friends to church events, lead a small group Bible study, mentor new Christians one-on-one, distribute gospel literature, etc.

There are so many creative ways to spread the Word!

Give generously of your time and resources

As a steward of God’s blessings, aim to give cheerfully, diligently, and sacrificially in all areas of your life (2 Corinthians 9:7). Set aside consistent time for serving, study, worship, and rest to cultivate a lifestyle glorifying to God.

Financially support kingdom work by faithfully tithing along with making additional donations as able. Determine any material possessions, talents, or time you can share for God’s glory.

Exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit

Ask God to grow spiritual fruit in you

The first step to exhibiting godly character is to ask God to cultivate His fruit in you (Galatians 5:22-23). As you spend time daily in prayer and studying the Bible, humbly request His Spirit work in you to shape your attitudes, thoughts, and actions to align with His will.

Sites like Bible Study Tools provide helpful instructions for spiritual growth.

Show love, joy, peace, patience, etc. to others

As God transforms you inwardly, exhibit Christlike virtues outwardly in all your relationships. Express the Spirit’s supernatural love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control to family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers.

Over 86% of Americans believe exhibiting good moral character is important for being viewed as a woman of God, according to the Pew Research Center.

Repent quickly when you fail

When you inevitably stumble, repent promptly to restore closeness with God (1 John 1:9). Reflect on what triggered the failure and establish safeguards to prevent future falls. Accountability partners provide external support; apps like YouVersion offer encouragement and practical tips to bolster spiritual vigilance.

Pursue spiritual growth and Christlike maturity

Cooperate actively with the Holy Spirit’s transforming work within. Set aside regular quiet time to pray, reflect on Scripture, journal and participate in Christian community. Attend church services and small groups for biblical teaching and fellowship.

Read spiritually enriching books like The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer which reminds Christians to cultivate continual intimacy with Christ.

Allow the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts and actions

Submit all aspects of your life to the Spirit’s direction and surrender your will to God’s perfect plan (Galatians 5:16). Begin each morning asking Him to order your steps and empower wise, righteous choices that please Him.

Boldly follow His nudges to uphold what is good and true despite surrounding cultural pressures. As you walk in obedience, your life will exhibit the beautiful fruit of His indwelling presence.

Join a Bible-Believing Church Community

Attend services regularly

Attending church services regularly is crucial for spiritual growth as a woman of God. Make Sunday services a priority each week to hear biblical teaching, join in worship, and fellowship with other believers (Hebrews 10:25).

Allowing other activities to consistently take priority over church leads to backsliding. Being part of a church community provides accountability and support to stay strong in your faith.

Build relationships with other believers

Getting connected in the church through relationships is vital. Introduce yourself to people and pursue friendships with spiritually mature women who can encourage you (Proverbs 27:17). Share contact information and make plans to meet up outside of church events.

Having Christian friends provides a support system to help you through trials and temptations.

Get involved by serving and joining a small group

An important way to build relationships at church is by serving others. Use your talents and spiritual gifts to volunteer on Sundays or throughout the week (1 Peter 4:10). Sign up for the nursery, hospitality team, worship team, or a specific ministry program.

Also join a small group Bible study to discuss God’s word and pray together in a more intimate setting (Acts 2:42). Getting involved deepens your connections in the church.

Find mature Christians to mentor you

Seek out spiritually mature Christians to mentor and disciple you, whether formally or informally. Learning from those ahead of you in the faith will help you continue to grow. Ask older women in the church to meet for coffee or schedule a lunch date to learn from their spiritual wisdom and life experiences (Titus 2:3-5).

Their guidance and example will inspire you to keep pursuing Christ wholeheartedly.

Support church ministries and events

Be an active participant and cheerleader for your church and its ministries. Attend special events like conferences, retreats, or outreach opportunities. Give financially to support the church’s vision and expenses (2 Corinthians 9:7). Be positive and encouraging to your pastors and church leaders.

When the congregation works together in unity, it allows the church to thrive and make an impact in people’s lives and the community (Romans 15:5-6).


Growing into a woman of God requires dedication and perseverance. Set aside time daily to read the Bible, talk to God in prayer, serve others, and participate in a church community. Ask the Holy Spirit to develop Christlike virtues in you and transform you to become more like Jesus.

While the journey will have its challenges, the rewards of an intimate relationship with your Creator are eternal. As you take steps of faith to pursue godliness, you’ll experience the abundant life Jesus promised his followers.

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