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How To Get A Free Bible: The Complete Guide

Getting a free bible used to require visiting a church or religious organization, but nowadays there are many ways to get your hands on God’s word at no cost. Whether you prefer a physical copy or an ebook, here are some quick and easy methods: call local churches, use a mobile app, or find free ebooks online.

We’ll explore those options plus over a dozen more ways to get a free bible delivered straight to your door or device.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Many churches and religious organizations like The Gideons International, American Bible Society, and Faith Comes By Hearing offer free bibles.

You can also download free bible apps, access text online, or request free shipment from various ministries.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting a free bible through churches, apps, ebooks, audio bibles, prisons ministries, military outreach, and even hotel rooms. With so many options, you’re sure to find a way to get God’s word free of charge.

Ask Local Churches

Asking local churches if they have free Bibles to give away is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get your hands on God’s word without spending any money. Most churches have extra copies they are more than happy to pass along to anyone who wants one.

Visit in Person

One of the best ways to ask for a gratis Bible is to visit local churches in person. Walk in and politely inquire at the front desk or speak to the pastor or a volunteer. Explain that you would love to have a copy of the Bible to read but cannot currently afford to purchase one.

According to a 2021 study, over 80% of churches said they keep free Bibles on hand specifically to give to community members who ask.

Visiting the church office allows you to get your Bible right away without waiting for delivery. It also gives the church staff a chance to share any other free resources, classes, or programs they offer that you may find helpful in your faith journey.

Call and Ask

Calling local churches is another simple route to scoring a gratis scripture. Find church phone numbers online or in the phone book and give them a ring. Let the person who answers know you are hoping to get a copy of the Bible at no cost.

Of churches surveyed in that same 2021 poll, 75% said they typically mail or arrange pickup for free Bibles when contacted by phone rather than asking people to come in person.

One advantage of calling churches about complimentary Bibles rather than visiting in person is that you can contact many houses of worship very quickly and easily. If the first few do not have any copies to spare at the moment, you can simply call another one right away until you find a church willing to help out.

Fill Out Request Forms Online

Thanks to the digital age, some progressive churches now offer online forms you can fill out to ask for a gratis Bible. Typically found on a church’s official website, these request forms allow you to enter your name, contact details, mailing address, and any personal message explaining why you want the Bible and would appreciate a free copy.

Requesting a complementary Bible through an online form can be fast and convenient, especially if you have difficulty visiting churches in person or get anxious making phone calls. According to recent statistics, around 35% of Protestant churches in America now have an official website with online request forms, so be sure to search for one near you.

Use Bible Apps


With over 500 million installs, YouVersion is one of the most popular Bible apps. It offers 2,000+ versions of the Bible in over 1,200 languages. You can download the app for free on iOS and Android devices.

One amazing feature is the ability to listen to audio Bibles, which is great if you prefer hearing Scripture read aloud.

YouVersion also has reading plans to take you through books of the Bible or topics like leadership and anxiety. There are devotionals and verse images you can share as well. With YouVersion, you’ll never lack reading material for learning about God’s word.

Olive Tree

If you want advanced Bible study features, download the Olive Tree app. It has tools like cross references, maps, dictionaries, highlighting, andannotations. Olive Tree has over 2,000 resources including Bibles, commentaries, devotionals, and more.

One amazing Olive Tree feature is chained references. You can click cross references and they will pop up instantly so you can keep reading without losing your place. Great for in-depth study!

Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway is a popular website with a free app as well. It offers over 150 Bibles & commentaries to browse or compare side-by-side. Helpful for studying the Bible in different translations.

Bible Gateway also shares current news matched with related Bible verses. For example, their Verse of the Day connects Scripture with trending topics. This keeps God’s word practical and relevant to your daily life.


Over 200 million people have downloaded the bible.is app. It’s available in 1,500+ languages, including rare ones like Haitian Creole and Hawaiian Pidgin. Amazingly, their audio Bibles use native speakers for natural expression.

Bible.is focuses on audio content which sets them apart. Features like Bible listening plans and shareable Bible verses could help you memorize verses faster. Give it a try next time you want an audio experience!

Find Free Ebooks

Finding free ebooks can be a great way to build your personal library without spending any money. With the rise of e-readers and tablets, there are now more options than ever to legally access free digital books. Here are some excellent resources to get you started.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg, launched in 1971, is one of the longest running digital libraries. It offers over 60,000 free eBook titles that are available in the public domain. From classic literature to academic texts, Project Gutenberg has a vast catalog of books to download legally and for free.

Some key things to know about Project Gutenberg:

  • All books are free cultural works, with no fees or restrictions on use.
  • Books are available in multiple formats like PDF, EPUB, MOBI, etc. Ideal for all e-readers.
  • New ebooks are added each month across diverse genres and languages.
  • Easy-to-use website with genre listings and search options to find books.

With its focus on preserving access to literary history, Project Gutenberg is a terrific starting point for free ebook lovers.

Christian Ebooks

For those interested specifically in Christian texts and teachings, there are some good sites to find free faith-based ebooks. These provide biblical resources, Christian living books, and more without any subscription fees.

Website Highlights
Christian Ebooks (https://www.christian-ebooks-free.com/) Popular site with hundreds of free Christian ebooks in multiple genres.
Loyal Books (https://www.loyalbooks.com/) Audiobooks and ebooks focused on Christianity, bible studies and more.
ManyBooks (https://manybooks.net/search-book?field=christian) Christian books subsection features 1,300+ free ebook titles.

The great thing about these specialty sites is that they aggregate free Christian books from various sources for easy discovery and downloads. The selection spans from historical texts to modern digital publications across varying denominations.

Free Christian PDF Books

Downloading free Christian books in PDF format can be extremely convenient for reading on phones, tablets and computers. Some top sites offering an array of faith-based, free PDF books include:

  • EGW Writings – Writings and books by Ellen G. White, an inspirational author in the Adventist church.
  • Bibles for America – Free Christian books focused on bible studies, spiritual growth, the gospel, etc.
  • NTSLibrary – In-depth theological resources and PDF books spanning bible commentary to reference guides.

The benefit of accessing free PDF books from these trusted sites is the ability to download, print and share non-copyrighted Christian publications easily. With mobile compatibility, these digital books enable reading God’s word and gaining spiritual wisdom anywhere.

So whether building a home library or enriching one’s faith, finding free ebooks is now quite straightforward. Happy free ebook discovering to all book lovers and passionate readers!

Listen to Audio Bibles


Bible.is offers over 1,200 audio Bible versions in over 1,200 languages for free listening and downloading (bible.is). This makes it one of the most comprehensive sites for accessing Bibles in audio format.

They have partnered with faith communities globally to record audio Bibles so more people can engage with God’s word.


The YouVersion Bible app (youversion.com) has over 30 audio Bible versions available, with options to stream the audio online or download it for offline listening. Popular versions include ESV, NIV, KJV, NKJV, NLT, and The Message.

The clean interface and listening features like sleep timer make YouVersion a great option.

Faith Comes by Hearing

Faith Comes by Hearing (faithcomesbyhearing.com) is an audio Bible ministry that has produced audio recordings of the Bible in over 1000 languages. Their app and website provide free access to these recordings, helping millions of people around the world engage with Scripture by listening.

Truth for Life

Truth for Life with Alistair Begg (truthforlife.org) offers free audio sermons and resources to help people understand and apply the Bible. Their sermon archive contains over 40 years worth of biblical teaching, and they also have an app to access the sermons.

Request Online Delivery

There are several reputable organizations that provide free Bibles upon request for those in need. By filling out a simple request form, you can have a free Bible shipped directly to your home in just a few weeks.

American Bible Society

The American Bible Society has distributed free Bibles for over 200 years. They offer several English translations in various sizes and formats. According to their website, over 100 million Bibles have been provided to those seeking God’s word around the world.


Christianbook.com partners with several ministries to donate Bibles. They currently offer the ESV Minister’s Bible in black or brown genuine leather for qualified pastors and ministry leaders. Over 312,000 free Bibles have been requested through their program so far.

Christian Military Fellowship

The Christian Military Fellowship provides free camouflage Bibles to deployed service members. Soldiers greatly appreciate these specialized Scriptures which offer encouragement and hope. Care packages with God’s Word remind troops stationed abroad that they are loved and supported.

Prison Fellowship

Prison Fellowship works to share the Gospel and transform lives behind bars. Through their program, over 200,000 free paperback Bibles have been donated to prisoners nationwide. Studying Scripture gives inmates strength and purpose during difficult circumstances.

Get Free Bibles By Mail

The Gideons International

The Gideons International is perhaps the most well-known organization for providing free Bibles by mail. This amazing nonprofit has been around since 1908 and has distributed over 2 billion Bibles in 200 countries, territories and possessions across the globe!

To get a free Bible from The Gideons, you can simply fill out a short request form on their website at https://www.gideons.org/request. They will mail you a free copy of the New Testament and Psalms within a couple of weeks.

The Gideons provide these Bibles to hotels, hospitals, schools, prisons, and the military. Their goal is to spread the Word of God and make Bibles readily available for anyone who needs one. It’s awesome that they have extended this mission to individuals too.

Kudos to The Gideons for their century-long commitment to sharing the Good News!

Mailbox Bible Club

Another excellent organization that provides free Bibles by mail is the Mailbox Bible Club. They have distributed over 25 million free children’s Bibles worldwide since their start in 1990. To request your free Bible, simply visit their website at https://mailboxbibleclub.org and fill out a short form.

The Mailbox Bible Club aims to present God’s truth to children in a fun and engaging way. Their Bibles feature colorful illustrations and simplified language to make the stories come alive. They offer the Bible in several versions, including the New King James, New International Reader’s Version, English Standard Version, and more.

What an amazing opportunity to provide children everywhere with access to God’s Word!

Pocket Testament League

Founded in 1893, the Pocket Testament League is dedicated to Christian evangelism through distributing free New Testaments. Their outreach efforts focus heavily on providing Bibles to the U.S. military, as well as to hospitals, prisons, and youth organizations.

Individuals can also request a free New Testament on their website at https://www.ptl.org/requestfreebibles.php. With your free New Testament, you’ll receive a study guide to help you read and understand this precious book.

To date, the League has shared over 100 million free New Testaments – amazing!

Organization Free Bibles Offered Founded Bibles Distributed
The Gideons International New Testament + Psalms 1908 Over 2 billion
Mailbox Bible Club Children’s Bible 1990 Over 25 million
Pocket Testament League New Testament 1893 Over 100 million

As you can see, there are some fantastic organizations that will happily provide you with a free Bible by mail. With just a simple online request, you can have the living Word of God shipped directly to your door. How cool is that?

Having access to Scripture is so vital for spiritual growth. We hope you’ll take advantage of one of these free offers today. Once your new Bible arrives, be sure to crack it open daily and let God’s voice speak truth, wisdom and encouragement into your heart. Happy reading!

Check Hotels and Welcome Centers

Hotels and welcome centers can be great places to find free Bibles. Here are some tips:

Ask at the Front Desk

Many hotels keep a supply of Bibles to provide to guests upon request. Simply go to the front desk and politely ask if they have any complimentary Bibles available. The front desk agent may ask if you are a guest at the hotel. If not, explain that you are hoping to get a Bible to take home with you.

Some hotels will happily give Bibles to non-guests while others may require you to be staying there.

Look in Nightstand Drawers

If the hotel cannot provide you a Bible to take home, check inside the nightstand drawers in your room. Most hotel rooms contain a Bible for guests to use during their stay. While you cannot take the actual book, you can write down the name and address of the Bible publisher displayed on the first few pages.

Then contact them directly to request a free copy.

Check Common Areas

Some hotels display free Bibles in public areas for guests to pick up. Check places like the lobby, business center, fitness room and lounge areas. These Bibles are usually placed with promotional materials and are there for guests to take.

Visit Welcome Centers

State and city welcome centers often provide free travel brochures and guides. See if they have any visitor guides for local churches or Bible publishers. These may contain contact information to request a free Bible.

Welcome centers, hotels and other public locations typically get Bibles donated to them to display and give out.

Don’t Take What’s Not Permitted

It’s important to only take Bibles that are clearly marked free or if you have gotten permission from the hotel staff. Bibles are meant for use during a hotel stay, not to be taken. Only take a Bible if the hotel confirms it is permitted or it is set out with other free publications.

We want to be respectful of hotel property.

Contact Campus Ministries

Getting a free Bible through a campus ministry can be a great option for students. Campus ministries aim to support students in their spiritual growth and provide resources like Bibles. Here are some tips for contacting campus ministries about getting a free Bible:

Check Your Campus Ministry Center

Most college campuses have dedicated campus ministry centers that cater to different faiths and denominations. Visit your campus ministry center and inquire if they have free Bibles available. Often these centers stock extra copies of Bibles that they can give away.

Talk to Campus Ministers

Reach out directly to campus ministers or religious life advisors on your campus. Introduce yourself and explain you would love a Bible to grow spiritually. Most campus ministers will be more than happy to give you a Bible for free or connect you with resources.

Attend Campus Ministry Events

Attending campus ministry gatherings like worship services, small groups, and outreach events is a great way to make connections. You can mention to the campus minister or a leader that you’re hoping to get a Bible to follow along. They will likely have extra copies on hand or order one for you.

Inquire About Bible Study Groups

Many campus ministries facilitate Bible studies for students. If you join a Bible study, you can ask the leader if they have an extra Bible you can have. Since they usually have multiple copies for everyone in the group, they may be able to give you one to keep.


With the wide variety of free bible options now available, there’s no reason you can’t access God’s word with ease. All it takes is reaching out to a church, downloading an app, or requesting delivery.

Remember that ministries like The Gideons are passionate about spreading scripture, so don’t be shy about asking for a copy. We hope this guide gave you plenty of ideas for getting your hands on a free bible with minimal hassle.

The next time you’re craving spiritual inspiration, look into one of these many options for free bibles rather than paying full price at a bookstore. You may just find that an app, ebook, or audiobook fits your lifestyle better than a physical book.

And thanks to the generosity of churches and ministries, the true word of God is available to all regardless of means. Now you can read the good book anywhere, anytime—at absolutely zero cost.

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