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What Chapter Does The Tower Of God Anime End On?

The Tower of God anime has captivated viewers with its unique storytelling, intricate world-building, and engaging characters. As the first season draws to a close, many fans are left wondering what chapter of the manhwa (Korean comic) the season finale adapts.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: the Tower of God anime ends around chapter 78 of the manhwa.

A Brief Summary of Tower of God

The Tower and Its Purpose

The Tower of God story revolves around a mysterious tower that bestows ultimate power and authority to whoever reaches the top. This fantastical tower contains over 134 floors, with each floor presenting insurmountable trials and tests to determine a person’s worthiness to proceed to the next level.

Only Irregulars, people born outside of the tower’s authority, can access the tower at will. All other individuals must be handpicked by Headon, the First Floor’s guardian as worthy candidates. The tower is both a physical and symbolic structure with each ascending level representing the inward journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

At the tower’s pinnacle lies the fabled Axis, a god-like being of immense power and knowledge.

Millions each year flock to the tower hoping to pass its trials, driven by their deepest desires and ambitions. The tower fuels these individuals’ greed and avarice, stoking their hunger for power, fortune, fame or even revenge against Fate itself.

Yet, no matter their reasons for entering the tower, all inevitably find themselves transformed by their harrowing journey to the top. The tower forces people to confront their true natures, their fears, their limits and their purpose in life.

In the end, only those found worthy in heart and mind ascend to the final floor to receive the tower’s blessing. The journey proves as important as the destination.

Key Characters Introduced

The story initially focuses on Twenty-Fifth Bam, a lonely young boy who enters the tower searching for his lost best friend, Rachel. As an Irregular, he immediately finds himself targeted by Jahad’s forces who view Irregulars as threats.

Yet, Bam’s selfless compassion earns him powerful allies and mentors, like the Princess Yuri Jahad, that aid his ascendance up the tower. His inherent goodness, courage, and integrity contrast sharply with other more self-interested candidates.

Rachel, the person Bam is following, has dreamed her whole life of seeing the stars at the tower’s top. Though not chosen as a candidate herself, she secretly infiltrates the tower by following closely behind Bam. Rachel appears gentle and frail, but harbors intense determination.

She seems to know secrets about Bam’s origins and the tower itself. However, her obsession with reaching the top slowly starts twisting her into a different person.

Headon, a mysterious cat-like being, maintains the tower’s first floor. As the gatekeeper, he hand selects candidates worthy of undertaking the ascension trials. Headon sets Bam’s journey in motion, allowing him to enter the tower with Rachel. However, his motives appear murky.

He seems to have greater designs for Bam and Rachel beyond that of neutral gatekeeper. The full extent of Headon’s powers and role has yet to be revealed.

Where the Anime Ends in the Manhwa

The Tower of God anime adaptation by Telecom Animation Film covers roughly the first 80 chapters out of over 500 chapters that have been released so far in the manhwa (Korean manga). This means there is still an incredible amount of story left to be adapted in potential future seasons.

Specifically, the 13-episode Season 1 of the Tower of God anime finishes near the conclusion of the manhwa’s “Crown Game” arc, which is considered the prologue or introduction to the full tale. The last episode concludes soon after the big reveal of Rachel’s betrayal that leaves Baam devastated.

Further Details on the Ending

In more detail, the last moments of the anime show Rachel deliberately pushing Baam off the bubble float into the dark abyss below after he saves her life. This shocking betrayal concludes Episode 13, “Tower of God,” leaving Baam’s fate unknown.

In the manhwa, this scene occurs in Chapter 78. The very next Chapter 79 shows Baam surviving the fall into the deep darkness, so fans of the webtoon know he lives on, albeit scarred emotionally by Rachel’s words and actions.

What Comes Next in the Story

As mentioned, Rachel’s betrayal basically concludes the initial prologue section of Tower of God’s vast mythology. After this, in Chapter 80, Part 2 begins with a time jump showing Baam and other characters like Rak and Khun training to climb the Tower.

There are several more tests and floors for them to clear on their journey of ascension.

In the hundreds of chapters after the Season 1 ending, readers follow Baam growing stronger while struggling to come to terms with why Rachel tried to kill him. He meets new allies and enemies, discovers more about his mysterious past, continues competing in tests, and wants to find Rachel again to get answers from her.

Some highlights teased include:

  • A deadly tournament called the Workshop Battle on the 35th Floor
  • A threatening villain named Jyu Viole Grace causing havoc
  • Baam reuniting and speaking with Rachel again temporarily
  • A fourth great Family joining the story with mysterious intentions

As you can see, even though the anime has finished Season 1, the manhwa has barely begun the larger epic that could still take years to tell fully. Hopefully the anime adapts more of this rich story down the line!

Differences Between the Anime and Manhwa

Pacing and Story Details

The Tower of God anime covers roughly the first 80 chapters of the manhwa, which is only a small fraction of the over 500 chapters that have been released so far. As a result, the anime felt very rushed and fast-paced compared to the meticulously detailed storytelling of the manhwa.

Many side stories, character backgrounds, and intricate plot points were skipped or breezed over. For example, key characters like Hatz and Endorsi had their backstories shortened or removed entirely.

The manhwa takes its time to let the story and characters develop naturally. In contrast, the anime skips over a lot of content and character interactions. This makes some events feel abrupt or unearned, like Bam’s friendship with Khun.

The anime also rearranges or combines some story arcs, like the Crown Game and Hide-and-Seek tests, resulting in a different flow. Overall, while the anime hits the main plot beats, it lacks the nuanced world-building and characterization of the manhwa.

Art and Animation Style

Visually, the anime has a slick, modern animation style compared to theclassic fantasy manhwa art. The manhwa’s art has a rough, sketchy look with bold linework and shading. It has an old-school charm and conveys a sense of mystery and danger.

The vibrant colors and fluid motion of the anime bring the tower and characters to life in a vivid new way. However, some fans feel the sleek anime visuals don’t match the dark, gritty tone of the manhwa.

The character designs also received some updates for the anime adaptation. For example, Endorsi has longer hair and Khun has paler skin. Some characters like Anaak look fairly different. The anime designs tend to be simpler with more unified coloring.

This streamlined look works well for animation but loses some of the distinctive details and stylistic flair of the manhwa. Overall, the anime visuals are high-quality but veer toward a more modern, mainstream anime style.

What Happens After the Anime Ending

The Tower of God anime adaptation covers roughly the first 80 chapters of the webtoon’s first season. At the end of the anime, Bam has passed Headon’s test and ascended to the second floor of the Tower. He has also made some new friends like Khun and Rak, and new enemies like Rachel.

However, Bam’s journey in the Tower is only just beginning.

Here are some of the major story arcs and developments that take place after where the anime left off:

The Crown Game

On the second floor, Bam takes part in a game called the Crown Game to advance up the Tower. He must work together with his teammates Khun and Rak to steal the crown from another team. Through teamwork and strategizing, they are victorious.

This continues Bam’s winning streak and builds his reputation as a rising ranker in the Tower.

Team Tangsooyook

As Bam continues to climb the Tower, he joins a new team called Team Tangsooyook led by the ranker Tangsooyook. The team must pass difficult tests on the floors above that require intelligence, strength, and agility. Bam struggles at first but develops his skills and learns to value teamwork.

He becomes friends with new teammates like Prince and Miseng.

Workshop Battle

On the 35th floor, an event called the Workshop Battle takes place where regulars on various teams compete against each other. There are exciting 1-on-1 duels between the rankers. Khun craftily leads their team to victory despite being outpowered.

This is a major turning point where Bam starts to demonstrate more of his latent abilities.

Hell Train

Starting around chapter 78, Bam boards a mysterious train called the Hell Express. He navigates dangerous train cars filled with powerful monsters and enemies. Bam must pass difficult trials of strength and wit to advance.

This train ride lasts over 100 chapters and allows Bam to develop new fighting skills and learn more tower secrets.

New Allies and Enemies

As the story progresses, Bam makes important new allies that join his journey like Androssi, Hatz, and Jinsung Ha. He also gains dangerous enemies like Reflejo who want to kill him and block his ascent up the Tower.

There are more betrayals but also displays of loyalty amongst Bam’s expanding circle of friends.

After the anime’s conclusion, the story continues for over 400 more action-packed chapters in the webtoon. Bam faces greater challenges, develops his skills and talents, and learns dark secrets about the Tower as he pursues his goal to find Rachel and ascend to the top.


While the Tower of God anime covers a significant portion of the early manhwa, there is still much story left to be told. The manhwa continues far beyond where the anime leaves off, chronicling Bam’s further ascension of the Tower.

Fans eager to see more of Tower of God’s fascinating world and characters can pick up right where the anime ends by starting around chapter 78 of the manhwa.

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