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What Denomination Is Jesus Image Church?

Jesus Image Church is a Christian church that grew out of Jesus Image, an international ministry focused on revival and awakening. If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Jesus Image Church would be a Christian denomination church.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the history, beliefs, and practices of Jesus Image Church to understand its denominational leanings and what sets this revival-focused church apart.

History and Origins of Jesus Image Church

Beginnings as part of Christ For the Nations Institute

Jesus Image Church originated within Christ For the Nations Institute (CFNI), a Bible college and ministry training center in Dallas, Texas.

In 1992, Michael and Becky Koulianos felt called by God to start a student ministry focused on revival that became known as the Jesus Image meetings.

These weekly meetings grew rapidly, attracting thousands of young people seeking an encounter with God’s presence and power.

The passionate, spirit-filled worship and bold preaching in the Jesus Image meetings resonated with youth and young adults.

As a result, the influence of the Jesus Image ministry spread beyond CFNI to touch churches and leaders globally.

Many traveled to CFNI to experience the raw passion and hunger evident in the Jesus Image meetings during the 1990s.

Growth through Jesus Image conferences and ministry

In 1999, the Koulianos’ founded Jesus Image as an official ministry to facilitate the Jesus Image Conferences.

These multi-day conferences focused on ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit brought in crowds of over 15,000 attendees.

The Jesus Image leadership team also published books, released worship albums, and spoke at conferences globally to spread their passion for revival.

Statistical data shows the influence of Jesus Image conferences and resources:

  • Over 500 Jesus Image Conferences held globally from 1999-present
  • Over 8 million conference attendees worldwide
  • Jesus Image albums have over 25 million streams on various platforms

The anointed ministry of Jesus Image powerfully impacted many congregations worldwide. However, the Koulianos’ still felt called to launch an independent local church to create a home base for equipping believers.

Launch as an Independent Church in 1999

In 1999, Michael and Becky Koulianos officially launched Jesus Image Church in Dallas, Texas. The passionate, revival-focused culture established in the CFNI years created a thriving, fast-growing local church.

With powerful worship and Spirit-empowered teaching, Jesus Image Church continued reaching youth, young adults, and families with the message of revival.

In 2010, Jesus Image Church constructed their own dedicated building to facilitate further growth. The state-of-the-art facility includes Jesus Image World Outreach Center, production studios, and ministry training schools.

Numerous ministry teams and outreaches have developed within Jesus Image Church over the past 20+ years.

Teams take short-term mission trips worldwide and coordinate large-scale outreach events. Hundreds train through Jesus Image internship programs annually to take revival back to their churches and cities.

The Jesus Image Church origin story reminds us that a small student-led Bible study can ignite into an influential, even global, ministry. The passion for more of God’s raw presence birthed both a local church and worldwide conferences advancing revival.

Beliefs and Doctrines

Alignment with Core Tenets of Pentecostalism

Jesus Image Church aligns with the core tenets of Pentecostalism in several ways.

First, the church emphasizes the baptism in the Holy Spirit which is evidenced by speaking in tongues.

This experience empowers believers for Christian service and witness.

Second, the church believes in the present-day operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit as mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12, such as prophecy, healing, miracles, and discerning of spirits.

Third, the church places priority on the Great Commission and believes evangelism and missions are central to the Christian life.

Emphasis on Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Jesus Image Church places strong emphasis on the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. Services typically involve the operation of gifts like tongues, interpretation, prophecy, words of knowledge, and healing.

The church believes these gifts are vital for the edification and equipping of the body of Christ. There is encouragement for all believers to earnestly desire and exercise spiritual gifts for building up the church.

Focus on Revival and Awakening

Jesus Image Church focuses on pursuing revival and spiritual awakening. The church hosts conferences, events, and outreaches aimed at spurring revival in the church and awakening in the world.

There is an emphasis on extraordinary prayer, unity, repentance, and expectation for God to move in supernatural ways.

The church believes revival brings glory to Jesus, renewal in the church, and awakening of unbelievers to the gospel.

A black and white image capturing a person sitting alone in a dimly lit church pew, their head bowed in contemplation, conveying a sense of doubt and questioning towards religion.

Church Practices and Worship Style

Expressive, Spirit-Led Worship

Jesus Image Church is known for its expressive, Spirit-led worship services. The worship team leads the congregation in upbeat praise and worship songs, often accompanied by flags, banners, and spontaneous dance.

As people lift their hands, clap, shout, and rejoice openly, the atmosphere is one of freedom and release in God’s presence.

Many report having powerful encounters with the Holy Spirit during the extended times of worship and ministry.

Prayer and Healing

Prayer for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing is a vital part of the church’s ministry. At each service, time is set aside for believers to come forward and receive focused prayer from the pastoral team.

There is an expectation that God wants to meet people’s needs and perform miracles as prayer is offered in faith. Testimonies of healing and breakthrough often follow these prayer times.

Prophetic Ministry

The prophetic gift is encouraged at Jesus Image Church through training and activation. Prophetic teams are available at the services to give personal words of encouragement and revelation to attendees as the Holy Spirit leads.

There is an openness to the gift of tongues and interpretation operating publicly as well.

The pastors and leaders seek to create an environment where people can exercise spiritual gifts for building up the church.

Conferences and Revival Meetings

In addition to its regular Sunday services, Jesus Image Church hosts several conferences annually. These extended events feature guest speakers and worship leaders from around the world and aim to ignite revival in the church and region.

Thousands attend the conferences seeking a fresh touch from God and to be equipped to live empowered Christian lives.

The church also holds “Fire and Fragrance” nights periodically to maintain the spirit of revival through intense worship, prayer, and ministry.

Church Network and Global Impact

Part of the New Apostolic Reformation

Jesus Image Church is part of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), a loose network of charismatic Christian leaders and churches. The NAR emphasizes the restoration of the ministerial offices of apostle and prophet.

It also promotes strategic-level spiritual warfare prayer and sociopolitical activism. Jesus Image subscribes to these NAR teachings and is part of the NAR network.

The church’s founder, Michael Koulianos, has connections with several key NAR leaders. For example, he is affiliated with Lou Engle’s ministry The Call and has spoken at various NAR conferences.

So while an independent church, Jesus Image is very much embedded within the wider NAR movement.

Church Plants and Affiliates Nationwide

Beyond its base in Orlando, Florida, Jesus Image has planted affiliate churches and outreaches across America. Here are some key examples as of 2023:

  • Jesus Image Los Angeles – a church plant started in 2021
  • Jesus Image Atlanta – another church plant launched in 2022
  • Several “Jesus Image Hubs” which are home groups, college ministries, and conference centers that facilitate NAR teachings and impartations

In total, the Jesus Image network comprises over 30 affiliate locations nationwide. The church aims to continue expanding in major cities and regions going forward. Its goal is to see a “Jesus Image Hub” in every state to further its spiritual agenda.


In summary, while Jesus Image Church aligns with Pentecostal theology and practices, its origins and focus on equipping all believers in revival ministry set it apart from traditional denominational labels.

Their desire is to stir awakening in the broader Body of Christ through a message centered on intimacy with God and the works of the Spirit.

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