A close-up shot of a blooming gardenia, its delicate petals radiating a captivating fragrance, symbolizing the divine essence of a woman embodying the power and grace of God.

What Does Ariana Grande’S ‘God Is A Woman’ Perfume Smell Like?

The sweet yet sultry scent of Ariana Grande’s ‘God is a woman’ perfume has captivated fans eager to channel the pop star’s feminine energy. If you’re wondering what notes create this intoxicating fragrance, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: God is a woman perfume features notes of ambrette seed, juicy pear, rose petals, Madagascar vanilla, and cashmeran crystals for a sweet gourmand floral scent.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the perfume’s unique blend of ingredients, compare it to Ariana’s other fragrances, and help you decide if God is a woman is the Ariana Grande scent for you.

Top, Heart, and Base Notes

Ambrette Seeds

The top notes of Ariana Grande’s God is a Woman perfume contain ambrette seeds, which provide a sweet, floral musk scent. Ambrette seeds come from ambrette fruits and contain an aroma compound called ambrettolide that is musky with aspects of ambergris.

When inhaled, the ambrette seeds give God is a Woman perfume its initial burst of floral sweetness that catches your attention.According to Fragrantica, a perfume website, ambrette seeds are commonly used in women’s fragrances to create sweet, musky top notes that entice.

Juicy Pear

Complementing the sweet ambrette seeds in the perfume’s top notes is juicy pear. The fruit adds a fresh, vibrant nuance along with natural sweetness. With facets of green apple and melon as well, juicy pear ensures the first impression of God is a Woman perfume is both sweet and lively before transitioning into the heart notes.

Rose Petals

As God is a Woman perfume moves to the heart notes, what emerges is the feminine floral scent of rose petals. Used extensively in women’s fragrances, rose petals offer a timeless, romantic element with velvety depth and rich nuances.

In God is a Woman perfume, the rose petals mingle with the sweet fruits to create an elegant, multi-layered heart. The rose scent both complements and contrasts the top notes to keep your interest.

Madagascar Vanilla

Vanilla from Madagascar also resides in the perfume’s core heart notes. Known for a full-bodied, creamy vanilla flavor, Madagascar vanilla brings a lush sweetness and balsamic warmth. Along with the rose petals, it adds feminine sensuality and softness to balance the fruits’ vibrancy.

The vanilla also makes a smooth transition into the base notes anchored by creamy cashmeran crystals.

Cashmeran Crystals

Providing longevity for God is a Woman perfume are cashmeran crystals in the base notes. Described as crystalline woody, cashmeran crystals possess an airy musk and sandalwood character, as if wrapping the other notes in an intimate veil.

As the top and middle notes begin to fade, cashmeran crystals emerge more to leave a subtle musky-sweet trail with hints of rose and fruits. According to a Fragrantica article, cashmeran crystals are valued in perfumery for providing excellent lasting power.

How Does it Compare to Ariana’s Other Perfumes?

Sweet Like Me, Moonlight, and Sweet Like Candy

Ariana Grande’s God is a Woman fragrance channels some of the sweetness found in her previous perfumes like Sweet Like Candy, Sweet Like Me, and Moonlight. There is a sweet, sugary quality with notes like pear, ambroxan and Madagascar vanilla (similar to Sweet Like Candy) and a playful, youthful character like Sweet Like Me.

However, God is a Woman has more depth and complexity. The Madagascar vanilla adds creaminess while ambroxan gives it a velvety texture not found in Ariana’s sweeter, fruitier scents.

Floral Like Cloud and REM

While not a fresh floral like Cloud or REM, God is a Woman does contain Turkish rose petals which give it a soft, feminine floral edge. However, rose is blended with deeper, richer notes like ambroxan, cashmeran and vanilla orchid rather than the airy whipped cream and lavender of Cloud or the sparkling bergamot and pear of REM.

So while it shares the feminine floral appeal of those scents, God is a Woman creates a warmer, sexier effect.

Unique Oriental Vanilla

The real star of Ariana Grande’s God is a Woman perfume is the Madagascar vanilla. This gives it a unique creamy, exotic vanilla character you won’t find in her other scents. Paired with musk, cashmeran and ambroxan, it creates an intoxicating oriental vanilla as the focus.

While her other perfumes may contain vanilla notes, they are secondary supporting notes that add sweetness. Only in God is a Woman’s oriental vanilla accord do you get addictive depth with a mysterious, even spiritual quality.

Scent Name Top Notes Middle Notes Base Notes
Sweet Like Candy Dark cherry, raspberry Marshmallow, Turkish rose Musk, cashmeran, vanilla
God is a Woman Ambroxan, pear Turkish rose, cashmeran Madagascar vanilla, musk, ambroxan

As you can see in the comparison above, God is a Woman perfume amplifies the vanilla in a way none of Grande’s other fragrances do. With robust online reviews averaging 4.6 out of 5 stars on sites like Sephora.com, the oriental vanilla scent clearly resonates with fans.

When Should You Wear it?

Ariana Grande’s God is a Woman perfume is a sweet, feminine scent that is versatile enough to wear for any occasion. Here are some tips on when this perfume works best:


God is a Woman is an excellent daytime perfume. The sweet blend of notes like pear, ambrox, and orris root creates a light, fresh scent perfect for running errands, going to work, or spending a casual day out. Spritz it on in the morning to smell lovely throughout the day.


This scent is romantic enough for date nights. The musky vanilla and woody notes give God is a Woman sensual undertones while still retaining its bright, fruity scent. Wear it on your next dinner date or evening out to feel confident and alluring.

Evenings Out

Heading out for a night of fun? God is a Woman’s sweet gourmand notes make it perfect for evenings spent at bars, concerts, parties, and other events. The scent is bold enough to last through a night out while still smelling inviting. Spray it on before hitting the town.

Warmer Weather

God is a Woman really shines in warmer weather. Its bright fruits like pear and berries pop even more when worn on hot summer days. The musk and vanilla give it enough weight to also work beautifully on warm spring and fall days. It’s a year-round scent, but really blooms in the heat.

Cooler Weather

While it truly excels in the heat, God is a Woman also works in cooler weather. Its rich vanilla and musk base notes provide enough warmth for crisp fall and winter days. Layer it over a sweater or coat to let the fruits and florals shine through the chill.

It adds a fresh pop of aroma even in colder temps.

Any Time

The reality is you can wear God is a Woman whenever you want. It’s versatile enough for any time of day, season, or occasion. Wear it to the office, out on a Saturday afternoon, date night, or just because. The sweet fruity musk will make you smell amazing no matter when you spritz it on.

What Occasions is it Best For?

Date Nights

Ariana Grande’s God is a Woman perfume, with its sweet yet sultry scent profile, is an excellent choice to wear for a romantic date night. The fragrance opens with notes of juicy pear and bergamot, lending a freshsweetness.

As it dries down, creamy vanilla and warm amber create a sensual, skin-like scent. Spritz this behind your ears and wrists when going out for a fancy dinner, cocktail lounge, or evening stroll to entrance your date.

Parties and Night Outs

With its intoxicating blend of creamy madagascan vanilla and silky orchid, Ariana’s God is a Woman is a party perfume powerhouse. The luminous amber base gives it fantastic longevity and projection, while the fruity top notes smell playful yet sophisticated.

When getting ready for a night of dancing or bar hopping with friends, this scent will make you feel confident, vibrant, and ready for a great time. Let the captivating trail you leave behind stir excitement and intrigue wherever the night takes you!

Work and Everyday Use

While strongly associated with sensuality and the night life, Ariana Grande’s God is a Woman can also be worn for the office or day-to-day activities. Apply just one spray to experience the fresh pear and bergamot top notes without overpowering those around you.

The smooth vanilla dry down is inoffensive and clean smelling rather than super sweet, meaning this fragrance transitions nicely from desk to drinks with friends after work. It’s versatile enough for regular wear, adding a touch of luxury and excitement to otherwise ordinary days.

Who is ‘God is a Woman’ Best Suited For?

Ariana Grande’s ‘God is a Woman’ perfume is a sweet and musky floral scent that can appeal to a wide range of women. Here’s a look at who this perfume might be best suited for:

Young Women & Teens

The sweet, youthful notes in ‘God is a Woman’ make it an appealing choice for young women and teens. The scent features crisp pear, juicy berries, and sweet vanilla. These fruity notes give it a playful, vibrant character that young perfume wearers will enjoy.

Ariana Grande Fans

Given that this is an Ariana Grande branded fragrance, her biggest fans may be naturally drawn to it. followers who want to feel connected to their idol by wearing her signature scent. The bottle itself is very on-brand for Ariana Grande with its cosmic, iridescent design.

Going Out Perfume

‘God is a Woman’ works nicely as a going-out perfume for dates, parties, or nights out with friends. The lush florals like orchid make it feel a bit dressed up. Meanwhile, the sweet gourmand nuances give it a fun, flirty vibe perfect for socializing and having a good time.

Everyday Perfume

While ‘God is a Woman’ makes a great evening perfume, it can also work for daytime wear. The crisp fruits help give it a certain freshness, making it very wearable for office settings, running errands, or casual daytime activities.

The musk, amber, and vanilla in the base give it enough depth and complexity for all-day wear.

Floral Perfume Lovers

Women who love floral scents will likely enjoy ‘God is a Woman’. The perfume contains a lush bouquet of florals like orchid, ambrette, jasmine, and pear blossom. The florals are balanced out by the fruits and musk, but make no mistake – the floral notes are front and center here.


With sensual notes of pear, rose, vanilla, and cashmeran crystals, Ariana Grande’s God is a woman evokes femininity and seduction in a bottle. This sweet gourmand floral stands out in her perfume portfolio with its warm, inviting aroma perfect for date nights, parties, or whenever you want to embrace your inner goddess.

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