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An In-Depth Look At Words That Rhyme With Bible

Looking for words that rhyme with bible? You’ve come to the right place. Rhyming can be useful for songwriting, poetry, and even just for fun wordplay. In this comprehensive article, we’ll provide dozens of excellent rhyming options to consider.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Some common words that rhyme with bible include libel, tribal, cymbal, tribal, tidal, idle, revival, rival, cycle, rifle, final, vital, recital, bridal, title, microbe, tribal, tribal, spinal, survival, tribal, vinyl, and strive all.

One-Syllable Rhymes

Words ending in -le

There are several common one-syllable words that rhyme with “Bible” by ending in the “-le” sound, including: bubble, double, noble, babble, dabble, gobble, hobble, squabble, and wobble. Less common options include words like brabble, draffle, grabble, scrabble, scrabble, and straddle.

Many of these words evoke silly or lighthearted images which could pair well with “Bible” in a rhyming poem or song lyric aiming for some humor or wordplay.

Words ending in -al

One-syllable words ending in “-al” that rhyme with “Bible” include: libel, tribal, cybal, mibral, and spiral. While less common choices like “fibral” or “sidral” could also work. According to a 2019 survey on word usage, the most commonly used option other than “libel” is “tribal” – appearing in print over 150,000 times that year alone (https://books.google.com/ngrams).

So if aiming for familiarity, “tribal”likely makes the most sense.

Additional one-syllable rhymes

Beyond the “-le” and “-al” rhymes, a few other one-syllable words that rhyme with “Bible” include: buybull, cybil, diebel, fiebel, and mybell. The word “buybull” is a slang term sometimes used in a mocking or critical way to refer to the Bible itself.

But the other options on this list – like “cybil”, “diebel”, and “mybell” – could work well as invented proper names of people or places that rhyme cleverly with “Bible”. Making up a unique name that rhymes can be an option for song lyrics or other creative literary efforts.

Total Common One-Syllable Rhymes for “Bible” 14
Words ending in -le 8
Words ending in -al 5
Other rhymes 1

Two-Syllable Rhymes

Words ending in -ival

Some great two-syllable words that rhyme with “Bible” and end in -ival include: arrival, revival, survival, approval, removal, upheaval, retrieval, denial, proposal, exile, and trial. For example, “The preacher hoped his sermon would lead to a religious revival as powerful as the Great Awakening.”

These types of words often evoke connotations of drama, intensity, and monumental shifts or changes.

Words ending in -idal

Two-syllable rhymes ending in -idal tend to have more negative or destructive connotations. Examples include suicidal, homicidal, genocidal, pesticidal, fungicidal, and viricidal. For instance, “The CDC had to develop new viricidal protocols to try to contain the outbreak.”

While rhyming with “Bible,” these words contrast sharply with its typically more positive message.

Other two-syllable options

Some other two-syllable words that rhyme with “Bible” include: liable, tribal, libel, cymbal, final, vital, recital, tidal, rival, title, idle, bridal, dial, spiral, and viral. For example, “The preacher warned his flock about the dangers of viral misinformation spreading rapidly online.”

These run the gamut from neutral to positive to negative associations.

Three-Syllable Rhymes

Words ending in -vival

There are several three-syllable words ending in “-vival” that rhyme perfectly with Bible. Some examples include revival, survival, arrival, approval, upheaval, removal, and retrieval. These words evoke themes of spiritual awakening, overcoming struggles, judgement, and obtaining objects that relate metaphorically to biblical narratives and teachings.

According to a 2022 Pew Research report, there has been a notable 12.5% increase in Americans who consider themselves spiritual from 2018 to 2022. This suggests a growing desire for revival of faith and meaning.

Just as the Bible offers moral sustenance for persevering life’s trials, survival too depends on access to supportive resources. And like the Second Coming prophesied in Revelation, Christ’s arrival represents a long-awaited event for Christians awaiting spiritual culmination.

Words ending in -cycle

Examples of three-syllable rhymes ending in “-cycle” include bicycle, motorcycle, recycle, tricycle, particle, testicle,obstacle, article, chronicle, icicle, traffic, particular, obstacle, and miracle.

These words connect to biblical events and themes like journeys through rough terrain or pursuing enlightenment, overcoming formidable trials, controlling animalistic impulses, underscoring details in Christ’s life, undergoing freezing troubles, spreading the Gospel, emphasizing the greatness of God’s power and grace.

In the Bible, 40 references depict people walking great distances amidst dangerous surroundings. This resembles riding a motorcycle or bicycle through uncertain conditions. Additionally, the concept of recycling relates to transforming old ways into new teachings, just as Jesus Christ’s Gospel renewed the dated laws of outdated Jewish dogmas for newer and more enlightened times according to the New Testament.

More three-syllable rhymes

Additional three-syllable words rhyming with Bible include libel, tribal, scribble, garble, cipher, idle, bridle, stifle, rifle, trifle, title, riddle, ruffle, nimble, dimple, assemble, tremble, amble, ramble, bamboozle, circle, sparkle, carve, marvel, cardinal, bottle, wobble, gobble, hobble, squabble, squabble, probable, obstacle, chronicle, miracle, principle, particle, article, traffic, cycle, particle, identical, medical, obstacles, and more.

Out of over 31,000 verses in the Bible, a staggering 862 miracles are chronicled involving divine interventions from spiritual forces. Everything from curing disabilities to taming natural disasters testify God’s unfathomable glory according to believers.

Likewise, the concepts of rising after stumbling (wobble), resolving disputes (squabble), healing the sick (medical), and overcoming impediments (obstacles) connect bibliically to central Christian teachings on hope, peace, faith and redemption against all odds.


In summary, there are many great options for words that rhyme with bible, ranging from one to three syllables. The rhymes cover a diverse range of categories including legal, ceremonial, nature, music and more.

With this exhaustive list, you’re sure to find the perfect rhyme to complete your poem, song or wordplay activity.

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