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When God Wants You With Someone, This Will Happen

Have you ever wondered if God has planned for you to be with a certain person? Many people who have faith in God’s guidance over their love lives look for signs that a relationship is divinely ordained.

If you don’t have time to read this full article, here is the short answer:

You will feel an inexplicable spiritual connection, your values and life purposes will align, doors will open to allow the relationship to progress, you will be inspired to grow in faith together, and you will have a profound sense of peace and rightness about the relationship.

You Will Feel an Inexplicable Spiritual Connection

When you meet someone you’re meant to be with, you may feel an instant connection on a deep spiritual level that’s hard to put into words.

Here are some signs that you and another person have an inexplicable bond that goes beyond the physical:

A sense that your souls know each other

You may feel like you’ve known this person for a long time, even if you just met. It’s almost like your souls recognize each other.

You have an unshakeable feeling of familiarity, like you’re picking up a relationship or conversation you had in another time and place.

This can be an exhilarating and comforting sensation.

You can be fully yourself with this person

With your soulmate, everything just clicks. You can let your guard down, quirks and all, and feel safe, understood, and accepted for who you truly are.

For example, maybe you make silly jokes that no one else laughs at, but this person gets your sense of humor perfectly.

Or you have obscure interests that you’ve never been able to share fully with others. This profound level of openness can seem rare.

Conversations flow easily even about deep subjects

Communication comes naturally between the two of you, even when discussing substantial topics. You effortlessly dive into conversations about your hopes, dreams, values, and vulnerabilities. With some people, it takes time to build enough trust to get to this point.

But with your soulmate, that foundation is already there.

Your Values and Life Purposes Will Align

You share similar beliefs and priorities

When two people are meant to be together, their core values and life priorities tend to align in complementary ways. For example, if faith and family are highly important to one partner, they usually are for the other partner as well.

Or if one values altruism and helping others, the other likely shares that orientation. According to research, value similarity is a key predictor of relationship satisfaction and longevity.

Partners who share fundamental beliefs and priorities are more likely to encourage and inspire each other towards mutual life purposes and goals. Their worldviews act as connecting tissue that binds them together.

When difficulties arise, the commitment to shared values helps reinforce their dedication and willingness to compromise.

Your life goals complement each other

While sharing core values and priorities, partners often have complementary life goals and callings that fit together like interlocking pieces of a puzzle.

For example, one may be pursuing a demanding career that requires geographic mobility, while the other has an entrepreneurial dream that can be conducted remotely.

In this way, each person’s aspirations can be achieved without forcing their partner to sacrifice their own goals.

According to the psychological theory of goal congruence, relationships tend to thrive when partners support each other in pursuing their individual callings.

Rather than demanding identical goals, the healthiest partnerships give space for each person’s growth while sharing an overarching vision of mutual encouragement and success.

You spur each other’s personal growth

Partners who are meant to be motivate each other towards self-improvement and spiritual development.

By modelling virtues like honesty, patience and compassion, they silently inspire their beloved to exemplify those same traits.

Arguments and conflicts, when handled constructively, present opportunities to grow by identifying blind spots and enhancing skills like empathy and forgiveness.

Spiritual traditions often use marriage as an analogy for one’s relationship with the Divine. Partners who awaken each other’s highest potentials provide a glimpse of the incredible growth that comes from an intimate bond centered in unconditional love.

Doors Will Open to Allow the Relationship to Progress

Obstacles that arise will be removed

When two people are meant to be together, the universe seems to conspire to make it happen. Roadblocks and hurdles that crop up tend to dissipate or get resolved in unexpected ways.

Solutions present themselves, difficult situations somehow work themselves out, and tough decisions become clearer.

It’s as if all the pieces of the puzzle start fitting together smoothly when divine timing is at play.

For example, if distance, family opposition, or demanding careers pose a challenge, compromises may be reached such as relocation, heartfelt discussions leading to acceptance, or more flexibility in schedules. What once looked impossible starts to seem surmountable.

Other relationships make room for this one

When an intended relationship is aligning into place, previous connections often naturally fade or change shape to accommodate the new bond. Prior commitments that could get in the way tend to lapse or loosen at just the right times.

Someone who has been too busy dating suddenly finds themselves losing interest in playing the field.

Or a prior relationship that wasn’t quite working finally dissolves in time for something better suited. It’s almost like the universe clears the deck before dealing a winning hand.

The timing falls into place

When divine forces wish for two souls to unite, uncanny timing often brings them together right when they both need it most.

One person may have just gone through a breakup, the other finished an intense work project- suddenly they meet and it clicks.

Or two old friends may reconnect by chance after years apart just as they’re both ready to meet someone.

Moments like these feel meant to be rather than merely coincidental. It’s as if clocks were coordinated behind the scenes by fate’s helpful hands.

When barriers fall away, past ties loosen their grip, schedules align themselves, and serendipity leads two open hearts to intersect at the perfect moment, it often signifies something bigger in play.

The couple may rightly sense their relationship blossoming by destiny’s design rather than mere luck or work on their own part. For forces that abide by higher laws and serve greater good are charting their course together.

You Will Have a Profound Sense of Peace About It

It feels comfortable and ‘right’

When you meet someone God intends for you, there will be an overwhelming sense that it just feels right. You will feel completely comfortable, at ease, and natural with them, like you’ve known them your whole life.

Conversations will flow effortlessly, and you’ll find yourselves opening up about your hopes, dreams, and deepest feelings.

There will be an inexplicable connection that you can’t deny. You’ll think “I just met this person, yet it feels like I’m talking to an old friend.”

This inner knowing that you’re meant to walk life together brings a profound peace and contentment.

You trust God’s guidance over the relationship

When you surrender the relationship to God’s will and timing, you’ll have peace knowing it’s in His hands. You’ll pray together, seeking the Lord’s blessing and direction every step of the way.

Even when challenges or trials come, you’ll rely on God’s strength to get you through.

You’ll trust that if it’s God’s will, your love will withstand every storm. Studies show that married Christians who prayed together stayed together for a longer time.

Couples who pray together are making God the center of their relationship.

You patiently allow God’s timing without anxiety

When God is orchestrating a relationship, there’s no need to rush or force things ahead of His timing.

You’ll rest in God’s reassurance that if He wants you together, it will happen according to His perfect plan. Don’t anxiously try to manipulate situations or make things happen in your timing.

Remain prayerful and faithful, allowing God to unfold your love story as He sees fit.

According to relationship coach Debra Fileta, waiting on God’s timing deepens character, strengthens commitment and develops spiritual health in a relationship.

She encourages couples to avoid the temptation to “play God” and let Him direct your paths.


In summary, if God intends for two people to be together, there will be significant spiritual signs confirming His blessing over the relationship.

An inexplicable connection, alignment of values, opened doors, spiritual growth, and profound peace are among the hallmarks of a divinely ordained union.

While no two people or relationships are exactly alike, noticing these spiritual indicators can provide clarity that you are with someone because it is God’s will.

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