A black and white photo captures a muscular figure, adorned with a lion's skin, standing tall with a jawbone of an animal in hand, representing the biblical strongman, Samson.

Who Is The Strongman In The Bible?

When it comes to displays of superhuman strength in the Bible, a few key figures stand out as the strongest men in scripture. Many Bible stories feature mighty warriors and heroes of enormous physical power, but who has the greatest claim to the title of ‘Biblical strongman’?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Samson is considered the strongest man in the Bible due to his superhuman feats of strength empowered by God, such as killing over a thousand soldiers with only a donkey’s jawbone and bringing down an entire building by pushing apart its columns.

In this article, we will take a deep dive into the ‘strongmen’ of the Bible, analyzing the feats of strength demonstrated by key biblical figures such as Samson, and seeing how their displays of might stack up against each other.

By comparing and contrasting the incredible feats of these biblical heavyweights, we’ll determine which one is truly the strongest based on scriptural accounts.

Samson: The Superhuman Judge of Israel

Samson’s Supernatural Birth Foretold His Strength

Samson was born to previously childless parents, after an angel foretold his birth and declared he would begin to deliver Israel from Philistine oppression (Judges 13:2-5). This supernatural origin set the stage for Samson’s astonishing displays of strength.

True to the angel’s words, Samson was imbued with incredible power to fight Israel’s enemies.

Singlehandedly Slaughtering Thousands of Soldiers

On one occasion, the Spirit of the Lord came powerfully upon Samson, enabling him to tear apart a young lion with his bare hands as if it were a young goat (Judges 14:5-6). But his most incredible feat came when the Philistines sent an army of a thousand men to capture him.

Samson killed hundreds himself using only a bone as a weapon, then the rest fled in terror (Judges 15:14-16). This astonishing event showcased his singular might against overwhelming odds.

Tearing Apart a Lion and Other Wildlife Feats

In a jaw-dropping display of strength, Samson ripped a lion apart with his bare hands as easily as one would tear cloth (Judges 14:5-6). On another occasion, he caught 300 foxes, tied their tails together in pairs along with torches, and let them run through the Philistines’ grain fields, burning up the harvested crops (Judges 15:4-5).

Samson seemed able to overpower any foe, whether man or beast.

Did Samson Lose His Strength?

Yes, Samson ultimately lost his supernatural strength after Delilah deceived him into revealing that his long hair was the source (Judges 16:15-17). After being shaved, he was as weak as any ordinary man. The once mighty Samson was captured, blinded, and enslaved by the Philistines.

However, his hair eventually grew back, and his strength returned. In his final act, Samson pushed down two pillars in a Philistine temple, killing more Philistines in his death than he had in his life (Judges 16:28-30).

Goliath: The Giant Philistine Warrior

Goliath’s Formidable Appearance

Standing over 9 feet tall, Goliath was an imposing figure on the ancient battlefield. His armor alone weighed 125 pounds and was made of bronze plates. With his massive iron spear that could have doubled as a weaver’s beam, Goliath looked invincible to the Israelite army.

His deep booming voice struck fear into their hearts, as his taunts and challenges rang out across the Valley of Elah day after day for 40 days.

Slayed by a Shepherd Boy and His Sling

Though no Israelite soldier dared to face Goliath in single combat, a young shepherd boy named David stepped up to the challenge. Armed with only a sling and five smooth stones, David’s faith in God gave him the courage to confront the giant.

With supernatural accuracy, David hurled a stone that struck Goliath right between the eyes, felling him like a tree. He then used Goliath’s own sword to decapitate the stunned giant, turning the Philistines’ champion into a trophy of God’s power.

Could Anyone Match Goliath’s Strength?

In his day, it’s likely no man could equal Goliath in sheer physical strength. His massive frame and battle-hardened skills made him an virtually unbeatable opponent. However, what Goliath had in brawn, he lacked in faith. David’s trust in God’s strength allowed a young boy to overcome a giant.

While Goliath pinned his hopes on weapons and size, David relied on the Lord Almighty, and that made all the difference.

The story of David and Goliath reminds us that the battle is the Lord’s. Our faith can empower us to face any giant that stands in our way. Though we may feel small and unequipped at times, God can use the simple faith of an ordinary person to bring down even the mightiest foe.

Other Contenders for ‘Strongest Man in the Bible’

Samson vs. Goliath: Who Would Win?

When it comes to sheer strength, two giants stand out in the Bible: Samson and Goliath. Samson was gifted with superhuman strength by God, which he used to tear lions apart, kill over a thousand Philistines, and bring down an entire temple.

The giant Goliath was over nine feet tall and clad in armor – his spear shaft was as thick as a weaver’s beam! So if these biblical strongmen faced each other, who would emerge victorious?

Based on their feats, many believe Samson would defeat Goliath. Samson slew an entire army with only the jawbone of a donkey, while Goliath was felled by a single stone from David’s sling. And Samson’s long hair gave him uncanny strength – he snapped ropes and chains like thread.

Goliath was bigger, but Samson appears stronger pound for pound. Of course, we’re comparing men who lived centuries apart – they belong to legend more than history. But as far as the Bible’s mightiest heroes go, our money is on Samson!

Could Anyone Else Compare?

A few other biblical figures stand out for their heroic strength. One is Joshua – while leading the Israelites, it’s said Joshua single-handedly held back the sun for nearly a full day to gain more time battling the Amorites. Talk about super strength!

Later, the young David (before battling Goliath) killed lions and bears while protecting his flock. And an honorable mention goes to Caleb, who at 85 years old was still strong enough to drive giants out of the mountains.

But among named individuals, no one compares to Samson and Goliath in sheer power. At one point, Samson even pushed over colossal pillars to collapse an arena filled with thousands of jeering Philistines. That takes more than human might!

So while many had great strength, according to Scripture no other contenders matched Samson for using his god-given power to defend Israelites against oppressive foes.


While several biblical figures demonstrated incredible feats of strength, Samson stands out as possessing seemingly superhuman power unmatched by anyone else in scripture. His ability to slaughter over a thousand soldiers singlehandedly, coupled with other staggering displays like tearing lions apart, solidifies Samson’s status as the strongest man in the Bible.

From ripping city gates from their foundations to collapsing entire temples, Samson was an unstoppable force empowered by God. When it comes to the mightiest warriors in Biblical tales, none can contend with Samson for the mantle of the scripture’s greatest strongman.

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