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Who Was Ethan In The Bible?

Ethan is a relatively minor but still noteworthy figure in the Old Testament. He was a Levite and is described as being wise and a capable musician. But who exactly was this Ethan character that pops up a few times amidst the many names and stories in Scripture?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Ethan the Ezrahite was a Levite appointed by David to be one of the musicians and singers in the tabernacle. He is praised for his wisdom and described as an author of Psalm 89.

Ethan the Ezrahite: Skilled Musician and Temple Singer

Appointed by David for the Tabernacle

The Bible mentions Ethan the Ezrahite as a skilled musician and temple singer appointed by King David. According to 1 Chronicles 15:17, Ethan was specifically assigned to minister to the Lord through music alongside Asaph and Heman when the ark of the covenant was brought to Jerusalem.

This indicates Ethan’s musical talent and spiritual devotion made him well-suited to serve at the tabernacle.

Some scholars believe “Ezrahite” refers to Ethan’s ancestry, linking him to the ancient sage Zerah. If so, Ethan likely came from an esteemed family known for wisdom. His lineage and musical skill earned him a prestigious position leading worship for the tabernacle alongside Israel’s top musicians.

Ethan used lyricism and song to glorify God at critical moments in Israel’s history.

Noted for His Musical Skill and Wisdom

Beyond his temple role, Ethan is noted in 1 Kings 4:31 as one of the wisest men of his era. He is listed among other sages like Heman and Chalcol known for exceptional discernment and knowledge. Some versions of this verse also explicitly call Ethan Ezrahite a musician.

So his wisdom extended to insightful music composition and performance.

Later in Psalms 89, which is attributed to Ethan the Ezrahite, he offers a moving lament and praise of God’s covenant with King David. This poetic psalm demonstrates why Ethan was so renowned for his musical skill.

His Spirit-inspired lyrics and mastery of Israelite musical forms served the tabernacle and taught spiritual truths. Though little else is known about Ethan, his brief biblical mentions highlight his musical calling, creative talent, and wise understanding used to glorify the Lord.

Psalm 89 Potentially Authored by Ethan

Psalm 89 is a reflective psalm that laments the fall of the Davidic dynasty and asks why God has seemingly abandoned his covenant with David. The authorship of this psalm has been attributed to several figures, including Ethan the Ezrahite.

The Case for Ethanic Authorship

In the psalm’s superscription, it states “A Maskil of Ethan the Ezrahite.” This has led some scholars to conclude the psalm was written by Ethan. However, others dispute Ethanic authorship because:

  • The term “Maskil” likely refers to the psalm’s literary type, not its author.
  • “Ezrahite” may designate a family lineage rather than an individual named Ethan.

Still, Ethan is specifically named in 1 Kings 4:31 as one of the wise men Solomon excelled: “He was wiser than all men, including Ethan the Ezrahite.” This lends credence to the possibility that Ethan authored Psalm 89.

The Psalm’s Connection to the Davidic Covenant

Psalm 89 begins by praising God’s covenant faithfulness towards David and his descendants. But the tone shifts midway to lament God seemingly abandoning this covenant by allowing the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem which dethroned the Davidic monarchy.

If Ethan did author this psalm, he may have been reflecting on these events which he witnessed toward the end of his life.

Ethan – A Renowned Sage

So could such a sage as Ethan, known for his wisdom, have authored Psalm 89? Though far from conclusive, the internal evidence remains consistent with this possibility. Ultimately, the psalm’s message transcends its human authorship by confronting deep theological questions over God’s faithfulness towards His promises.

Something we all must grapple with in the ups and downs of life.

Confusion With Other Ethans in Scripture

Ethan the Son of Zerah

In 1 Chronicles 2:6, another Ethan, the son of Zerah, is mentioned. He was from the tribe of Judah. This Ethan likely lived during the time of King David. Not much else is known about this Ethan. He is possibly the same Ethan mentioned in the book of Psalms:

“To the choirmaster: according to Jeduthun. A Psalm of Ethan the Ezrahite.” (Psalms 89:1, ESV)

If this is the same Ethan, he was a musician and psalmist. But there is no way to know for sure if this is the same person.

Ethan the Son of Kishi

In 1 Chronicles 6:44, yet another Ethan, the son of Kishi, from the tribe of Merari, is mentioned. This Ethan was appointed by King David to be one of the Levitical musicians in the tabernacle (1 Chronicles 15:17, 19). He lived around the same time as the other Ethan from the tribe of Judah.

Although there are two different men named Ethan mentioned in the Bible during the same time period, the references are clear regarding which Ethan is being mentioned in each passage. There is no reason or evidence to confuse these two individuals.

They just happened to have the same, somewhat popular, name.


So in summary, Ethan the Ezrahite was a Levite that King David placed in charge of music and singing when the ark was brought to Jerusalem. He was known for his musical talent and great wisdom. Some scholars believe he penned Psalm 89, a reflective work on God’s covenant with David.

There are a couple other minor biblical figures named Ethan that could potentially cause confusion, but Ethan the Ezrahite seems to be the most significant one that stood out for his musical ability and wisdom.

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