Getting Your Script Made By A Christian Production Company

With faith-based and family-friendly films performing well at the box office, Christian production companies are actively looking for compelling new scripts and stories.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Christian production companies like Kingdom Studios, Gener8xion Entertainment, and others are seeking well-written scripts for movies and shows that align with Christian values and can appeal to wider audiences.

In this article, we’ll overview the landscape of Christian production companies open to scripts, provide tips for crafting scripts they’ll love, and share actionable steps for connecting with these companies as a scriptwriter.

Top Christian Production Companies Looking for Scripts

If you are a Christian writer or filmmaker, you may be looking for a production company that aligns with your values and beliefs.

Fortunately, there are several Christian production companies that are actively seeking scripts with a faith-based message.

In this article, we will explore some of the top Christian production companies that are looking for scripts.

Major Players: Kingdom Studios, Gener8xion, Affirm Films

When it comes to Christian production companies, Kingdom Studios, Gener8xion, and Affirm Films are some of the major players in the industry.

These companies are known for producing high-quality, faith-based films that resonate with audiences around the world.

Kingdom Studios, founded by the Erwin Brothers, is committed to creating movies that inspire and entertain while staying true to Christian values.

Their films include hits like “I Can Only Imagine” and “American Underdog: The Kurt Warner Story.”

Gener8xion, led by producer and director Matthew Crouch, focuses on producing films that bring the message of the Gospel to the big screen.

They have been involved in the production of films such as “The Omega Code” and “One Night with the King.”

Affirm Films, a division of Sony Pictures, specializes in producing and distributing faith-based and family-friendly films. They have released successful movies like “War Room,” “Soul Surfer,” and “Risen.”

Faith-Based Arms of Hollywood Studios

Many major Hollywood studios also have faith-based arms that focus on producing films with a Christian message. These studios recognize the demand for faith-based content and have established divisions to cater to this audience.

One example is Paramount Pictures’ division, Paramount Players, which has been involved in producing faith-based films such as “Same Kind of Different as Me.”

Similarly, Lionsgate has Lionsgate Faith, which has released movies like “I Still Believe” and “Hacksaw Ridge.”

It’s important to note that these companies have specific guidelines and preferences when it comes to the types of scripts they are looking for.

Before submitting your script, make sure to research each company’s submission guidelines and tailor your pitch accordingly.

Remember, getting your script made by a Christian production company can be a great opportunity to share your message with a larger audience.

 A humble, outstretched hand reaches towards the heavens, bathed in golden light, as a figure beseeches God's grace and guidance amidst a backdrop of infinite possibilities.

Elements Christian Companies Look for in Scripts

Storytelling quality on par with mainstream films

Christian production companies are looking for scripts that have storytelling quality on par with mainstream films. They want scripts that can captivate and engage audiences, regardless of their faith.

These companies understand the power of storytelling and the importance of delivering a compelling narrative. They want scripts that are well-written, with strong characters, and a clear and cohesive plot.

Uplifting messages and moral themes

Christian production companies prioritize scripts that promote uplifting messages and moral themes. They want scripts that align with their faith and values, and that can offer positive and inspiring content to their target audience.

These companies are looking for stories that can touch the hearts of viewers and leave a lasting impact.

Wide commercial appeal and marketing potential

Christian production companies also consider the commercial appeal and marketing potential of scripts.

While they have a target audience within the Christian community, they understand the importance of reaching a wider audience.

They are looking for scripts that have the potential to resonate with a broad range of viewers, regardless of their religious beliefs.


With the right combination of excellent writing, faith-affirming messaging, and smart pitching strategy, aspiring Christian screenwriters can partner with production companies eager for great new scripts.

By understanding what these companies want and persistently making industry connections, you can achieve that dream of seeing your script come to life on screen.

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